Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Six: From Empty Vessel to Havent

A knock at the door had all three heads turning to the living room.

“Who the fuck is it now?” Malique almost shouted as he jumped to his feet.

Wolfric chuckled. “Stay here,” he told Akira. He kissed her forehead, then followed Malique to the door.

“Hello again,” the Councilman said with a fake smile, looking between the two men.

“I think our Psychi said it all,” Wolfric said with a growl.

The Councilman smirked at the wolf. “I am not here on behalf of Apollo Hendrix. I am here on behalf of the family of the man the Vampire killed last night.”

Wolfric growled, and Malique grunted.

“Is it not our job to deal out punishment when our Havent is threatened?” Malique questioned.

The Councilman scoffed. “An Empty Vessel cannot have Warriors. And a Vampire has NEVER been a Warrior.”

“That we know of,” Wolfric said, glaring at the Councilman.

He is so tired of people saying that his Psychi is a soulless nothing.

“Besides, he’s an Upir.”

The Councilman looked Malique up and down. That did make a difference. “I will need to see proof.”

Malique smirked and pushed past the Councilman, and stood in the sunlight. He closed his eyes, then spread his arms out from his body and tilted his face up to the sun.

“Okay, that’s enough,” the Councilman mumbled. “But that doesn’t prove you’re a Warrior.”

Malique growled and glared at the Councilman. “What do you need us to do to prove to you that she is our Havent, and we are her Warriors?” Malique demanded.

“For one, she has no powers. She was born a dud,” the Councilman said with a smirk.

Wolfric and Malique growled as they headed for the man who insulted their Psychi.

“Stop!” Akira hollered before they reached the man.

The Councilman’s eyes were open wide, knowing what their intent had been. Both men stopped and turned to the door where Akira stood.

“Councilman, I thought I made it clear that I don’t want to see anyone,” Akira said, glaring at the man who was almost peeing his pants.

He had pissed off a Direwolf and Vampire. Not a smart man.

“I….” The Councilman cleared his throat. “The family of the man whom the Vampire killed last night—wants retribution.”

Akira snorted, “my Warrior followed the law. He dealt out punishment for the man who tried to kill his Havent.”

The Councilman opened his mouth to remind her that she is not a Havent, then shut it again when the two men growled.

“It has been five years since anyone has seen me,” Akira said as she walked down the stairs and headed toward the Councilman. “Has it not?”

The Councilman nodded and watched her approach.

“Then it is time you see what has happened to me in the past five years, don’t you agree?”

The Councilman stared at her when she pulled a knife from her pocket.

“Akira!” Wolfric and Malique bellowed.

She slashed her hand through the air, silencing them.

Wolfric looked at his friend. Malique’s eyes were as wide as his own. Their Havent has learned something in her time with her ancestor.

“I will show you,” Akira said.

She took hold of the Councilman’s hand and sliced the knife across the palm. The man cried out and tried to take his hand away, but she would not let him go. She stared into his eyes as she placed her hand over the cut. A light, the same amber color as her eyes, glowed around their hands.

The Councilman’s mouth dropped open as he looked at their hands. When Akira let go of his hand, the Councilman stared at it in awe and wonder. She had healed it in less than a minute. You could not even tell there had been a cut there, except for the drying blood on his skin.

“I am sorry, but that was the only thing I could think of, to prove to you without you thinking it was a trick,” Akira said, watching the Councilman.

The man looked at her and closed his mouth. “I am sorry for doubting you, young one. We should have known that any descendant of Brynhildr wouldn’t be soulless.”

Akira nodded. “I was a late bloomer. But that is all I have right now. But it is powerful, and I’m sure it makes me a Havent.”

The Councilman nodded. “Yes—yes, of course.” He looked at her Warriors and nodded to Wolfric. “I apologize for doubting you, Wolfric Selinofoto.”

Wolfric nodded at the man. That was dangerous what Akira had done, and she will get an ear full after the Councilman has left.

“I ask that you pardon my Warrior,” Akira said, pulling the Councilman’s attention back to her. “He was only protecting his Havent.”

The Councilman nodded. “There is nothing to pardon.”

Akira nodded. “Then I would like my Warriors back. We are heading out to find the rest of my Warriors.”

The Councilman bowed to her. He has never seen a Havent with two powerful Warriors such as these before. Usually, a Havent has one Mythical Warrior, the other four less beings. But to have two Mythical creatures such as these. Her father himself is a human.

“Be on your way. I wish you the best in finding your Warriors,” the Councilman said, then turned and walked away.

“I think he’s confused about how you have two Mythical Warriors,” Malique said, watching the Councilman walk away.

Akira smirked. “He can stay confused,” she said, then turned and walked back into the cabin.

“Wait a damn minute there, missy,” Wolfric said, chasing after her.

Akira shrieked when he captured her from behind and tossed her onto the couch.

“That was stupid—he could have killed you,” Wolfric said with a growl.

Akira smiled up at him. “You wouldn’t have let him.”

Wolfric opened and closed his mouth. She was right. Neither he nor Malique would have let the man place a hand on her.

“It was still stupid,” he grumbled.

Akira stood from the couch and moved into her wolf’s arms. “He needed to know,” she whispered.

Wolfric wrapped his arms around Akira with a sigh. “You’ve always been too brave for your own good.”

Akira chuckled. “Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

Wolfric scoffed. “Forgive—yes, forgotten—no.”

She smiled up at him. “You’re still my Wolfie, though, aren’t you?”

