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Stethoscope. Laboratory coat. And a Hippocratic Oath. Empathy swore that she'll devote her life for the greater good of humanity. Train to be one of the best doctor in her chosen field. But still, she never forget her dream of meeting a fictitious sexy creature. It's her silly dream since sixteen from reading countless fantasy novels. A pleasurable bite. Gorgeous wounded stranger. And a punishment. Her plea, must have been heard by God's and Goddesses as she see herself, dump on a far away hospital. Surrounded by exemplary yet odd medical staffs and the man she suspect as the culprit why she's there. Like a speed of a lightning, her life went south -when she found herself in dystrophy, screaming and running for her life. Will she be able to pull herself and be the kind of doctor she aspire? Or she'll end up a corpse, buried six feet underground -serve as food to the maggots? 🔞 Disclaimer 🔞 This story might possibly contain mature scenes. Readers wise choice must be observe.

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W A R N E D!

This story may contain grammatically incorrect sentences and probably might not be suitable for very young readers. Readers initiative and wise decision must be observe. Aside from that, all the characters invented is purely fictional and all incidents are merely an invention of the author's imaginative mind. Any similar events, name, characters, businesses, and places mentioned in the story is purely coincidental.

Reproduction or usage of this work in whole or part in any form by electronic, mechanical or other means, here in after invented, including photocopying and recording or any information storage is forbidden without the author's consent.

The original image or edited image used for the story cover and the rest are not really the author's property.

No copyright infringement intended.

Plagiarism is a crime and considered as the one of the deadliest sin when it comes to writing. (However, if you are reading this novel besides Wattpad and Inkittt. You are likely risking yourself from an attack of malware. Please, direct to this link and read my novel only from this link and at Inkittt. You can also report to the rightful writer which is me, if this have been plagiarized. Hopefully not.)

Lastly, this story is for those like me who's into fantasy, vampire, and. werewolf like stories. Please, leave some comments for improvements or at least give the chapter a vote if you feel like it. Dear, it will keep me motivated. You can also leave some recommendations of great fantasy or werewolves stories at the comment box ⬇⬇ and check out my newest reading list D O M I N A N C E for recommendation of werewolves or vampires stories. Welcome to the pack my pups and vampires! Welcome to Eureka. Happy reading!

Love, Luna ForgetInkNot

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