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Chapter 3

Time flies am dure any second from now we went to the scan and it just proved that our baby is going to be a boy which just made jake happy and it made me lose the bait of a girl anyways we decided to call the boy Zain Austin which is jake second name and l also managed to escape going to meet jake parents so will be visiting there after giving birth

Him…mmmm now you are exaggerating Mankosi is it that painful anyways we are almost there

Me…[screaming]aaaaaaaaaaah jake am going to kill you for this drive faster wena

Him…we are here ooh and just so you know am the one whose going to help you give birth

Me….trust me now am in pain but just so you know you are dead

A few hours after entering the hospital and am holding my baby boy

Him…can l atleast hold him now you know l suffered already from the beatings you were giving me right

Me..that serves you right anyways just because he looks like you am going to spare you and let you hold him for only a few minutes you hear me

Him…ok ok Mankosi aaah

Me…trust me giving birth is something that l never wanted and now that l had my little boy l felt happy and l had also made my husband happy

When we were just about to live the hospital jake gets a call from his mother and she asks if she could speak to me and to tell the truth l wasn’t happy about it but what could l do there are my family to

Mother..[Ululating] haikona heyiii you have done us proud makoti l can’t even express how happy l am right now

You know what the moment you start feeling oky come straight here oky

Me…oky maam how is ubaba doing

Mother..he is ok just happy as l am about the grandchild so what is his name

Me..well jake and l decided to call him Zain and Austin and we left the third option to you so umama whatwould you like us to call him

Mother….Mulat..Yaaah Mulat call him that it means great power ok

Me..okay maam so we will inform you when we are coming take care of your self

The moment l give back jake his phone l felt relieved because for the first time it seems like the queen just talked to me without bringing back about my background

Jake…so have you decided about when we will be flying to Indonesia

Me..next week would be ok by then Mulat would be able to travel

Him...whose Mulat

Me…kkk l forgot to tell you your parents gave Zain the name Mulat .hmmmm baNkosi can we please pass by Mcdonalds am really feeling hungry

Him..as usual hope my child doesn’t grow up to be a food lover like you

Me…haibo what’s wrong with liking food that reminds me you haven’t gone to work since the day you cancelled your vacation shot

Him...don’t worry l have someone filling up for me plus l have far more important thing to deal with

Me...If you say so ooh and l have to buy a few things before we leave for Indonesia

Him...you just write that down and give it to me remember you just come out of labour you need all the rest you can get dea

Me...L thank the Gods for giving me such a lovely husband

Ok hubby l will do just that

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