Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Forty-Five: Predictions Suck

“Seafood, imagine that,” Malique said as he and his fellow Warriors entered the cabin.

Darius chuckled. “What’s wrong, Vampire? You tired of fish?”

Malique turned to the Pegasus. “I only eat for show—I prefer to survive off blood. Are you volunteering?”

Darius shook his head and set his bag of take-out on the counter.

“Nah, you wouldn’t like my blood. Too Godly for you.”

Malique smirked. “If I can handle Akira’s blood, your blood would be a sinch.”

Darius paused and turned to look at the Vampire. He was right. If he can handle their little Havent’s powerful blood, his was a milkshake.

“Enough talk about blood,” Wolfric grumbled. “Let’s find the others so we can eat.”

“I was hoping to find something other than seafood for Akira,” Malique said, turning to Wolfric.

Wolfric nodded. “She likes shrimp, and I’m sure it has been a while since she has had any.”

“Tomorrow, we’re getting her burgers and fries,” Malique said with a shake of his head.

“Agreed,” Wolfric and Darius said at the same time.

The three Warriors headed to Akira’s room and stopped when they found it empty.

“I didn’t see the Trolls on guard either,” Darius pointed out.

“Where are they?” Malique asked, looking around for any signs of an intruder.

“If something happened to her, I will kill every fucker on this beach,” Wolfric growled.

“Easy now, Wolf Boy. We need to find what happened to her first,” Malique said, looking at his longtime friend.

They searched the cabin for any kind of note from Akira. They searched her vanity mirror—in case she had taped it there. They searched the bed, the countertops, and every table. There was not a note in sight.

“Maybe they went for a walk,” Darius suggested.

“Why would she leave like this, knowing we would freak out?” Malique asked.

He walked over to the window and looked behind the curtain where he had last seen one of the Trolls before leaving for food.

“Because she is smart enough to leave us a note,” Darius said with a chuckle.

Wolfric looked at Darius and the piece of paper he held in his hand. “Where did you find that?”

Darius grinned at his fellow Warrior. “On the floor. We knocked it off the counter with the bags of food.”

Wolfric walked over to Darius and took the note from him. He read the note and smiled. “I guess we’re going to the beach.”



Akira turned when she heard her Wolfie’s voice.

Wolfric, Malique, and Darius stood just outside the woods that led to the cabin, watching her. She smiled and walked toward them. The three men took her into their arms when she reached them.

“You scared the shit out of us,” Wolfric mumbled against her hair.

“I’m sorry. I did leave a note,” Akira said, holding onto her Warriors.

“Yes, but we didn’t see it until after we freaked out,” Malique said against her shoulder.

Akira sighed. She loved the feel of her Warriors holding her.

“You will be happy to know that she found her Warrior,” Jules said as she and the Trolls joined them.

The three Warriors looked at the Fairy, then at Akira.

“You did?” Wolfric asked.

Akira shrugged her shoulders. “Kind of. I know he is close but does not know where. We will need to find a ship tomorrow.”

The three large men grinned.

“That’s great,” Darius said.

“Let’s hope he knows we’re coming for him,” Wolfric said, then turned and led Akira and the others back to the cabin.

Once they reached the cabin, the three large men dished out the food. Akira smiled as she watched her Warriors serve her and Julianne.

“Where’s Levi?” Jules asked as she watched the Warriors dish out food onto plates. “I thought he went with you.”

Wolfric turned to the Fairy. “He did. He left us around the time we found the only restaurant that served more than just fish. He didn’t say where he was going, only that he needed to talk to someone before a war broke out.”

Julianne’s stomach fell to her feet. Levi’s father has found them.

“A war?” Akira asked.

Jules looked at her new friend. This was all Julianne’s fault. The Fairy Kingdom is going to come down on her new friends because Jules does not want to attend a stupid ball.

“Jules,” Darius said, moving closer to her.

Jules looked at the Pegasus Warrior.

“Stay calm,” he said.

His voice was so soft she almost did not hear him.

“What’s wrong?” Akira asked, watching her new best friend.

“I am calm,” Jules said, looking at Darius.

Darius smiled. “Of course, you are.”

“What’s going on?” Akira asked.

“I do believe the person Levi went to talk to is his father, the King of all Fay. Correct?” Darius asked, looking at Jules.

