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Superhuman world

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Chapter 2 The Enemy

Bullseye says y'all surrender now or die the teacher says never bullseye says i was afraid you will say that guys bring him in two people brings in someone the teacher says mike how did they get you.

You we're in one of the classroom bullseye says i found him outside of Mars running away from the school with someone else but he escaped but i got him so take the chip or he dies the teacher says stand down listen to him and take the chip a teacher says students leave the school now.

The students runs towards the exit and they try to open the door and it's locked and someone uses heat vision on the lock and she burns the lock off and then they leave bullseye says so what all i need to do is hunt them down after i turn y'all like me.

So come here and swallow the chip and this boy gets to live all of the teachers swallows the chip and they turn good to evil one of the teachers bows down to him and then all of them do bullseye says now mike swallow this chip or i will force it down your throat.

He says no never robert comes to the school and he goes in and says let go of my friend bullseye says what are you going to do i am the powerful being in the universe he says no your not he uses ice and fire powers to fly and he shoots fireballs at him.

Bullseye says what are y'all doing standing there get him robert unlocks a power and thats telekinesis he says yall are in trouble now he is still flying he picks up one of bullseye thugs and throws her at him with his mind.

And he says that's it none of you can take care of him the reason people call me bullseye because i never miss he aims at him and he shoots lazers out of his hand and he shoots him through the roof and he goes back in and says you are too powerful i will defeat you later.

He goes in and grabs mike and leaves bullseye says go find all of the students and bring them here and teachers act like your on the good side if you run in on one of the students and then bring them outside of Mars understand they nods.

Okay go NOW and i will deal with mike and robert i studied everyone's name in here for weeks he flys through the hole on the roof and he aims at the school and he destorys it (oh yeah i forgot the school is in outerspace).

He says it's okay mike i saw the other students go to this planet call earth and we are goi........ they both hears an explosion robert says bullseye destoryed the school let's get out of here mike says so earth huh.

He says yep we are going to that planet and Mike your heavy i think your superstrength is making you heavy he says you know i can fly right he says oh yeah i forgot you can do that.

He let's go of him and he flys by side of Robert and they enter the earth's atmosphere and they goes fast

Robert says we are almost there to the ground i heard rumors of this planet when i was a kid so if it is true there could be monsters here called kampachi but they are hiding in the dark and humans who has no super powers but we have to hide bullseye is looking for me and you mike.

They go into a building robert says what's that thing that opens and closes someone says with confusion that's a door he says who are you human he says my name is Jackson so don't call me human he says sorry bullseye goes to earth and it's night on earth 20 monsters comes out and goes hunting for food.

Robert see's monsters and he says I'll take care of them he makes fireballs and iceballs and throws it at them and he highkicks it and flykicks it and superpunches it and destoryes it robert says die kampachi one of them speaks in a diffrent language the kampachi says my naam is froak en al die mense sal sterf, en so ook superhumans.

Robert says they are speaking in our language they are speaking Afrikaans we speak that over there at Mars and why do they hate superhumans and why do they want to kill humans and superhumans that what that monster said let me try to talk to them robert says in Afrikaan hoekom wil ons ons en die mense doodmaak?

Translate in English (why do yall want to kill us and the humans) one of them says omdat mense al weke en maande met ons soort eksperimenteer translate to English (because humans has been experimenting with our kind for weeks and for months).

One of leader continues speaking en u bemoei ons met ons planne om die mensdom te vernietig translate to English (and y'all are interfering with our plans on destorying the human race).

Robert says in their language ernstig wil u wraak neem op die mens, maar u kan nie wraak neem nie; ek gaan die menslike ras beskerm translate to English (seriously you want revenge on the humans well yall can't get your revenge i am going to protect the human race).

The leader of Kampashi says baie goed dan Kampashi se aanval translate to English (very well then Kampashi's attack).

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