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Chapter 5

Me..(it was clear that no matter what l said or did Phumula was not going to release me so the least l could do was to obey his orders)l understand l will do as you say

Him…good now for a start am going to untie you no funny business or l will kill you go and take a bath in the bathroom on the second floor l bought you some toiletries as well and a few clothes.after that you come down stairs and start making some supper for the both of us

Me…(it seems like this is how am gonna be living from now on so after untiring me l did as he had said and after that come downstairs to make some supper for me and Phumula .whilst making supper l feel hands not soft hands but hard as gravel hands on my waist and this was something l was not going to tolerate.)WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Him…quite now sweetheart you wouldn’t want to wake up our roommates would you

Me…(how am l going to stay with this guy l have to find a way to escape) excuse me dinner is ready

L set the table and after doing so Phumula insists l sit next to him and God knows how l despise this guy after supper l thought he was going to show me to my room but to my amazement he didn’t and we were going to sleep in the same room and on the same bed.l couldn’t sleep with his hands wrapped up against me how l missed my husband hope they are going to find me soon .l don’t know how l fell asleep but the next thing l know Phumula is shaking me

Him….hey beautiful wake up

Me….oooh this voice again l just wished maybe all that was happening was a bad dream and l would wake up next to my husband…goodmorning Phumula

Him..you can call me husband or lovey

Me…hell no first you kidnap me then you ask me to call you husband when you not even close to my husband’s characteristics (the moment l felt a hot slap on my cheek l knew this is how it was going to be because l was not going to be tolerating Phumula actions)

Him…say that again and l will show you what am made of stupid woman go downstairs and make breakfast l have to live for work in a few hours

Me…l really didn’t want to look at him right now so l just did as l was told and in a few hours he entered the room ate his breakfast planted a kiss on my cheek and left how disgusted l felt l quickly went to bath and after that l just watched tv waiting for him to come back.

Days passed on and l missed my husband and baby l was growing thinner and thinner .everyday l would see our neighbors and they would just look at me and shake their heads l knew they wanted to help me but they was nothing they could do for Phumula was a feared man .

Jake…its been almost 5 months and l miss my wife our son is growing up very fast l tried looking for her but no one has ever seen her it seems like she just disappeared .my friend Phumula has been very helpful l don’t know how l can repay him

Jake”s mother…don’t worry my child God tells me she is still alive

Jake… (Only God knows how much l wanted to believe what my mother was saying but if she was ok how come l had never heard a thing about her whereabouts l then decided to take my son for some ice cream maybe that would refresh my mind)

Soon after reaching the town centre l see Phumula but he seems to be in a hurry so l don’t approach him but he seems to be buying female toiletries that didn’t bother me because as far as am concerned Phumala was not the marriage time he changes girls as under wears so it might as well be one of his one night stands.

Vendors 1… (Whispering) aaaah this man always coming here to buy stuff for this beautiful lady but not even a day have l seen him coming with her here

Vendor 2….don’t act as if you don’t know he is keeping this fine lady at his place but l don’t think it’s out of free will that the lady stays there because she is always crying and one night l woke up to her cries she was muttering something about missing her husband and their newly born baby

Vendor 1...iiih mai chipo maybe these people know each other let’s not get in between

It’s not like l wanted to listen or to eardrop on their conversation but it could not fail to reach my concern that the lady they might be talking about may turn out to be my wife but aaah how could Phumula one of my trusted friends kidnap my wife that’s impossible with all the help his been giving me aaah speak of the devil and the devil calls

Phumula ….hey man just wanted to check up on how you are copping up with the situation but l told you don’t worry she is going to turn up soon we looking for her

Jake ..(l really did not know should l ask him or not but asking him would be a better plan because he would then try to escape but we will then make our move that is if he is the one who has my wife)

Phumla ….is any one there hey Jake

Jake…oooh sorry l forgot you were still on the lineanyways l have been trying not to think about her or about any man placing his hands on my wife otherwise that person is dead meat ooh and by the way the suspect seems to stay near your line so today night there is going to a search warrant of every house that is in your neighborhood including yours okay hope that’s no problem just thought could inform you

Phumula…….a-a-a-h oooh l see Its okay man but my bad it seems like today l won’t be around so you can search the other neighborhoods then maybe we will search mine tomorrow (laughing ) what’s the need anyways we friends there is no way am going to keep your wife hostage

Jake …we never know anyways talk to you later bye

Now that’s the start of a good plan let me now call Richard and l will tell him about my suspicions towards Phumula

Richard …aah long time no chat how you doing my man

Jake ..hmmmm if l say ok l will be lying have not yet found maNxosi hey

Richard ..Don’t worry man we doing all we can to look for your wife okay

Jake...haa that needn’t worry you l think l have caught the culprit it seems like Phumula has been holding my wife hostage and l informed him we were going to have a search warrant in his neighbourhood so probably his going to try shifting her but luckly we will on the lookout and then we will catch him red handed

Richard…wait am lost you saying Phumula our friend is the one who kidnapped your wife

Jake ..Yes am telling you anyways get prepaid we leaving at exactly 2 pm

Now is the time we find out if it is truly Phumula or l misjudged him let me get prepaid today might be the day l find my wife maNxosi

Richard...man we have been here for almost 4 hours now it’s already 6oclock but there is no sign of any movement lets go home

Jake...though l did not want to believe it ,it seems Richard was right and we had to get back home but as we were just about to leave l saw Phumula car taking a right turn meaning maybe he had used the back gate

“Follow that car that is Phumula! L told you and look there is someone at the back that brown hair l know it my wife Richard!!!! L told you he had my wife”

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