Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Forty-Four: La Ciguapa

Akira stared at the woman who was walking toward them. She looked like a normal, beautiful woman. Her hair was long, very long—it was silky and flowed down to her feet. When Akira saw the woman’s feet, her mouth fell open. The woman’s feet faced backward.

How the hell did she walk without falling on her face?

“Sigou what?” Jules asked, confused.

“See-GWAH-pah,” Akira corrected her friend.

“What the fuck is that?” Darius asked as he watched the woman approach them.

“They are a Mythical creature that lures men into the woods,” Malique said, his eyes on the creature as she got closer.

“She’s not luring this man,” Wolfric growled. “I have already proven that I cannot be lured by anyone but my Havent.”

Akira smiled as she remembered the effect the Huldra had had on her Wolfie. Or rather the lack of.

“The Sirens had no effect on any of us,” Levi said.

“Aren’t Ciguapa’s considered land Mermaids?” Malique asked.

“Something like that,” Wolfric grumbled.

“What do we do?” Leviasen asked.

“Hello,” the Ciguapa said, stopping in front of them.

“Hi,” Akira said with a smile.

She did not care what the woman was capable of. She loved meeting new people—especially Mythical creatures such as her.

The Ciguapa smiled at Akira. “You are just as sweet as I was told you were,” the beautiful woman said, nodding to Akira.

Akira’s cheeks turned bright pink.

“Be careful,” Wolfric said as he took hold of Akira’s arm. “You can’t trust a word she says. She’s only here to lure men into the woods.”

The Ciguapa looked at Wolfric and shook her head.

Right before the men’s eyes, the woman changed. No longer did they see the beautiful woman. They now saw the most horrendous creature. Wolfric, Malique, Darius, Levi, and even Fin all started gagging.

“That is so grotesque,” Levi said, holding his hand over his mouth, trying not to puke.

“What are you talking about?” Akira asked, staring at the gagging men.

“Her,” Darius said, pointing at the Ciguapa.

Akira looked at the beautiful woman and frowned.

“She changed her looks,” Wolfric said, gagging.

“To show you I am not interested in any of your men,” the Ciguapa said, bowing to Akira.

Akira felt like laughing but held it in.

“I have seen a rat pulled inside out, but that didn’t look as horrendous as this woman,” Fin said, finally giving in to his rolling stomach.

Everyone backed away from Fin as he puked on the sidewalk.

“Stop looking at her then,” Stella said, rolling her eyes.

“I have been sent to help you,” the Ciguapa said, looking at Akira.

Akira eyed her. “Why?”

The Ciguapa smiled and said nothing.

“What do you want?” Wolfric asked, trying to look at anything but the horrendous creature before him.

“Nothing,” the Ciguapa said.

“There is no way you don’t want something from us,” Malique said, staring at the Ciguapa’s feet.

As creepy as backward feet were, they were better to look at than her face.

“I was sent to help, that is all,” she said, then turned and walked away.

“Should we follow her?” Jules asked.

Akira nodded. “She said she was sent to help, but who do you think sent her?”

Wolfric and his fellow Warriors looked at each other. They had a feeling as to who had sent her.

“Let’s go,” Akira said as she picked up her bags.

Everyone grabbed bags, and the group followed the Ciguapa.


The Ciguapa stopped at the edge of a cliff and looked out before her.

The group stopped around her and sucked in their breaths.

“Water!” Akira said excitedly.

“Finally,” Wolfric grumbled.

“Thank you,” Akira said, turning to the Ciguapa.

“You are most welcome, princess,” the Ciguapa said with a bow, then turned and walked back up the trail.

Akira’s left eyebrow raised as she watched the Ciguapa walk away. What is it with people calling her princess?

“Let’s hope this is the correct body of water,” Wolfric said, then lifted Akira into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder.

Akira squealed and thumped her Wolfie on the back with her fist.

Wolfric laughed as he walked down the steep slope to the bottom of the cliff. He continued to carry her like that as they made their way to the beach and found a dozen cabins.

“Nice,” Malique said, looking around.

“I will go rent us a cabin for the night, and tomorrow we will find a ship,” Wolfric said as he placed Akira on her feet.

“Sounds good,” Malique said with a nod.

Darius moved closer to Akira and pulled her into his arms.

Akira sighed as she leaned into her Warrior.

“I really like your realm,” Julianne said as she looked around at the beach and cabins.

Akira smiled at her friend.

Fifteen minutes later, Wolfric returned with keys to a cabin and motioned for the group to follow him.

Everyone sucked in their breaths when they entered the cabin.

“Beautiful,” Akira breathed as she looked around.

“There are two bedrooms,” Wolfric said as he placed the keys on the breakfast nook.

“Men in one, women in the other,” Leviasen said, looking around the cabin.

Wolfric and his fellow Warriors chuckled. “Not quite, Fairy,” Wolfric said as he walked toward a door. “One room is for Akira and her Warriors.”

Levi stopped and turned to the wolf. He had forgotten that the Warriors would not want to be without their Havent.

“The second room you can fight over with Jules and the Trolls,” Wolfric said, then opened the door and motioned for Akira to step through.

Akira laughed when her Pegasus Warrior lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom, a grinning Vampire behind them.

