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Although Jakes parents did not like Maria they grew to like her when she gave birth to their first son but who knows when the son is going to be able to tell if the attempted murder was plotted by a relative or if Maria was his real mother

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Jake….what are you still doing there Maria he says hurriedly down the stairs am coming honey.

Jake and Maria had been married for five years but since then it had always been about quarrelling.

As a doctor Jake had to spend most of his time at the hospital saving lives and Maria as a lawyer had to

Spend time at her law firm solving cases. During the weekends Jake would be called on emergences living

His wife to spend the weekend by herself, but to Maria that was never an excuse for she wanted her

Husband to be hers and only hers. Maria had been born to a

Poor family, her father had left her mother a few weeks after

She had been born promising her that he would come back but

Since then he had never stepped his foot in the little city of Baham.Maria

Had siblings Bungan and Sibongile.Sibongile was a well brought

Up girl who wanted to follow her sister career now at the age of

Sixteen whereas Bungan was a boy who wanted to study medicine.

Unlike Maria’s family Jake come from a family which was rich

And his father and mother were the queen and king of Indonesia.

Due to the different backgrounds Maria was not comfortable for she was just an ordinary commoner

JAKE ………why are women so obsessed with how they look now Maria is going to lose my patience can you please come down right now

MARIA …. (ayah man since the day l married Jake everywhere l go l have to take bodyguards with me not forgetting l also have to inform him of were am supposed to go weeks before] coming Hun

JAKE ….thought you were giving birth their oooh not forgetting my parents are starting to ask when we are going to give a grandchild

MARIA ….l told you Jake that am not yet ready l still have to finish my law firm then we can start talking about kids [the truth is Jake had never understood and had tried forcing me but luckily am drinking contraceptives and l never told him ]

JAKE …am not growing any younger you know anyways will discuss that topic when we comeback

MARIA...where are we going by the way

JAKE…don’t tell me you have already forgotten woman l told you we will be going for dinner at my best friend place and

a couple of my other friends will be joining us

MARIA…l always hated Jake friends for some of them always tried sleeping with me when Jake wasn’t around which is something l didn’t like but hey at least today l will be seeing Alicia oooh and that’s Richard wife Jake best friend

We can go now am ready

Me…..the trip to Richard place was boring it seems like nowadays Jake and l have nothing to talk about and we are growing apart which is scaring me hope my marriage lasts

Him…in which world are you in Mrs.Nxube

Me… [L always like it when he calls me by his surname] well l was just thinking of how much l love you

Him……am impressed l love you too and don’t forget that...oooh and lve been meaning to tell you this weekend l will around to spend it with you

Me…that’s what he always say but ey let me just show him am happy about it.hmmm can’t wait to spend the weekend with husband

Him ..picks up a call

Richard..Hayii man where are you the others have already arrived

Him ..haikona be patient am just parking my car wena aaaah we are not in a hurry.and wifey please socialize with the other women not just Alicia ok

Me ..L will try but am not promising anything

Alicia ..Hyyyyyyy how is my most favorite person in the word doing she says hugging me

Me ..Doing great as always dear eish this house looks even bigger every time l enter it

Her...don’t exaggerate now friend come let’s meet the others.haaa these man they are already drinking that’s a good sign though we can have the night to ourselves

Phumula...hmmm Jake your wife is looking more beautiful ey what are you giving her

Me..Everyone took that as a comment but l took it personal for phumula once tried rapping me when Jake was not home…can l get you something to eat l say that just to break the laughter

Man…roasted meat would taste better with beer

Me..hmmm ladies what do l do with jake and his royal family they have been asking for a heir ever since l got married to him

Ladies ..Maybe it’s not a bad idea you can always finish your career at any time babe

Me...Enough talking about me can we please have a good time [it was always fun drinking and partying with my friends that most of the times l ended up drunk]

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