TKoT Book 3: Reforged

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A world shattered by angry gods, the remaining fragments float in a void between planes of existence. An old weapon awakens and takes on a new form to pass judgment on these errant gods. The Immortal Bane is reforged, a creature designed to capture these angry gods and bring them in for punishment, she just does not know it yet. Andrea Wellington steps into the role of Ka'Azalin, the apprentice goddess and Hand of Katalina.

Fantasy / Adventure
Timidon Nodimit
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What you need to know

The dark goddess Katalina has risen and taken control of the Citadel of Calidor. The city of Floastone has faced her wraith as she exerts control over the terrified inhabitants. The Council of Eight, a loose collection of powerful gods has created a new god to serve Katalina as her Hand. Katalina will need to train this new god in order to fulfill her purpose as the Immortal Bane, a weapon to use against the errant gods of the Realm of Thanonal.

Credits and Content Warning

Cover Art: Timidon Nodimit

Written by: Timidon Nodimit

Content Warning: Adult (+18 years or older). Contains violence, some sexual situations, demons, gods, angels, illicit potion use, scenes of smoking unknown dried plant life, heroes, and villains. Sex is not hardcore and mostly suggested, think more of a tried for a more TV version. With that said, there are a few scenes that may be abusive. So if you were expecting hardcore pleasures, this is not what you want to read. This has a twisted love story. The story contains twin succubus… so be warned…


Act 1: Harsh Reality, Chapters 2-5

Act 2: The Dark Bond, Chapter 6-11

Act 3: Master and Servant, Chapters 12-14

Act 4: The Hidden Occult, Chapters 15 - 21

Act 5: Practice Makes Proficient, Chapters 22 - 26

Act 6: A Day Out, Chapters 27-30

Act 7: Deeper into Darkness, Chapters 31-35

Act 8: Roll the Dice, Chapters 36-39

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Andrea Wellington / Ka’Azalin - Low born noble of the House of Wellington. Not born as a Blooded thus her family could never attain a full royalty. She had agreed to become a sacrifice in order to save her brother and mothers life. The sacrifice was interrupted by Katalina’s rebirth, instead Andrea in a last moment decision agreed to become Katalina’s new Hand.

Oliver Martin - A summoner who leads the Grindhouse Guild’s Dark Arts Division.

Support Characters & Antagonists

Antonio Flanigan - Lower Purifier under Lincoln G’nisleh, a member of the Grindhouse Guild.

Charmeine Vestule - Great, great grandson of the god Toluene. He is also a low born noble, not Blooded but retains the angelic wings and grace of the feathered god of life and light.

Father Termine - High Priest of Toluene in Cormanworth.

Heather - The Night Queen of Cormanworth, a demon who rules the underside of Cormanworth. She is as twisted as they come, manipulative and pure evil.

Hiro Hoko - The Guild Master of the Grindhouse Guild, has a tendency of recruiting the most fantastic hero’s to his guild.

John Blackthorn - Exiled noble from the Kingdom of Blackthorn, the losing end of a civil war of ideas. His family fled to the neighboring kingdom of Cormanworth. He now works as an adventurer in the Grindhouse Guild.

Katalina, The Goddess of the Pit - The dark goddess of the pit. Ka’Azalin’s benefactor and teacher.

Oliva Raven - The Grindhouse Guild’s leader of Magic, second in charge next to Hoko.

Samuel Morgan - Also known as Mr. Morgan, a well to do merchant running the Strong Box Trading Consortium. He also runs a number of shady operations in and out of the city.

Victor Varsma - A vampire enforcer employed by Mr. Morgan to deal with a number of unpleasant transgressors against his business.

Tamin Durathain - A dwarven warrior priest of Vasherune, a member of the Grindhouse Guild.

Varriss Unrdine - A blond haired, wandering eye rogue who is the other member of the Dark Arts Division.

Let the Game of Gods begin again…

I am also looking at what characters you like, dislike. Write in the comments below; I would love the feedback, comments, likes, and reviews!

Thank You, Timidon Nodimit (also known as the Great Unknown).

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