Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Forty: Did That Really Just Happen?

Akira moaned in pain. She had so many scrapes and bruises from having sex on the beach. She looked at the sand caked in the cuts, frowned, and then looked at her Warriors and chuckled. They did not look much better than her.

“Guess sex makes you oblivious to the pain,” Darius said as he looked at the scrapes on his knees.

Akira giggled, “let’s wash off in the ocean, then I’ll heal us.”

“Malique and I will heal on our own once we get this sand out of the wounds,” Wolfric said.

Akira giggled as he stood and lifted her into his arms, then headed for the waters.

“You can heal yourself and Darius.”

Akira smiled up at him, then screeched when they entered the water. They had been lying in the sun for so long the water was freezing to the touch of her hot skin.

Wolfric chuckled and set her on her feet. They cleaned each other and made sure there was no sand embedded in any scratches, and before they left the waters, Wolfric and Malique were healed.

Akira placed her hand on Darius and healed his scrapes, then did the same for herself.

“I will get our bags,” Malique said.

He kissed Akira on the cheek before he ran out to where their bags had been dropped.

“No more beach sex,” Akira said, looking down at the sand.

Wolfric chuckled and pulled her into his arms. “It was fun,” he said, a mischievous look upon his face.

She made a face at him, but she too, had enjoyed it immensely.

Malique ran back to them with the four bags, and everyone looked through their clothes for something to wear.

“I’m running out of clothes,” Akira said.

“Then we will get you more when we get out of this realm,” Wolfric said as he pulled a shirt out of his bag. “I think we all need new clothes.”

“You know, I was wondering something,” Akira said as she pulled a bra and matching panties from her bag.

“What’s that?” Wolfric asked.

Akira looked up at her Wolf Warrior. “What if my fourth Warrior is from our realm? And the only reason I had not felt him before was because we weren’t by the ocean.”

Wolfric nodded. “Our realm is made up mostly of water.”

Akira nodded. “Exactly.”

“You sure are a smart cookie for someone who was lost in the forest for five years,” Darius said with a grin.

Akira smiled. “Not lost,” she said as she looked at Wolfric, “just waiting.”

Wolfric smiled at her, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“Come on, you two, we can’t waste any more time,” Malique grumbled as he adjusted his pants.

If they keep this up, they will never find a portal.

“I wonder if there’s a portal on this island,” Akira said, tapping her chin.

“Let’s hope,” Wolfric said with a laugh.

Akira finished dressing, then zipped up her bag. She secured her sword to her back and looked at the others.

“Where are your swords?” Akira asked.

The three Warriors looked at each other, then at their Psychi.

“Washed ashore somewhere,” Malique said.

Akira sighed. “Is there any way to find them?”

“Not like we put a tracking device on them,” Malique said with a shrug.

“No, but they sure glisten nicely in the sun.”

The four of them looked up to the voice above them, and Akira shrieked with happiness.


Julianne smiled. “Hello. We found your swords,” she said as she tossed them to the sand.

Wolfric, Malique, and Darius picked up their swords. Their sheaths were lost, but they could find new ones.

Jules and Levi pointed to the south. “We’re going to search that way for a portal,” they said at the same time, then laughed and took off on the giant Dragonfly.

“I love his mount,” Akira said with a sigh.

Wolfric chuckled and kissed her. “Maybe we’ll get you one for a pet.”

Akira smiled. “No. That’s sweet, but they’re meant to be a Fairy’s ride, and I’m not Fay.”

Wolfric and her other Warriors smiled, then picked up the bags, and the four of them headed in the direction they had seen the captain and his crew head. Two balls rolled out in front of them and popped open.

“About time,” Stella pouted.

“Yeah, we were getting bored,” Fin said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Akira smiled. “Do you know where Captain White and his crew went off to?”

Fin nodded. “This way.”

He and his sister rolled into balls and rolled away.

“I guess we follow the Trolls,” Akira said with a chuckle.

“Again,” Darius said.

They followed the Trolls to the camp the Pirates had made and found more men than before. They must have found the rest of their crew or most of it.

