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Chapter 6

Richard...all this time l thought Jake might have gone mad suspecting one of our friends of kidnapping but l could not believe what l was seeing right now Marie was sitting at the back of Phumul as car

Just as we were about to reach them a fire extinguisher is used to break the car window Maria tries escaping but Phumula pulls her in using her hair (Jake fuming) now he was testing Jake patience by mistreating his wife

Jake...let me drive and l will show him who the boss is

Richard...no need for arguments Jake looks vicious l drop the steering wheel and l let him drive he spends next to Phumula car trying blocking his way but in the process he might also hurt his wife so he slides the car and parks it covering the whole road Phumula is forced to stop and the moment he stops Jake is already out preparing to give him a heavy blow luckly lcatch him before he does anything wrong that is before l saw Phumula trying to run away quickly l ran after him and caught up with him just before he could enter the private car

Richard…how could you Phumula?

Phumula…wait Richard l can explain please.

Richard …you should have done that the first time we met you should have introduced yourself thoroughly and emphasizing on the point that you are a “son of a bxxx who kidnaps other people wives and make them yours!”until when were you planning to tell us it seemed funny to you how we roamed around the streets looking for Maria when you knew were she was l ask you again for the last time “how could you” your own friends wife

Phumula …(before l could even answer him a blow had been placed on my right cheek that’s when l realized how foolish l was messing with my friends wives when l knew how protective they were)Richard pleas am your friend l can correct myself!

Richard…tell that to the devil when you reach hell and don’t forget to tell him how humans back here treat traitors like you sis mhany

“Hey hey Richard leave that old hag don’t waste your energy look who l have got here”

Richard ….(l turn around to find my bestfriend and his wife in his hands aah these people looked adorable together)whose that pretty lady she runs towards me and hugs me she then starts crying

Maria..l missed you guys, if only you guys knew how l have been overworked, rapped by that bustered you called your friend

Richard …a part of me felt guilty because truly we had trusted Phumula and l had once dismissed my wife thoughts of one of our friends kidnapping Maria,Maria was now thin and the moment she sayed rape Jake jumped at Phumula viciously started giving him blows up to the extend that he was bleeding badly bruised all over and l would suspect a broken arm also because the way he threw himself on him he was ready to kill

What else could l do besides laughing “don’t forget to remove the teeth and his organ maybe that way he will know not to mess with peoples property

Hayiii its enough now Jake lets go and show family who is back yes Phumula was one of us but at this point l was never going to forgive him

Jake….call the ambulance Richy that’s the least we can do for this traitor and if you survive make sure you disapper old hag

The drive home was long we passed by Mcdonalds bought food for my wife and an icecream for my 8 months year old baby boy how happy l was that for the first time we were now going to be a family

Richard…Haikona you guys why the silence did someone die

Jake…that’s why l didn’t want you to come along you talk too much hayii anyways am stunned to think l have this beautiful land besides me

She starts giggling God knows how much l had missed my wife to think that bastard abused my wife all this time but he used to give her the creeps sometimes when we met but l never listened to her am a fool thank the lord l got my wife back

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