the child of oricolia

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Mai Jreakonin is a normal (Kronos) girl in a magick (Kroya) -al world. She's fine with that. Magick corrupts people in ways she didn't want to know. Oricolia is a town of practically no Kroya, therefore the poorest town of Rollo. But, one night will change the fate of Mai and her family's life.

Fantasy / Action
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Magick prowls the lands of Krolla, some of it's heirs lurk in the shadows, while others seek the Sun. Kroya live high and mighty lives, while Kronos serve them wearily. For many years, magick has tormented all, but soon enough, there will be change.

The baby was poked and prodded a mere hour from birth. Samuel K'Ovo gagged as spittle rolled down the infant's face. Good thing this job paid well, or K'Ovo would've quit years ago. Babies of Oricolia made him sick. They were so..poor and dirty. K'Ovo peered into the child's bright brown eyes, joyful and full of mirth. Their eyes shown Asian heritage, but their nose said otherwise. Hmm. What interesting features. K'Ovo began by pressing gently into the temples of the baby's head and stared into the it's soul. A surge of energy flowed through Samuel's fingertips. It pulsed and moved quickly, like a deer prancing through a forest. K'Ovo pulled back, gasping. "I..."
"Sir K'Ovo? Are you alright?" The nursing attendant peeking into the room.
"I.. am fine. Leave me be. You were instructed not to speak to me. Do so." The attendant paled and sputtered, and left quicker than a royal who smelled horse dung.
K'Ovo rolled his eyes, and returned his attention to the baby. It giggled with glee, as if understanding the altercation.
"You're a strange one. I don't know what to make of you." K'Ovo sighed and went in again. The infant's power curled and spiraled towards his energy, as if curious. K'Ovo had heard of Kroya like this, their raw power was alive, with it's own personality.
'Who are you?'
"GAH! MOTHER OF RELINA!" K'Ovo leaped away from the child. More giggles ensued.
"Flowne! What in the world was that?!" But K'Ovo knew.
It would also make him look like a fool. For years, Samuel had proclaimed the chosen one would be in Tretow, his homeland. He was one of the most respected examiners, his reputation would go down in shambles. (Plus the little one would die in an instant if found. But that was neither here or there.) K'Ovo checked the time.
"It's been too long. I must make the final decision." K'Ovo looked at the chart. It all seemed so strange to him now, this one word would make up a child's fate. Nevertheless, he scrawled the word, 'Kronos', on the page. He sighed. Perhaps he was... no. This was the only and best option for the world.
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