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Arya is a perfectly normal girl that is until she finds out her hidden destiny and sets out on a path to excel and discover the darkest secrets of her world. . . . . Will she able to find the cause of her grandmother's mysterious death?will she be able to survive after knowing all these secrets? And who is that mysterious person who has taken a fantasy in her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Phew! I sat down exhausted just as my mom shouted at me.."come on arya we've got a lot of work to do yet"

"Yes mom"I sighed but try as much, I could not bring myself to get up from the couch.

Apparently we were shifting to a family bunglow of my great grandmother. I'd only seen her in photographs in our family album. Although it was black and white, the lady in it could be easily recognised as a rare beauty...smily face, dimples and flowing hair cascading down her shoulders and reaching to her hip,her attire gave her a completely royal look.What a pity that I didn't inherit her looks! I'd have guys falling over me!

I heard my mom calling my name again or should I say SHOUTING!

Ugh I groaned.my whole body was practically breaking up. I decided to ignore her and closed my eyes giving relief to my pain.

but then as usual mom came up to me and shook me in that irritating way of hers.



So... damn.... irritating!




But then I knew she would keep doing it until I got up so with all the moaning, groaning and sighing I could manage, I got up and started unpacking. Just then my aunt came up carrying some stuff.

"sarah, let's go prepare something to eat"she said to my mom and winked at me. I shot a grateful look at her and flopped down on the couch finally closing my eyes.

FINALLY! REST!! YESSS!!! I thought to myself and smiled.

" wake up arya" I heard someone shaking me.

"ugh.....what..oh.. yeah....sorry" I sat up rubbing my eyes as I saw my aunt smiling at me.

"come on girl wake up and wash yourself, dinner's ready" she said.

Just at the sound of dinner, my stomach rumbled and confirmed my hunger. I gave her an embarrassed smile and rushed to wash up.

After I finished washing up, I looked out of the window and saw that it was already very dark outside and wondered how much time I had slept. I had dozed of on the couch and lost track of time. The streets were already dotted up with lights. Suddenly my stomach roared bringing me out of my thoughts and back to dinner.

I rushed to the dining table which was submerged in the delicious smell of food!

After having had my fill, I started listening to my mom and dad's conversation.

" tomorrow the agent will come and see if all the things are settled" dad was saying.

"honey, please help me clear the table" my aunt said to me and I started clearing the marble table.

after everything was finished my mom said,

" we will see about the unpacking which is left tomorrow, right now just go sleep"

I went upstairs to the room which I had decided to make mine and lay down thinking of the days to come. I would have to go to school after a few days because right now vacations were going on............................. Then slowly sleep came to me.

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