Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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This story isn’t over.

At first, this book was supposed to be a single book. But I kept adding more and more to it. My followers loved it and wanted to see so many different things happen, which made me want to see more happen for our Havent and her Warriors.

Just so you know, the ending of this book was NOT rushed.

I planned what was going to happen at the end of this book months ago.

This whole story is mapped out and waiting for me to put it into words.

There is so much more coming. More love, more adventures, and many many more Mythical Creatures.

I’m just as excited as you to see what is going to happen next. So stay tuned for our Warriors and their friends.

-- Her Mythical Warriors (Book Two) --

Akira was born an Empty Vessel, or so they thought, until she met Wolfric, a Direwolf searching for his Havent. When they find each other Akira’s life leans toward the better side.

When she’s lost for five years, everything changes, she changes.

Searching for her Warriors has been an adventure beyond imagination.

What is next for our Havent and her Warriors? Is she beyond their reach? Will she find her last two Warriors? Is Wolfric her chosen mate or her chosen lover?

Lets continue with their journey, through the good and the bad.

Because you always take the bad with the good.

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