ARDAHEIM REALM: Empire Of Shadows

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Willa Theseus also known as the girl who was destined to come and save the world, Ardaheim. A World where magical beings live. One Night as her world comes to and end, Willa found herself running away from an unknown creature and following a will-o-wisp as. In her final moments in the mortal realm, she looked at the color of the moon as it changes into blood red while she fell down a spring waterfall. Willa, later woke up later that night but in a different world, where the Golden Oracle of the old seers starts. **** EMPIRE OF SHADOWS 2018 Fantasy | Young-Adult **** About Ardaheim: A World where Vampires, Werewolves, Thereans, Sirens, Mermaids, Witches and Warlocks live in harmony. Beneath their world is the Shadow Realm and with each generation Arda Nova selects 12 shamans from the 7 species to protect their Realm.

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Prelude: The Beginning of the End

It all started at the end.

What would you do if the world that you are living in ceases to exist?

Remember how we used to wonder how does the world end?

Speculations as to how the world will end, revolves around the thought of the planet will crack into two, earthquakes will emerge and flood would suffice. Shockingly, all of that is wrong because today, we got our answer...

In fact it didn't end with a whisper, nor with a bang. But rather, with one scream at a time.

I heard people screaming from the neighborhood. It was continious, the night was silent but the screams ended with another one screaming.

The shrieking was horrifying, people around the village are already starting to panic. People all around was rabid whereas after a scream the owner of the voice had mysteriously vanished. The night was horrifying, it happened one by one, we screamed one by one, we vanished one by one.

"Aaaahh!" I shakingly ran to the kitchen to see what happened to our maid, I only heard her scream and the next thing I knew I can't find her anymore in the house. My hand shook anxiously.

I blinked and returned to my senses when I heard another scream from afar. I ran outside the house again to see what was happening...

I stared at the mother in front of our house who was crying and whispering her child's name. She was weeping so loudly, her sobs were the most visible in the sea of loud chaos.

"They're here" I turned my gaze at Martha. My heart went frantic, Confused. What does she mean they're here?

She was always this odd, and I find something about her magical but right now, I feel like I should really be scared. Moreover the weather is horrible, the lightning, the thunder; rumbling outside, the heavy and loud pouring of the rain, everything about tonight is surely freaking me out!

My eyes looked around, I'm already wet. People outside were panicking and running in fear, screaming for help. I brushed my hand to my face since my eyesight were already blurry from the rain.

"W-What? Who-Who's here, Martha?" I stuttered. My voice was quivering so much, it was hard to put words together. She reached for my wrist and led me inside our house. The Village was only occupied by a few people since it was located near the forest.

"Listen to me, You have to run away. They're here. It's here" Her bloodshot eyes was fixated in mine.

As I looked at her, confused. I heard another blood curling scream. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"You're scaring me, Martha. What the hell are you saying?"

Shit! We both flinched when something fell on the ground. The ground rumbled and shook for a little bit. I looked at Martha, the panic I was feeling was doubling.

"Willa, my dear. I can't protect you anymore, you need to leave now!" She looked at me sullenly trying so hard not to cry.

"I- I don't understand, p-protect me from what?" I want to understand! She can't just push me away!

"Daedra. She's going to kill you. You have to leave!"

"Martha! Please, Youre scaring me! Daedra, I- I don't even know her. Stop It!" We hid under the window near the corner of our kitchen. My whole body was tense and shaking so much in pure nervousness.

I was already shaking from everything. The screams from outside became louder, I closed my eyes as my ears were enveloped with the screams of pain and horror.

"You have to go now!"

"Martha. You have to explain to me what's happening! I can't go and leave like this!" I screamed. I'm scared and confused, My mind was in a daze, it was hard to think straight. My heart is pounding so loud. I held her shoulders not wanting to leave her.

Her forehead creased as she frowned at me making her wrinkles more visible. Martha was already old, her knees were already weak, even her hair reminds me of a web like a silver yarn, and her face is writhed by time and left her nothing but a frail layer of skin.

