Pandora's Box

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"Once upon a time, I was a puppet. I was their puppet. Even God's use puppets." "And now?" He stared at me, our eyes both matching in fire. "And now, I am no ones goddamn puppet! Much less a Gods." Thousands of years ago, Pandora opened a box. And within days, Hell was unleashed upon the world. A darkness of the likes not seen anywhere or ever experienced before. Beasts and monsters of stories became the things of nightmares. In the 21st century, much to the terror of a simple priest, a very much alive Pandora clambers out of her tomb, confused of her whereabouts and her box of horrors missing. Talk about a bad wake up call. Pandora refuses to be at fault for more destruction and chaos and will do whatever she can to find her box and she needs to find out why she was brought back to the living. But in a new time and age, where darkness can easily remain hidden, Pandora finds herself more in over her head than she ever realized and has no choice but to accept the helping hand of a mysterious History professor who knows a lot more than he lets on. Let the God's laugh at their puppet now.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Part 1 Pandora

And so, Zeus laughed from the tops of Olympus and called forth the blacksmith, Hephaestus, mix water and earth, bury a voice, sculpt a lovely maiden shape, suitable to befit a Goddess. Bidding the work of Athena to teach her care and weaving a web of design much the God’s petty desires at their father’s bequest.

‘Aphrodite’ Zeus calls forth so she may shed beauty all golden, a desire for mortal men and more.

Zeus charged Hermes for this maiden’s cunning inquisitive mind, a deceitful nature that was never her own. Zeus ordered. They obeyed, for he was Zeus, jailer of Cronos.

And so, Hephaestus, crippled yet never slow moulded, designed a perfect maiden, dressed by Athena, guided by grace and beauty by Aphrodite, persuasion and naivety her future undoing, her neck and shoulders ached from a trepidation of what was to come.

And there as she stood, perfection weaved, deceit, crafty words, a pretty face, Zeus named her Pandora a gift for humanity. Because all those who dwelt in the 12 chambers on Olympus gave a gift each to mankind.

The all-endowed.

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