Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Rush

“Don’t kill him!” Akira called to her Warriors.

All three men looked at their Psychi on their way to the beast who had attacked them.

“Didn’t plan to!” Wolfric hollered back.

“What is wrong with him?” Malique asked as he dodged the swipe of a large-clawed hand. “I thought they were more docile in this realm,” he said, then ducked when a large tail swiped at him.

Malique turned his head and watched the tail barely miss him.

“We need to tie him down or something, so we can figure out what’s wrong!” Akira yelled.

“Get the magic rope from my bag!” Malique called out to her.

Akira nodded and jumped at the bags. They are so rare—she hoped they did not hurt him too much. She felt a tear slide down her cheek as she opened Malique’s bag. She did not want to hurt this poor beast, but if she had to choose between him and her Warriors—Akira shook her head and prayed she did not have to choose.


Stella watched as Akira and her Warriors tried to tie the beast down. Something was wrong, and she knew Akira sensed it too. When she saw Akira notice something no one else had, she sucked in a breath and watched the healer run at the beast’s left foot.

“I think we can come out of hiding now,” Fin growled.

Stella nodded, then rolled out of the bushes and took down Akira as the foot came crashing down in the spot Akira had been standing.


Let us go two realms back and one to the left. Yes, there we are, let us meet Julianne, Jules to her friends. She is helping her best friend, Leviasen, Levi, to his friends, prepare for the next formal ball.

Julianne hates formal dances—she is a Warrior, after all. She hates wearing a dress. And Jules never has, not once. Every event, she has asked to be a guard rather than participate. Usually, his mother, the queen, would make the preparations.

But the queen is busy flattering the royals from around the realm. Because one day, her son may marry one of them. Julianne frowned. That was the worst part of it all, her best friend marrying a princess. A snotty, spoiled rotten…

“Jules, pass me that marker.”

Julianne looked up at her best friend; he was holding his hand out to her. With a deep sigh, she picked up the marker and handed it to him. He winked at her, then went back to the flyer he was drawing.

’Why do they have to do this part?’

They have people that are paid to do it. But Levi had said it would be an excellent way for them to spend time together without his parents throwing a wrench in their plans.

“Levi,” she said, watching him.

“Yes?” he asked without looking up.

“Why do you let your parents tell you who to marry?”

Leviasen stopped and looked up at her. “I’m not.”

She huffed. “Then why are we preparing for another ball that you know your parents are going to throw more princesses at you?”

He smirked, then went back to drawing.

A screech echoed in Jules’s head, and she placed her hands against her ears. Leviasen stopped what he was doing and dropped the marker. He caught her when she fell backward.

“Jules,” he said, holding her.

He has been friends with Julianne since they were in diapers. He knows when she is getting a premonition or a warning of danger—whether the threat is for them or someone close to her.

“Levi,” Jules said with a cry as she opened her eyes. “We need to go to Sevean! He’s in trouble!” she cried out, pushing away from him.

“Let’s go,” he said, then placed his fingers into his mouth and whistled.

There were only three creatures outside of himself who were important to his best friend—Sevean and their mounts.

They jumped onto the back of their mounts and headed for the nearest portal. It will take them at least five minutes to get to each portal—hopefully, they will be on time. Once they made it through the portal of Sevean’s home, it took them less than ten minutes to reach their friend.

Julianne has been worried about her friend for weeks now. Every time she has come to visit him lately, he has hidden in his cave, yelling at her to go away.

“There!” Leviasen shouted, pointing to Sevean.

There were four human-like creatures and trolls attacking her beloved friend. Well, they will not be for long if she has anything to say about it. When her friend went down, she screamed and jumped off her mount.

Leviasen saw what was going on and shouted at Julianne when she jumped off her mount and headed down to “save” Sevean. He dove off his mount and headed straight for Jules. Leviasen needs to stop her before she kills the one person who may be able to help Sevean, which will no doubt start a war. Because if he calculated correctly, the girl is a Havent, and the large men with her are her Warriors.

The punishment for killing a Warrior’s Havent is death, no matter what realm you are from.


Akira looked up at the small troll who had her pinned to the ground. Stella had just saved her life, and Akira had not even known they were following her and her Warriors.

“Stella, where did you come from?”

Stella snorted and rolled off Akira. “We’ve been following you since you left my home. Grandmama told us to keep an eye on you, and it looks like she was right,” she said with a shake of her head.

Akira chuckled, then screamed when the foot came down inches from her head.

“Come on, get up,” Stella said, pulling Akira to her feet.

“Where’s your brother?” Akira asked, looking around.

“Helping your Warriors take the Dragon down,” Stella said, then pushed Akira out of the way.

Akira stumbled backward and landed on her ass again. She watched with wide eyes as the Dragon came down hard, the magic rope strapping him down. What made her worry, though, was that the Dragon had landed on Stella.

“Damn Dragons!” Stella shrieked as she crawled out from under the beast’s belly.

