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Chapter 2

Jake…you didn’t have to drink much you know

Me...Well that was my only free day and l heard to take the opportunity with both hands

L woke up with a headache that l didn’t even go to work all l did was to stay indoors and sleep by the time Jake come back l was already watching TV

Him…hmmm seems like one had a good day he says placing a kiss on my forehead

Me...We can say so, so how was work anything new

Him…well that reminds me am supposed to go to a trip with my colleges to Venezuela and l will probably be there for the whole summer

Me...l really don’t know where the emotions come from but l started crying l really didn’t want Jake to live it’s okay maybe l should pretend like am the good house wife and say that am okay

He comes near me trying to hug me and l back out because seriously am tired of this and now he starting to get angry as if am the one who made him a doctor

Him…you know it’s not optional right …you knew when you married me that times like this were to come but you still went around and agreed so instead of your ties now all l might need is your support

Me…you know l didn’t have the energy to fight with him right now and l was also starting to feel dizzy. The list l can do for myself is to go and lie down

When l was just about to live l felt like vomiting all l did that time was run facing the direction were the toilet was

Lord let this not be what am thinking and not at this time please

He…Maria open the door you know am a doctor l can help you and why didn’t you tell me you were sick

Me…didn’t seem like l heard an option l opened the door and l no longer had the energy to reply to the questions he was going to ask me so l just went and laid on the bed

He…Maria is this what l think it is

Me..you know you can just save us all the talking and say exactly what you want to say

Him…are you pregnant

me…l already told you am not yet ready and not planning to get pregnant so stop asking me those rhetorical questions

L was trying to push the fact that l was pregnant away but l knew that l was pregnant

Him..Its okay can l get you something

Me..juice would be okay

The next month Jake lives for Venezuela and am left alone l didn’t really tell him but l went for a checkup and it just helped to prove that l wake 5 weeks pregnant l really didn’t know how to break this to Jake although knew he was going to be happy and since the day he left we have been talking on Skype everyday maybe today l will tell him

Just as am deep in my thoughts he calls

Him...hmm l know when something is bothering you care to share with you husband

Me...Well l went to the hospital

Him...Maria don’t tell me you were sick and you didn’t care to tell me you know you are married to a doctor right

Me...you don’t really have to shout yah l was a little bit sick but l went to the checkups and it turns out am preg…

Him…you are pregnant[doing a silly dance move]so am going to be a father haikona Maria why didn’t you tell me before l left you know l wouldn’t have accepted the invitation that reminds me let me just book the morning flight

Me…haiwa baba you know the patients there need you more than l do plus am planning on going for a scan with alicia tomorrow

Him..you see that’s why l want to come back because you need to go with me to those scans hmmm hope it’s a boy ey ooh and maybe sometime we might go and see my parents

Me….l really didn’t find joy in visiting the king and the queen because they really didn’t approve of me being married to their son when am a commoner but seeing how happy hubby is l might as well do this little favor for him

Him…ooh and do me a favor don’t do any chores maNkosi eat your supper and go to bed live the chores for Marubby oky

I…l always like it when Jake calls me by his surname and today am probably going to listen to what he says

L will do so baNkosi sleep well okay[l hang up]

L really don’t know were the night went but the next thing l know its morning l had to wake up early since l had to go with jake to scan today

Him…am home

All this time coming back home was fun but for the first time now l was coming back knowing that there were two people who needed me in their lives

L thank the Gods for giving me such a beautiful wife

Me….haikona Bankosi did you even sleep yesterday

Him…kkkkk l had something l was waiting for badly you know

Am l going to receive a hug or not or should l just go back.l start turning to leave and then l receive the warmest hug from my wife nxaaw l had missed this soul

Me…its good to see you Bankosi.how was your journey

Did you eat

Should l get you something water anything

Or do you want to sleep.or maybe go for a run

Him….heyi heyi the effects of pregnance are already starting kkkkkk am okay mankosi all l wanted was to be home with my wife .so at what time are we going to the hospital

Me..hayii next time l wont ask

at around 8 so you have enough time to freshen up and eat dea

Him..l would be on my way ooh and you are growing fat kkkk

Me….stop mocking me aaaah if it was possible l would share this with you

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