Akira frowned. She felt responsible for their loss.

“Why so sad, princess?” Davey asked when he spotted them.

Akira sighed. “How many men did you lose?”

Davey looked around, then back at her. “About five.”

Akira felt a tear slide down her cheek.

“Awe, come on, princess. It wasn’t your fault,” Davey said, wiping the tear from her cheek.

“If I hadn’t needed to go out there, you wouldn’t have lost anyone,” Akira said with a sniffle.

Davey smiled. “Yes, and we wouldn’t have come on this grand adventure with you and your Warriors. Besides, we’d have lost a lot more if those Sirens had gotten hold of us.”

Akira continued to frown.

Davey sighed. “Come on, let’s see if anyone here blames you,” he said, placing his arm over her shoulders and led her to the fire.

“Princess!” the others called out when they saw her and raised mugs up to her.

“We found a barrel of ale that survived and a chest full of plates, cups, mugs, and other things,” Davey said when he saw the look on Akira’s face. “Attention!” Davey bellowed.

Every Pirate stopped and turned to the quartermaster.

“Do any of you blame this sweet girl for the loss of our fallen friends?”

“Fuck no!”

“Hell no!”

“This is the best adventure of my life!”

Akira giggled at their words.

“See.” Davey smiled at Akira. “Now, let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.”

He nodded to her Warriors, then walked over to his captain.

Wolfric wrapped his arms around Akira and set his chin on her shoulder. She sighed and leaned into him.

“Seems like our little Havent has made some friends,” Darius said with a grin as he stood at Akira’s left.

“Could use their help again at some point,” Malique said, standing at her right.

“Let’s get something to eat.” Wolfric kissed Akira’s neck with a groan. “I’m starving,” he said in a sensual voice that gave her chills.

“No more sex in front of others,” Akira hissed.

“You say that now. But wait until you have five men wanting your body twenty-four-seven. You won’t care where we fuck you,” Wolfric said, then slapped her ass.

All three Warriors chuckled when Akira jumped and squeaked.

They ate, then sat around the fire talking. They agreed that it was getting late, and no one wanted to walk around on the island in the dark—again. So, they all turned in and slept through the night.

When morning came, everyone was well-rested and ready for the day. They headed out and hoped the Fairies were able to find them.

“We found it.”

Akira turned when she heard Jules’s voice.

“We found the portal. It’s on the other side of the island,” Levi said, joining Jules.

“Great,” Akira grumbled, “more walking.”

Jules laughed and took hold of Akira’s arm. “I will walk with you, so you’re not surrounded by men.”

“Me too.”

They both looked down and smiled at Stella.

“Sounds good to me,” Akira said with a nod.

The women headed through the forest, the men behind them.

“Another fucking forest,” Darius grumbled.

“I think I have seen enough trees to last me two lifetimes,” Malique said with a shake of his head.

“Me too,” Fin said, just so he was a part of the ‘in’ crowd.

Wolfric chuckled, “you live in the forest, Fin.”

Fin puffed out his chest. “Doesn’t mean I want to see it all the time.”

“You do see it all the time, you moron,” Stella said with a roll of her eyes.

Fin made a face to the back of his sister’s head, making the men close to him laugh.

By noon, the Pirates were getting tired, restless, bored, and hungry.

“You would think they would be just as tired of water as our guys are of trees,” Jules whispered to Akira.

Akira giggled and turned to look at the Pirates. “Too bad we don’t have a treasure map for them to follow,” Akira whispered.

Jules chuckled. “Is that a wish?”

Akira looked at her friend with wide eyes. She had forgotten all about her wishes. Ah shit, she could have used one to find her Warriors. But Jules had been off with Levi, looking for their swords—she guessed.

Everyone stopped when they heard a rustling in the bushes.

“Food,” one of the Pirates said, licking his lips.

Akira saw something peek out at them, then back away.

‘Oh!’ Akira thought when she saw the horn. ’No fucking way!’

“Rabbit!” a Pirate called out.

The Pirates grinned and took chase after the animal in the bushes.

“No!” Akira shouted.

The Pirates ignored her and chased after the rabbit.