Jules nodded. “And he is going to start a war with your realm because his son, the crowned prince, was supposed to go to a ball so he could choose his princess. But instead, he came with me, a nobody.”

Akira stared at her friend. How could she think she was a nobody? She is strong and brave. And Akira has a feeling there is more to Levi coming with them on this adventure than just going on an adventure. It is Julianne he followed, not Akira and her Warriors.

“Let’s eat,” Wolfric said as he sat down next to Akira at the table. “We will figure out the rest when Levi returns.”

“Yeah,” Malique said, sitting next to Wolfric. “I’m sure he will be fine, and everything will be resolved.”

“They had shrimp,” Wolfric said, pointing to Akira’s plate.

Akira looked at her plate and smiled. She has not had shrimp in forever.

The meal was completed in silence. After Akira and her Warriors went to their room, Julianne sat on the couch and waited for her prince to return to her.


“Levi is back,” Fin said from his position at the window.

Everyone turned to the Troll, then looked at the door as it opened.

“Levi?” Julianne asked as she stood from the couch where she had been talking to Akira and her Warriors.

“Hey guys,” Leviasen said, smiling at his friends.

“What happened?” Julianne asked, watching him closely.

Levi sighed and closed his eyes. “When my parents got the message, they thought it was a fake, that someone kidnapped me and sent the letter to cover up my kidnapping. When I showed up at the palace, every guard surrounded me, thinking I was an imposter.”

Julianne covered her mouth with her hand. This was her fault.

Levi walked over to Julianne and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I know that look, Jules,” he said with a smile. “And no one blames you.”

Jules lowered her hand from her mouth. “Not even your mother?”

Levi laughed, “not even, mother.”

“They let you leave?” Wolfric asked, watching the two Fairies.

Leviasen looked at Wolfric, then at Akira. “I told them everything. I saw excitement in my father’s eyes. He never got to go on any adventures when he was young. My mother wants to meet you, Akira.”

Akira blinked. “Me? Why?”

“Gee, I wonder,” Darius said with a chuckle as he leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

“Because you’re a powerful Havent the Gods have hidden from the world,” Levi said with a smile.

“I was hoping to take her to our realm once we have found all five of her Warriors,” Jules said.

Levi nodded. “That is what I told my parents, and they told me to hurry back to you all so I could help.”

Julianne stared at her best friend. His parents want him to help them. Is there something in this for the king and queen of the Fay?

Levi looked at Jules and smiled. “I’m sorry I worried you. But when I heard what my father planned to do, I had to stop him before he started a war for no good reason, other than his son wanting to spend time with his best friend and explore new realms.”

Julianne nodded. “It’s okay. I understand.”

Levi nodded. There was much more to his story, but none of them were ready to hear it.


Akira sighed as she walked into the room she shared with her Warriors. She was glad that Levi’s parents let him re-join them, but there was something he was not telling them—she could sense it. Ah well, he will tell them when he is ready—if he is ever ready.

She looked at the bed and smiled when she found Nibbles in the middle of the bed, sound asleep. She turned from the bed and faced the vanity mirror and table. Her eyebrows met between her eyes when she saw a brush she had never seen before, sitting on the table.

Where did it come from?

Maybe her Warriors got it for her as a surprise. It was a pretty brush. It looked to be made of gold and silver. Fake more than likely, but still lovely.

Akira walked over to the table and reached her hand out to touch the brush.

“Akira, don’t!” Julianne shrieked as she barged into the room.

Nibbles were startled awake and hissed as he jumped into the air.

Akira stopped and turned to her friend. Why did Jules have such a horrified look on her face?

The sound of a scream had Akira covering both ears with her hands. She turned back to the mirror and table and found a woman on the seat, screaming her brains out. The woman looked like Akira’s mother, and her heart skipped a beat.

No, it cannot be. Her mother cannot be a Banshee.

Nibbles growled at the screaming woman as he moved closer to the edge of the bed, ready to protect his mistress.

“Do shut up,” Julianne growled from the other side of the room.

The Banshee stopped screaming and looked at Akira. “Princess,” her screechy voice said.

Akira blinked at the Banshee. What is up with that nickname? She is nowhere near being a princess. Unless they mean goody-two-shoes. Which she still is not.