She was old alright, but she was still strong in so many ways. Her moves might be wobbly but there's still something in her that could move so gracefuly and ardent.

The earth made a loud thud while the thunder growled as if the gods were mad about something.

"We don't have much time. You have to go now, Willa" I stared at her in dismal, I can't hold back my tears anymore, she's saying goodbye to me! I can't leave her she's the only family I have! I shook my head furiously.

"No!" I disagreed. "No! No! I- I don't want to leave you!" I held her hand tight.. She looked at me sadly. I sobbed loudly when I saw how her repressed tears started to drip.

"Willa, This is what you're destined for. This is the end for me but you still have a long journey ahead of you... " She stoop up, her frail and weak body slightly shook.

She forced me to stand up as she held my shoulders firmly trying to steady my stance. Then, she pushed me towards our backdoor, We both flinched in shock when something banged on our main door. My legs were starting to give up on me, I was very much scared. Marta continued to push me towarfs the backdoor.

"Listen to me, Willa. You need to go deep in the forest. There's a portal there and you have to get through it. They will help you." What?

"Martha! I don't understand! What Portal? They? Who's going to help me? " Something banged loudly again at our main door, I felt how hard the impact is as the ground shook at the same time. I can't help but to wobble. Martha took out something from her pocket. It's a pearl that looks like the night sky when in peace.

"When you get far far away from here, deep in the forest. Crush this pearl on your hand, it will help you find the portal" She took my hand and placed the parl on it. She again pushed me towards outside as the main door of our house broke down.

"Willa Theseus!" It growled. It was only a voice but it already made me tremble. I found Martha's eyes again.

Martha looked at me in reverence. Her smile made me cry even more. She tucked my fiery red hair behind my ears.

"I am proud of you, my dear, Willa. Always remember that" She kissed my forehead as her stale arms hugged me and for one last time I smelled her faint lavender perfume, the smell of home. I was stillsavouring our hug when she pushed me forcibly, I stumbled through the mudded ground hard. I was already drenched and wet from the rain.

She smiled as she slammed the door in front of me. My heart thumped loudly in my chest. My eyes went wide when I heard sonorous noise inside. I forced myself to stand up and rammed the door. My eyes getting blurred from the tears.


Fuck, Open the door please! "Martha!" I pushed the door, kicked it, and trashed my shoulders towards it in hopes that I can open it up.

"Open it, Martha!" I was already hearing sounds from inside the house, It's scaring me. I can hear it growling. Glasses inside our house were shattering.

"Where is Willa Theseus!"

"Martha, Martha, Open this!" I even tried to push the door using my shoulder again. I was already soaked from the raindrops but I didn't gave up banging myself on the door.

I was about to ram myself again to the door when something exploded which made my whole body get thrown away from the impact. The static sound made me deaf for a moment. The ringing of it was earsplitting. I pushed myself up and saw our house in shreds.

The foundation was already on the ground it looked like as if something detonated from it. I gasoed loudly while still staring at the house, something sparked from it and in one blink everything was already in fire. A creature from the house stood up. It was humongous like a giant, it has horns and tusks that almost reached it's own nose. My legs wobbled by the sight. What is it+

"Useless piece of shit" It raised something on his hands, it was scrunching it like a paper. It was Martha's clothes! I sobbed loudly as the monster threw it to his side. I bit back my sobs not wanting to drew it's attention to me.

I held back my cries through the back of my hand as I ran to the forest, I don't know if what Martha said is true but it's the only chance I've got. I have to trust her. I want to live. I need to survive, I have no idea with what's happening but I don't want Martha's sacrifice and death to be in vain.

It was hart to run towards the forest because the rain made all of the ground muddy and slippery. Everytime i almost slip i would ocassionally hold on to a tree. When I thoight I already got far away from it, I heard some clamorous footsteps. It was loud and heavy, it almost shook the ground. I covered my mouth with my own hand and leaned on a tree to hide. I was still crying as I try to stop myself from making any more noise.