Akira growled and chased after them. Her Warriors on her heels.

“Akira?” Jules asked when she caught up with the girl.

“They can’t attack that damn rabbit!” Akira shouted.

“When did you start caring about rabbits? I thought it was your favorite….”

Akira snapped at Wolfric.

Wolfric stopped talking and stared at Akira. ‘O-kay, then.’

They all exploded out into a small clearing, the rabbit facing away from them.

“Don’t you dare,” Akira growled. She moved closer to the Pirates, who were sneaking up on the rabbit. “If you don’t wish to die, you will stop right there!” Akira shouted.

Everyone stopped and turned to Akira. She had just threatened a bunch of Pirates. But not really—she was actually trying to warn them.

‘Well, and maybe a little threat,’ she thought with an inside smirk.

Akira nodded to the Pirates, who looked pissed as fuck. She walked up to the rabbit and took a deep breath, praying she was right, and this was the dream she had had a long time ago. Akira stopped behind the rabbit who was no longer moving and took a deep breath, then leaned down and picked him up. The rabbit looked up at her, and she could see acceptance in his eyes.

“Akira?” Wolfric whispered.

Akira turned to everyone with a grin on her face, the rabbit in her arms.

Every person around her took ten steps back.

What she held in her arms was not actually a rabbit. Well, yes, it looked like a rabbit—it hopped like a rabbit, but what it really was, was beyond an ordinary rabbit.

Akira scratched just under the horn on the beast’s forehead and giggled when his foot thumped against her side.

Yep, a rabbit with a horn. No, not a Jackalope. Those have antlers. This is a real bonafide horn, like a unicorn, only longer and had more twists and turns. It was as long as his ears with a sharp enough point to stab someone to death.

Usually with one puncture.

His coloring was exactly as she had dreamed it would be. Tan and white, with little black spots on his back. His soft brown eyes drew you in and made you want to… Akira could not help it—she rubbed her nose against his.

“Akira,” Wolfric whispered.

Akira looked up at her Warriors and smiled. “I told them it wasn’t safe to capture him, didn’t I?”

Akira’s party chuckled. Leave it to Akira to be the one to tame an Al-Mi’Raj.

Wolfric, Malique, and Darius approached Akira and watched the beast in her arms. He did not seem to care what they did, as long as they didn’t hurt Akira or him.

“Only a powerful witch can tame one of those,” Captain White whispered.

Akira smiled. “I’m not a witch. But I am a healer. I guess they consider that close enough.”

The Al-Mi’Raj wiggled in Akira’s arms, and she set him down on the ground.

Everyone held their breath and waited, but the beast did not attack. Everyone breathed out a slow breath, then looked at Akira.

“Are you leaving him here?” a crewman asked.

Akira looked at the Al-Mi’Raj. “Not sure. It’s all up to him what he wants to do.”

“I guess we can continue on our way and see what he wants,” Wolfric said, then took hold of Akira’s arm and started walking again.

The Al-Mi’Raj turned and hopped. When they moved—he moved with them. When they stopped—he stopped with them.

“It appears Akira has found herself a pet,” Malique said with a chuckle.

Akira smiled down at the Al-Mi’Raj. “I would be honored to keep him,” she said with a bright smile.

The Al-Mi’Raj stopped, and Akira stopped with him. He sniffed the air, then growled.

“Wow. I’ve never heard a rabbit growl before,” Jules whispered.

“He senses something close,” Wolfric said, sniffing the air.

“Not again!” Malique exclaimed in agitation.

Everyone jumped back when a lizard Basilisk barreled out of the forest and headed straight for them.

“A Basilisk!” Akira shouted. “I’ve never seen one….”

Akira squealed as she was lifted off her feet and placed behind her Warriors.

“Not fair!” she yelled at them.

“I guess we get some excitement after all,” a crewman said with a grin.

Before anyone could attack the Basilisk, the Al-Mi’Raj jumped in the air and rammed his horn into the Basilisk’s chest.

They watched in shock and horror as the Al-Mi’Raj pulled his horn out of the beast and devoured it.

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