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The next morning I woke up with the sunlight streaming on my face.Quickly I folded the sheets and washed up. then I put on my specs and looked out of the window. ...the view was truely beautiful as the bungalow was situated in the outskirts of the city. We had a large garden on the front which needed a little tending to but overall it was amazing.

I remember the first time I had come here was to have a look and I was really very excited to live in such a big house. when we had reached here, I had ran around the house examining every nook and corner from top to bottom!

And when I saw a room with big french windows and balcony, I decided that I would make that my room.

I was hoping that someone my age will be there in the neighborhood so that I won't feel lonely. Fingers crossed!!! thinking so I went downstairs.

everyone was up already and having breakfast. I joined them .

"arya, your job is to clean up the basement today as your dad and I are going to our previous house to check on some procedures." mom said.

"come on mom I'm not even fully awake" I complained.

"then it's time you woke up!" she answered getting up.

'how heartless' I sighed.

For once I wished that school was still going on so that I would not have to do all the work! Even my best friend was not there. her family was on a vacation somewhere in Australia. The main reason was that her parents loved travelling and both of them were historians. just as I was going over my bad luck, the phone rang and I rushed to pick it up.

"heyyya girl wassup? how are you?", Becca's cheerful voice rang through it and I immediately perked up.

"I'm totally exhausted with the shifting!"I answered.

"aww, I'm so sorry I'm not there to help you out. but don't worry I'll make it up to you when I come back" she said.

"sure" I replied laughing"anyways how are things there? are you enjoying or not?"

" Yes everything is nice but you know what there aren't as many kangaroos here as they say"she replied in a sad voice which amused me a little.

"so what! were you expecting to see kangaroos running on the roads and waving Australian flags?" I asked her laughing.

"well not exactly but I thought that it would be all about yellow grasslands and kangaroos roaming around. I wanted to touch their babies you know...I'm kinda disappointed right now!" she said and I laughed.

That is Becca for you! she always has those funny ideas.

"anyways bye now mom's calling.i think today we are going to some of the old towns"

"BORING!!!!!" We both replied in unison and laughed.

"have fun" I said and hung up.

"so miss arya, time to start cleaning up the basement" my aunt said appearing behind me.

"aww look at your face" my aunt said laughing at my scrunched up face.

"can I do it later?" I pleaded but I already knew the answer.

"nope" she said and gave me a broom and mop. And we headed to the basement with the cleaning materials.

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