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Chapter 4

By the time we left for Indonesia Mulat was 3months old and everyday l considered him as my blessing and since he was still a baby we weren’t allowed to go by flight so we had to drive all the way to Indonesia

The moment jake parked a stream of people, royal guards coming running out to great us and that’s when l realized there is nothing that brings relatives and friends together than a baby

Mother… (Ululating makoty is home come and rejoice with me) my son has done it ululululul

Me...How you doing umama

Mother...am doing well my daughter

Now come inside before my grandson turns black with the sun just like his father

Everyone laughs and l realize l had been depriving this people the right of a grandson

Lunch was served and soon evening come Jake mother called me to her room and for the first time she talked to me without saying words that would hurt me and for the first time she apologized

Me...maa l heard you called me

Mother..L did my daughter why don’t you sit down l need to talk to you

Since the day my son married you l wasn’t happy with his decision and l tormented you and for that am sorry

Don’t think l started liking you when l heard you were pregnant no long back l realized that what l was doing was wrong and as the queen l didn’t have the courage to say sorry so now my daughter (she kneels down) am sorry for every hurting word l said to you am really sorry my daughter (she starts crying)

Me...Mama its ok l understood you because it’s not every mother who would be happy to hear that his son is getting married to a poor girl so don’t worry mama l understood you

Mother...thank you my child am really sorry for not realizing early what a wonderful daughter in-law l have

And after we hugged and went to join the others in the launch

Jake...there comes my lovely wife

Father...what a lucky man you are son

Anyways daughter in-law you can take mulat his asleep now and for him thank you

Me...(l had never felt this loved and appreciated now l knew what people meant when they said babies can change how people think about you ……luckily tomorrow l will be going back to my place at last it’s not like l didn’t enjoy myself but it’s just that l miss being at my house were am free)

Jake….hie wifey what are you thinking about

Me….my husband am not saying l don’t want to be here but when are we going back to our house l really miss having you and my son all to myself

Him...l understand you dea and that’s just what l was discussing with my parents we will be living tomorrow afternoon now lets sleep we got a long journey ahead of us

(We then cuddled and slept beautifully)

Maria…..(it was around 1pm when l heard some movements when l lifted up my head l saw Jake going out of the room with his briefcase and knew he was going to work in the study then after a few minutes l heard another sound l just ignored thinking it was hubby coming back then boom l was uncovered by this man and within a few minutes it was lights out for me l woke up in this warehouse and there were people talking the voice was familiar but l just couldn’t pick out who it was and to my own amazement it was Phumula jakes friend how did he get to out pass all the palace guards l was wondering

Me….how could you do this to me you could have at least brought my baby with me you a monster you cruel! HELP! HELP!

Phumula…..stop wasting your voice my dea no one will hear you it’s just me and you love and its gonna stay like this for all eternity you hear me **(l always liked Maria from the day l bumped into her in Durban she was that type of lady who could catch everyone’s attention and to my own amazement the next day Jake one of my friends introduced her as her fiancé l wouldn’t lie saying l was happy for them for l wanted that lady to be mine so since day 1 l had been looking for a way to get her back and after so many years l managed to have her and no one is going to take her away from me )

So hear now sweet heart from today own wards you consider yourself to be my wife

Me….how could you Phumula of all the people do this to your friend

Him….a mans got to do what he has to do to get what he wants now shut up and listen to me from today own wards you won’t be living this house no will you be getting access to any gadgets you hear me

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