"I may be blind, but I can smell you from here, Little Earthling." My heart on my chest felt like it's going to come out. I quivered in fear. I'm freaking scared I don't know what to do! I heard its footsteps once again, I muffled my screams when a tree not far from me fell in a loud thud.

"It would be less painful if you just surrender yourself, Willa Theseus." I shuffled quietly in my clothes. Where is it? I hiccuped when the tree on my right fell down.

I need to get out of here! When I felt the pearl in my pocket, I immediately crushed it in my hand. Some light emerged from it and went in front of my face, its light was faint but it didn't made the blue azuli spark unappealing, it reminded me of a will-o-wisp.

When it moved, I stumbled wuth my own feet to follow it. Even though, my tears were rushing down my face, I ran as fast as I can. I squinted my eyes trying to focus on the spark that I was following. I have to be strong! This isn't just a dream, This is real.

I have to save myself, I promised Martha that i would! I need to live, I have to! The ground vibrated heavily indicating that the monster was chasing me. I hastened my steps but my legs were turning weak, I tripped.

I sobbed. No, Willa. The mud covered my hands when I pushed myself up from the ground. This is not the time to give up! l continued following the wisp.

"Do not anger me, you fucking Mortal! Get Back here!" Once again it's deep and big voice thundered and echoed in the forest. I shuddered in absolute horror. I was grateful that my legs didn't gave up on me on the second time even with my shakey state.

I came into a halt when the wisp lead me to a cliff, under it was a rushing water, a waterfall. Even with just a glance I figured it was deep and dangerous. My breathing was quick, I gasped aghast as I try to catch my breath. What should I do? My mind and heart went frantic, It was panicking! Should I jump? My eyes lingered at the wisp in front of me. What does it want me to do?

"WILLA THESEUS!" He uttered my name loudly to the point that the grumbled beaneath me. Its roar echoed around the whole forest. It was running and was breaking all the trees down! I moved backwards but when I did it I almost fell down! I balanced myself...

"W-What do you want from me?"

"Give me the key.. " What key? What is he talking about? God, don't tell me everything about this is just for a stupid key!

"What Key?" I shouted.

"The key to your world" What is it saying? The key to my world? How would I even know where's the key to my world!

"I don't have it, okay? I don't even know you either so just stay away! Stop chasing me? " I swallowed all the fear that I was feeling just to utter those words. My voice is shaking.

Even though, my knees are already wobbly. I tried to speak myself. It's nose flared, the fog from its ears was visible. It was angry! It scraped its feet like a bull as if it was preparing to hound on me. I stepped backwards in fear. It's either the waterfalls or this monster!

When it started rushing towards me rapidly, so I prepared myself to jump but as I was trying to breathe as much air as I need, the ground below me shook I tried to balance myself. I thought It was the Orc's fault but it looked confused too. It stopped in its tracks.

The rocks under me fell... I didn't have any time to react, I lost my balance. My body froze as I fell and fell and fell down to the cold, cold water....

"No!" The Orc screamed while it watched me fall down out of it's reach.

I looked at the moon. It was staring right back at me.

If this is the end of me, I just want to say that I had a great life. I am sorry, Martha. I disappointed you, I didn't survive. I didn't make it. Even with my oblivious death waiting for me, I thought to myself my last wish, it was to know what's the meaning of all of the things that happened earlier. I wish...

I wish that you could atleast tell me the answer to that...

The moon looked bigger and bigger to me. It was like it was gonna eat me.

I closed my eyes and let myself be engulfed with the wind as I felt myself falling down that felt like forever.

When my body felt the impinged of the water, My eyes opened in shock. Everything was in slow motion. Is this what happens when you're dying? I felt the impact of the cold water, the splash around me was so visible, it felt like the world stopped revolving.

The Moon.... was red. Blood like red. It stared back at me as if it s trying to tell me something. After that, the slowed phase of time returned, I tried to speak but I was already under the water. I swallowed a fair amount of water, My lungs got heavy, it burned. I couldnt breathe anymore. I tried kicking myself up towards the shore but I couldn't.

So for one last time, I closed my eyes; Accepting My fate, My destiny, My end...

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