Death Raven

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Double trouble

I move over to my empty door away and sit, waiting for the hell that was about to be unreleased. This is the moment before the storm hits. I stand in the eye of the hurricane—destruction both behind me and in front of me. The time to run is gone, I’m stuck in this until the end.

The sun hangs high in the air, the morning mist burned had long since burned off. However, shadows cast the ground under the trees in deep darkness. Leaning my head back, I bask in the sun’s warmth over my sore body. Then I close my eyes and realize that the birds have stop singing. Even the forest knew the danger that it held hidden in its depths.

I knew I was going to die today, I accepted it the second I said goodbye to Kiela. My body hadn’t had the time it needed to heal itself from channeling death magic. There’s no way I can wield the power I held yesterday. Personal, there’s nothing more dangerous than a man who knows he’s going to die. Nothing is holding you back if you have nothing to lose.

I don’t even flinch when I feel the heavy thud of the wood next to me. My eyes lazily flicker open, glowing a dull gold. I glance to my left and see a dagger sticking out of my door frame, where I had leaned my head.

I stand up, cracking my neck as my bored voice echoes across the open space between the cabin and treeline. “You know, you missed.”

I spot Scarfacece walking out of the tree line looking perfectly fine with his smug ass smirk. Then I notice the white hairline scar running across his throat, I smile pulls at my lips. That’s was until an identical scarface walks up next to him. The second one agitates me. I accepted Scarface would come back, but I didn’t expect two of them. It was a game-changer, to say the least, my simple job of keeping him distracted just became twice as hard.

I realize the second one lacked the scar around his neck, so I rearranged the names in my head. I decided to call the first one, Scarneck and the other Scarface.

Once I recover from my initial shock, I force my voice to remain uninterested. “you should have stayed dead.”

Scarneck shrugs. “no can do Loverboy. ”

“Guess we’re here for around two then.”

I feel both hands start to smoke before the blade’s familiar weight and death whip form in my palms. Scarnecks shoulder begins to glow again, and I vaguely detect a shield form in front of them. It’s like looking at an image through a thin layer of water.

“Where is she?”

“In the house,” I lie smoothly. Almost believing my own words. “Just gotta get past me.”

Scarface smiles, “thanks for taking responsibility for her Loverboy, but we’ll be taking her back now.” He flicks his wrist, and a tattoo there flares up. I feel a strong force slam into my chest, shoving me back against the outside wall of my cabin.

I grunt in pain and struggle uselessly against it as Scarface walks past me into the house.

I stare at the remaining twin, dicing to have fun while I wait for my lie to be caught. “it’s was fun killing you the first time. That scar looks good on you. nice little thing for you to remember me by.”

Scarneck snarls, his eyes turning wicked as he points at my gift against his skin. “this right here is nothing but a love bite. you should try harder next time if you want to hurt me.”

i can’t help but grin, I knew I got under his skin, and it made me feel much better. “I wonder how many more of those love bite I could give you before you beg me to just kill you.”

Scarneck’s face darkens with pure fury. He takes a threatening step toward me, his hand twitching with the promise of violence. Suddenly there was a furious scream from inside the house, and the force holding me against the wall jerks, using my body to punch a hole through the solid wood. My magic leaves me as pain explodes in my chest, my ribs snap and stab into my lungs. My shoulder fractures as my battered frame crashes into the ground. Blood fills my lungs and mouth as I cough it up. A Smile still finds its way to my face even through the agony. My little raven was going to get away while these fools were busy dealing with me. Her smile beams before my eyes, and I can feel it lessen the pain in my chest.

Blood covers my teeth as I laugh bitterly. “You guys owe me a new house at this rate. I’m not sure if there anything else you can destroy at this point.”

“where is she?!” ScarFace yells angrily. I slowly turn my head, agony erupting in my neck. I find the ticked off man leaning against the counter in my kitchen. His hand grip a dagger so hard his knuckles turn white. I can hear his twin run up to the doorway, I don’t even bother to glance his way as he growls.

“What is she not here?” I laugh, blood droplets splattering across my floors.

Scarface comes to my right side and kneels next to me. “Where is,” he spits in my face. I don’t even try to move away as I watch the dagger glint before sinking into my knee. “That b*tch?!”

My back arches off the ground, my teeth gritting together as I refuse to make a sound for these two. My breath still comes in short gasps when I tell him what he wants to know. “She went east to the northern sea,” the smile pulls at the corners of my lips again as I give them backward directions. “or maybe it was south of the dragons’ mountain. Or was it west to Shifter’s valley?”

Scarneck storms in the room, having ripped his dagger out of the door. His boot-covered feet clomp loud, and he marches over to his twin before burying the blade into my already broken shoulder. I lose feeling in my attached arm and hand. My eyes drag themselves down to the limp, uselessly attempting to get one of the fingers to twitch.

“Just kill me now, “I growl back at the men, baring my teeth. “because I’m never telling you where they went.”

Scarface relaxes in his stop next to me. “fine then. But we’re not going to kill you.” He chuckles darkly, cold ice blue eyes flashing. “oh no. You’re going to come with us.”

My eyes widen with fear. They weren’t going to just kill me... they were planning to take me with them for the gods knows why. This was so not going to plan. Why couldn’t it just work out for me?

“like the seven hells, I will!” I yell as loud as my broken body would let me.

“it’s hilarious how you believe you have a choice.” Scarface cackles, grabbing my shirt and hauling me into a sitting position.

I’m about to start struggling, and my abused body is begging for me to stop moving. Something collides with the side of my head. I hear the snapping of wood before the darkness swallows me in its cruel embrace.

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