“What do you want?” Julianne asked as she pulled Akira away from the woman.

The Banshee looked from Akira to Julianne and back again. “I have come to give the princess a warning.”

Jules snorted, “I didn’t know Banshees still give warnings. I thought they only come to turn others into the horrible creatures….”

The Banshee screamed, and Jules closed her mouth. “Now,” the Banshee said. “If you will let me finish, I will be on my way.”

“What is the warning?” Akira whispered.

The Banshee looked at the mirror, patted her hair, then looked at Akira, an evil look in her eyes that unsettled both Akira and Julianne.

“I have come to tell you that your time is near, Havent. The Ciguapa unwittingly led you to your death.”

Akira stared into the Banshee’s red eyes. She had read something somewhere a long time ago that said Banshees heralded the death of a person, a relative, in most of the stories. Is that why the woman looked like her mother? Are they related?

“What do you mean?!” Julianne demanded.

“Just what I said, Fairy,” the Banshee said, looking at Jules.

“Are we related?” Akira asked the Banshee.

The Banshee looked at Akira and smiled. “Do I look that much like you?”

Akira snorted, “no, you look like my mother.”

The Banshee hackled, “smart girl.”

“Oh, my Gods,” Julianne said, staring at the Banshee. “Then it’s true. You have come to tell Akira that she is going to die.”

The Banshee nodded to Jules, her eyes still on Akira.

Akira shook as she watched the Banshee. She has come to warn her of her death. But when is this death supposed to happen?

“If you continue on your journey for your fourth Warrior, you will die,” the Banshee said, not taking her eyes off Akira.

Akira swallowed and closed her eyes. She cannot just stop looking for her Warrior. She needs to find all five of them, so she can choose her chosen mate and know whether Wolfric is her mate or lover.

“I have warned you, and now I must go.”

Akira’s eyes popped open. “That is all you have to say? I can’t search for my Warrior because he will kill me?”

The Banshee laughed in her shrilled voice. “I said nothing about your Warrior killing you. I said the quest for your Warrior will kill you if you continue on this path. Stay away from the waters.”

“What kind of prediction is that?” Jules asked, annoyed.

The Banshee smiled at the Fairy. “I must go now,” she said as she lifted the silver and gold brush.

“You can’t just come here and tell her that, then run off!” Jules yelled at the Banshee.

The Banshee screamed, making Akira and Julianne cover their ears, and Nibbles hiss.

Three large and one small man barged into the room, their swords held in their hands, ready to attack whatever was harming their women. When they saw the Banshee, they froze.

The Banshee continued to scream, then disappeared.

“What the fuck?” Wolfric asked, staring at the seat the Banshee had been sitting in.

“She came to give Akira a warning,” Julianne said.

Jules watched her new best friend, her brain processing what the Banshee had said to them.

“What was the warning?” Darius asked.

Akira looked at her Warriors, then recited to them word for word the conversation she and Jules had had with the Banshee.

“That’s it,” Wolfric said, folding his arms over his chest. “We’re getting out of here. We are by one of the largest bodies of water. If you must stay away from water, we are going somewhere else….”

“We can’t,” Akira said, looking at Wolfric. “My fourth Warrior is out there, in that water somewhere. We need to find him.”

Wolfric and his fellow Warriors shook their heads at her.

“No,” Wolfric said, moving closer to her, “we are getting you away from here….”

Akira backed away from him, and he stopped.

“No,” she said with a cry, “we must find him.”

“I know we need to find him, but we can come back later…,” Wolfric stopped talking when he saw the look on his Psychi’s face. “What is it, Akira?” he whispered, moving closer to her.

Akira sucked in a breath. “The sooner we find my Warriors, the sooner I will know who my chosen mate is, and I can go on with my life with you. Don’t you know how much I love you and how desperate I am to know if you are my mate or my lover?”

Wolfric sighed and pulled Akira into his arms. “I am just as anxious to discover that, my love. But I will not risk your death to fulfill it.”

She nodded. “But it must be done.”

Wolfric sighed, and her other two Warriors joined them, hugging Akira as close as they could.

“We’re not letting you out of our sight,” Malique said, kissing the top of her head.

Akira sighed, “thank you.”

The three Warriors looked at each other.

Are they doing the right thing by their Havent, or are they making the biggest mistake of their lives?

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