Stella turned to the Dragon and patted him on the soft spot of his stomach. “Calm down, my friend. We are here to help,” Stella assured the beast.

The Dragon roared as he flung his head back and tried to pull himself free of the rope.

“Akira!” Wolfric yelled as he ran to her and pulled her into his arms.

Akira sighed and wrapped her arms around him.

“Don’t do that again!” he growled.

Akira smirked because they both knew she could not promise him that.

“Akira! Hurry and heal him!” Malique hollered.

He had smelt the rancid blood before Akira had raced for the Dragon’s foot. Now that they have the Dragon pinned down, he can see the gash in his left foot, which Akira had been running to. Being a healer is going to get her killed!

Akira ran to the Dragon’s large foot, Wolfric and Stella close behind her.

“It’s all right,” Akira whispered.

She was close enough to the Dragon she could see the large gash and could smell the rotting flesh. She almost puked and placed her hand over her stomach, trying to hold in her last meal.

“Here,” Wolfric said.

Akira turned to Wolfric and found him holding a handkerchief out to her. He already had one around his own face. She nodded and took it from him, then secured it across her face.

“It’s okay big guy,” Akira said, placing a hand on the side of his foot. “I am here to help, my friend.”

The Dragon shifted when she touched him, making her lose her balance. Her hand slipped off him, and she pulled in a deep sigh. She moved to place her hand on him again, this time starting her healing process faster. The Dragon stopped moving, and she closed her eyes, concentrating on the wound first. She closed the cut, then searched the large body of the Dragon. She found the infection had spread through his body and frowned.

No wonder he had attacked them—he was delirious. The amber glow got brighter as it flowed over the Dragon. Malique and Darius released the rope from around the Dragon once they were sure it would not attack them again. The glow softened, then dissipated. Akira swayed but stayed standing.

“Wonderful job,” Wolfric said, pulling her into his arms.

The Dragon shifted and pulled himself to his feet. He shook his head to clear the fog, then looked down at the small girl who had saved him. He had thought he would be dead before the next full moon. The Dragon leaned his head down even with the girl and wolf and puffed air at them. The girl giggled as she turned to him.

“Thank you,” Sevean said, watching the girl.

Akira smiled and placed her hand on the Dragon’s nose. “You are most welcome.”


They turned toward the voice but saw nothing.

Akira’s eyebrows wrinkled as she tried to find the unfamiliar voice.

“Jules,” Sevean said, his large lips forming a smile.

Akira squeaked when a woman shorter than herself popped up in front of her.

Wolfric took a step back, his Psychi in his arms.

“Neráida (Fairy).”

Akira looked up at Wolfric, then at the smaller woman. ’Fairy?’

The Fairy was not much shorter than Akira, maybe an inch or two. Which actually made Akira feel good about her height for once.

“Thank you for rescuing my friend.” The Fairy bowed to Akira. “You will be rewarded.”

The Fairy turned to the Dragon and wrapped her arms around his nose.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick when I came to visit?” she asked.

Sevean puffed smoke rings out his nostrils. He was happy to see them again. He has not been able to blow fire or smoke in weeks.

“I was not myself, my friend.”

“But you could have told me before you lost yourself,” Julianne cried. “I could have found help.”

Sevean laughed, “by the time you came to see me, it was already too late.”

Julianne frowned. “Why hadn’t I seen that you were sick? Instead, I see people attacking you, who were actually helping you, but I thought they were here to kill you.”

Sevean puffed out a laugh.

Julianne pushed from him and placed her hands on her hips. “I’m serious. What is the use of having the ability to see things if I can’t see when my friend is dying?”

“You saw what your Gods wanted you to see,” Sevean said. “Maybe they knew that a healer would come to my rescue.”

“But I almost killed her!”

Akira sucked in a breath, and her Warriors growled as they pulled Akira away from the Fairy.

“She thought you were trying to kill him.”

They turned to the new voice. A short man stood in front of the Dragon. He was taller than Akira and the female Fairy—but nowhere near Akira’s Warriors’ heights.

“Prince Leviasen,” Sevean said with a bow of his head. “I should have known you wouldn’t be far from Jules.”

Leviasen smiled at the red Dragon. “I have told you, old friend, call me Levi.”

Sevean laughed and blew smoke into the sky.

“I am sorry, but what I saw in my vision was my dear friend being attacked and strapped down. When I saw you all, I thought you were attacking him. I had to defend him,” Jules said with a bow of her head.

“I understand,” Akira said, pulling away from her Warriors.

Jules smiled at the woman. She was small for a human or whatever she was. But Jules saw the fierceness behind her amber eyes. The girl’s eyes were a dull amber, but she could tell that there was power behind them.

“As I promised, I owe you a reward,” Jules said with a bow. “What would you like? Anything at all.”

Akira opened and closed her mouth. ’Anything at all?’ Boy, that was a long list…

Jules smiled. “I will tell you what. I will give you three wishes. That should be payment enough for saving a Dragon, one of the last of his kind.”

Akira stared at the Fairy. ‘Is she for real?’

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