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing Akira and her Warriors for a while,” Jules said with a chuckle.

Levi looked at Jules, his eyes sparkling with something unfamiliar.

“We will sleep in the living room,” Stella said. “It’s easier to be on guard here.”

“Sounds good,” Fin said as he threw himself onto the couch.

“That leaves you and me,” Leviasen said.

He looked at Julianne, his eyes brighter than she had ever seen them.

“I will take the floor in the bedroom,” Levi said, then turned from Jules and headed to the second bedroom.

Jules took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. This is going to be the longest night of her life.


Once Akira was set on her feet, she set Nibbles on the floor and looked around the room. “Nice,” she said with a nod.

“Do you think he’s hungry?” Darius asked, watching the Al-Mi’Raj.

Akira looked at her pet and shook her head. “I think that Basilisk will keep him full for a while. At least until there is another threat to my life,” she said with a chuckle.

“As long as he doesn’t find us a threat,” Wolfric said as he lifted Akira into his arms.

Akira squealed and laughed as her Wolfie tossed her onto the bed. She looked at her three grinning Warriors and knew what was coming next.

The three large men jumped onto the bed, making it squeak and dip from their weight.

Wolfric was the first to kiss her, and she knew soon she would be naked, and he did not disappoint. Within moments, she was naked, and so were her Warriors. When Wolfric entered her, she cried out with joy.

Akira loves her Warriors, and she loved their times together, with and without clothes. Soon she will have a fourth Warrior and be closer to the moment where she will have to choose between the man she is completely in love with and the four other men she knows she will love with all her heart.

She already loves two of them more than she ever thought possible.


Akira sighed as she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She understands the name of the mirror, though she has never felt it necessary to look at her reflection longer than a few minutes. She looked exhausted yet happy.


The soft knock on her door had her turning away from the mirror.

“Come in, Jules.”

The door opened, and Julianne stepped into the room.

“The men went in search of dinner,” Jules informed her.

Akira nodded. “They had said something along those lines.”

“They shouldn’t be gone long,” Julianne said as she sat on the bed.

Nibbles were asleep on the bed and moved when the Fairy joined him. She could hear his soft purr and smiled.

“I think Nibbles is happy here,” Jules said, rubbing the Al-Mi’Raj’s soft fur.

Akira nodded. “I think so too.”

Akira turned back to the mirror and saw something in her hair she had not noticed before. Her roots were not blond but a deep shade of purple.

‘What the hell?’

“What’s wrong?” Jules asked, watching Akira stare at herself in the mirror.

“I’m not sure,” Akira said as she turned her head and the color changed back to its normal blond.

Was she imagining the change?

“Akira?” Julianne questioned.

Akira shook her head and smiled at her friend. “Just a trick of the lights,” she said, turning away from the mirror.

“Want to go for a walk?” Jules asked with a smile.

Akira nodded and got to her feet. “Sounds wonderful.”

“By the time the men are back, we should be hungry enough to eat their portions too,” Jules said, chuckling.

Akira nodded and lifted Nibbles off the bed. She did not want to leave him behind. Who knows what would happen if he woke and found himself alone in the room.

“Where are you going?” Stella asked from her position by the window.

“For a walk,” Julianne said as she opened the front door.

“I’m coming with,” Stella said as she moved away from the window and walked to the door.

“So am I,” Fin said from his position at the other window.

“No, you need to protect the cabin,” Stella told her brother.

Fin snorted. “Why would anyone touch a building?”

Stella rolled her eyes at her brother. “They may not want the building, but what if they come inside and set a trap?”

Fin laughed. “You have a wild imagination,” he said as he joined Akira and Julianne on the porch.

Akira chuckled at the twin’s banter.

“Just let him come, Stella. We will never hear the end of it if we leave him behind.”

Stella rolled her eyes again. “Fine,” she said, then closed the door and jumped off the porch. “So, where to?”

“I was thinking we could walk on the beach, see if Akira can feel her Warrior. If not, we definitely need a ship,” Jules said as she stepped off the porch.

Akira nodded. “Sounds good to me.”

The four of them walked toward the shoreline.

Akira set Nibbles on his feet, and he hopped around, avoiding the saltwater as he chased things none of them could see.

“Odd creature,” Jules said with a smile.

Akira smiled at her pet. “He is,” she agreed.

“Can you sense him?” Fin asked.

Akira looked at the male Troll and smiled. “I haven’t tried yet.”

Fin huffed, “you might want to, so we can be back at the cabin before your Warriors get back. They will freak if you’re not there.”

Akira smiled. “That’s why I left them a note.”

Fin rolled his eyes and moved into his protective stance.

Akira smiled at the young Troll. He took his duty of keeping her safe very seriously.

“They are still going to freak out,” Jules whispered, knowing the three Warriors all too well.

Akira smiled and closed her eyes. She felt out for her next Warrior and felt a faint pull. Her eyes opened, and she grinned at the ocean.

“Did you find him?” Jules asked.

Akira shook her head. “No, but I can feel him. He is close. All we need is a ship.”

Jules grinned. “The men will be thrilled to hear that.”

Akira smiled and nodded to her friend. “Yeah, we are on the correct path—finally.”

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