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Superhuman world

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This is about people who lives in an ordinary world with people who haves superpowers but they didn't know that until now find out in the story.

Fantasy / Action
Andrew Rhodes
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Someone is narrating hello my name is Robert i am a superhuman with powers i have ice and fire powers and i can use these to fly but i can't fly we all superhumans needs to keep our abilities to ourselves if people find out we are doomed and also i have superstrength so yeah we are doomed if people find out.

Because this is how we got our powers people i mean the scientists were testing something it's called partical matter and then it exploded and it killed some people and those who lived got powers but..... It also gave bad people powers and it turned some people into terrifying monsters they only kill at night and in the morning.

They we're no where to be seen okay that's it about me so let's get going where i am at is a secret college school only for superhuman i am a 9th grader someone says hey robert what class do you have he says i have superpower development class how about you mike what class do you have.

He says i have super power gym where you learn to fly break stuff i just found out i have super strength and i can fly and i can shoot lazers out of my hands to he says how did you find this out he says this morning look at this the gym coach told me all i have to do is punch the wall or the ground he punches the ground and it shakes like an earthquake.

And robert says whoa look what i can do he freezes mike he says if you ever punch the floor like that again I'll beat you up that made me dizzy so don't do that again mike says what are you going to do burn me or punch me.

Mike breaks out robert says actually...... Yeah he uppercuts him and he goes flying upwards he says your in trouble now you should of not did that make me go in the air he punches the ground and makes it shake and he flys and then shoots lazers ay him and his arm burns.

He says ugh i am going to kill you bastard he uses ice and fire at once and he starts screaming in pain the students all watch them fight a teacher says break it up break it up they both stops fighting she says what's going on what happened who started this fight.

Robert says he did he punched the ground and it made an earthquake she says oh so you did that mike he says yes i did she says okay since both of you don't know how to stop fighting fine let's go she brings them to a room that disables powers.

She says this white room disables abilties and powers so get comfy you will be here for the rest of the day he says mike you idiot why did you have to punch the ground you got us in trouble asshole mike says you know i don't need any powers to still kick your ass.

He says i like to see you try mike swings a punch and hits Robert and then Robert gets mad and tackles and punches mike and he says robert stop control your anger he says you tell me to control it your the one that said you can kick my ass without any powers.

Asshole he throws him at a wall and he goes and sits down your lucky this room is disabling my powers mike he says dude I'm sorry i didn't mean to get you in trouble he says well you did you know what i heard when they took us here they said they are thinking of suspending me and you are getting expelled if you don't pay for the damages.

That you caused by the earthquake mike says oh shit i didn't even see the damages that i caused oops but i have the money he says so what it's still your fucking fault mike do you even know that i speak a different language when I'm mad i speak tagalog.

Because I'm part Filipino he speaks in tagalog he says ikaw ay isang asshole mong maliit na piraso ng tae english version (you are an asshole you little piece of shit) he says you know i speak latin and i am not even latin dude he says in latin vos postulo, rigentibus ex Dudus et tu adepto Pulsante autem et irrumabo.

English version (you need to chill out dude or you will get knocked the fuck out) Robert says in English fine if you get me mad one more time i am going to not be friends with you capiche he says okay fine i won't get you mad anymore.

Someone opens the door a teacher says y'all are free to go if y'all fight in the school you will come back here now go they both leaves the room he says I'm going home and i am not going to talk to you again for a week we're still friends but you still pissed me off a bad guy enters the school he says this took me years to get in this pathetic little school and now that i have.

I am going to defeat every super human here or turn y'all like me by injecting this chip into you and now you all will become supervillians guys enter now all bad guys enters the school everyone in the halls runs a teacher says students go to the class rooms.

All the adults teachers come here lets take care of them and protect the students let's go we will destory y'all the bad guy says my name is bullseye I'm here to bring all of the students to the bad side Robert and Mike leaves the school while everyone wasn't looking even the bad guys wasn't looking.

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