Wolfric growled deep in his chest. “Always,” he said, then claimed her lips.

‘Oh shit.’ He had not meant to do that.

She had looked so cute, smiling up at him. He moved to pull back, but she took hold of his head and held him there. He groaned and pulled her closer to his body. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone.

Malique clearing his throat, cleared Wolfric’s head enough he was able to pull back from the kiss. He looked into Akira’s eyes, and she licked her lips, making him wish he could do the same.

“Nice,” she said with a smirk.

Wolfric growled, but before he could kiss her again, she pulled out of his arms and walked toward the bedroom.

“We need to get on the road before someone else shows up at the door,” she reminded him.

Wolfric snapped his teeth at her and watched her walk away.

“Man, what was that?” Malique asked, moving to stand next to his friend.

Wolfric cleared his throat. “That was our little Psychi having the right effect on us.”

Malique chuckled. “What if she chooses one of the others to be her mate?”

Wolfric closed his eyes. He did not want to think about that.


Akira smiled as she walked into her bedroom. Her first kiss and it was not half bad. Though he had not used his tongue, she had felt the connection with him that she has always felt, only stronger.

She quickly packed her bag, then headed back to the living room. Her clothes may be old and a bit dirty, but they mostly still fit her. She had not grown much since she was thirteen, except maybe her breasts. They were definitely much bigger.

“I’m ready,” Akira said, standing at the entrance to the hall.

“We need to get you new clothes,” Malique said, looking her up and down.

Akira frowned and looked down at herself. “I know I wasn’t able to keep them clean, but it’s hard when you don’t have a washer and dryer.”

Both of her Warriors laughed.

“Akira, it has been five years since you had new clothes,” Wolfric said, walking toward her.

She smiled up at him, her cheeks turning bright pink as she looked at his lips.

Wolfric smirked and moved closer to his Psychi. She was thinking about their kiss. Which made him want to kiss her again. But of course, Malique cleared his throat, breaking the spell.

“Let us get going. We need to figure out which way to go next. She already has two Mythical Warriors. And we do not know if she has more or if the rest will be shifters and humans,” Malique said with a scowl.

Akira looked at her Warrior and smiled. He was not too keen on non-mythical creatures being her Warriors. But her father is human.

“Let’s go,” Wolfric said.

He took hold of her arm and led her out of the cabin before he pinned her to the wall and kissed her until the sun set.


“No, no, no,” Malique said with a scowl as he watched the woman hand Akira another ugly outfit. “My Havent will not wear that crap.”

The woman scoffed, “she’s just a….”

“You finish that sentence, and you will be my dinner,” Malique said with a growl, getting into the woman’s face and sneering, his teeth peeking out from under his top lip.

The woman shrieked, then tossed the clothes to the floor and ran to the back.

Akira chuckled, “go easy on them, Mal. They don’t see what my Warriors can see.”

Malique scoffed. “That doesn’t mean they have to be rude.”

Akira shook her head and went into a changing room with an outfit she had picked out herself.

“I am the manager here—may I help you?” a woman asked as she walked up to Malique.

Malique smirked, making the woman uneasy. “Yes, I would like for you to serve up your staff for my dinner.”

“Mal!” Akira called out from her changing room.

Malique cursed and folded his arms over his chest.

Wolfric chuckled and pulled his friend away from the manager, smiling at her.

The woman beamed up at Wolfric. “Well now,” she said, looking him up and down, “aren’t you a fine piece of meat.”

Akira peeked out of the changing room when she heard the woman’s words. How dare she call one of her Warriors a piece of meat.

“It means she finds him attractive.”

Akira squealed and jumped, turning around as she closed the door behind her.

“Are you okay in there?” Malique asked.

“I’m fine,” Akira said, staring at Brynhildr. “You’re still with me?”

Brynhildr smiled. “Always, my child.”

Akira nodded, then pulled the shirt she had picked out over her head. “So, she finds my Warrior attractive?”

Brynhildr chuckled. “Who wouldn’t?”

Akira frowned. “Does that mean I have to share him?”

Brynhildr laughed, “no, he is yours. All of your Warriors are yours. Even after you find your chosen mate.”

Akira sighed. She could not see herself choosing between her Wolfie and Malique. Even though she has only known Malique for a day, she already feels a bond toward him.

“That is because he is your Warrior. You will feel a bond with all of them. But you will have to choose one once you have found them all.”

“How do I go about choosing one?” Akira asked, pulling her new pants up.

“There are different ways. But the most popular is letting each of them woo you.”

Akira giggled at her use of the word woo. She is so old-fashioned.

“Akira, are you almost done in there? We have more clothes for you to try on,” Wolfric called through the door.

Akira smiled at Brynhildr, who smiled back, then disappeared. Akira opened the door and chuckled when Wolfric’s mouth dropped open.

“Do you like it?” Akira asked with a smirk—she knows he does.

Wolfric cleared his throat. His beautiful Psychi was wearing a tight shirt that showed off her curves and breasts and skin-tight jeans that showed off her… He spun her around and whistled—very tight ass.

“Did you work out in the forest?” he asked, spinning her back around to face him.

Akira smiled. “Brynhildr helped.”

Wolfric shook his head. ‘Wow.’

“What’s taking so long?” Malique paused when he saw Akira in the changing room. “Ah, shit.”

Akira chuckled at the look on her Vampire Warrior’s face.

Okay, this outfit goes in the ‘definite’ pile.

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