Death Raven

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Broken Deals

The sun hangs high in the sky by the time Kiela sniffles fade away. I press my lip to her forehead when she is calm enough. I knew she was scared like somehow her past would cause me to reject her. It’s like she can’t see that I’m the one that bad her, not the other way around. Kiela gently pulls away from me, giving me a grateful look before she wraps her arms around me. It takes me half a second before I adjust my grip and returnng the hug.

“We have to get moving little raven... I still can’t fight if they catch us...” I whisper against her hair, not really wanting to release her yet.

Kiela nods, making the choice for me. And easily slides off the branch. She lands on her toes with a little bounce, her feathers not even rustling from where they sit tucked against her back. A spike of envy shots through me, as I stare at the seemingly far drop. Gritting my teeth and sliding off too, whimpering like a kicked puppy as white-hot pain shot through my leg. I stumble slightly, only to have Kiela steady me with a hug.

“Thank you..” I mumble, taking a slight hit to my pride.

“Thank you as well,” she replies easily, repeating my words.

I pet the back of her hair. “I was the reason you were crying... don’t thank me...”

“You were right. You needed to know what you’re getting into.” Kiela shrugs, pulling back to look at me. “Besides, you made me feel better afterward.”

That brings a smile to my face. “of course... now go get Shawn.”

“why?” Kiela pulls away from me.

I raise an eyebrow. “Are you going to leave Shawn here?”

“no,” she drags my hand, lacing her thin fingers through mine. “but we should both go back...”

“I’m slower.” I try to explain, helplessly pointing down at my leg. “You can go ahead and pack up. by I get there, you’ll already be ready to if, if not before.”

“Alright... if you take too long, we’ll come get you ok.” Kiela reluctantly releasing my hand and heading back into the cave.

I stumble along after her, but she quickly gets too far ahead and disappears into the tree branches. I don’t think I manage to get halfway to the cave by the time that Shawn’s monstrous lion comes bounding up to me. Kiela’s small form perched on his back. Her wings must be tucked away because I can no longer see them peeking over her head. She hugs the backpack holding all our stuff to her chest.

A crowned prince, a raven, and a prideless lion join together on an adventure south, running away from the world. I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea, it sounded like a book one of my brothers would read.

Shawn’s lion comes to a halt in front of my doubled over form. He huffs in my face, rolling his eyes, probably thinking I’m laughing at him.

Kiela flashes me that smile I’ve been dying to see. “Get on!” She laughs lightheartedly.

She turns, so she’s sitting backward on the lion, facing me once I get into place on Shawn’s back. Shawn’s thick muscles knot briefly under my thighs before he takes off bounding through the forest. I yelp and hold into his fur for dear life. It wasn’t the manliest sound I could have made, but I was startled. Kiela giggles at me, and I roll my eyes, turning partially away from her a playful growl pulling on my lips. She sticks her tongue out at me through smirking lips.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I poke her tongue with the tip of my finger. Kiela slaps my hands away and her face, which twists up like a kitten who just licked a lemon. I chuckle and cup her small face in one of my lager hands. I gently bring her up close to my face, maybe two inches away, and use my thumb to smooth out the creases on her face.

I look away from my work and realize her eyes have blown wide, and a gorgeous blush colored her cheeks. I smirk, not pulling away nor moving closer. I wanted the next move to be up to her.

Kiela audibly gulps as she puts the pieces of the situation together. Her thin tongue darts out to lick her lips as her eyes dart to mine. My eyes follow the pink muscles path across her lip, it’s such a turn on.

“My lady,” I purr softly, just barely over a whisper. I wanted to warn her, I am a man with limits, and she was so damn tempting.

“w-w-what?” She stutters, slowly turning into a complete mess.

I know she is not ready, so I move to gently kiss her nose. I fell in love with her surprised squeak and the deep rose coloration that painted her cheeks and burned on her ears. I start to move back when Kiela grabs my shirt’s collar, holding my face close to hers. The ball is entirely in her hands, and I wait to see how she handles it. Suddenly Shawn stops moving, causing Kiela to jerk forwards into my lips. I have zero problems with this outcome. I enjoy the feeling of her soft lips pressed against mine, smoothly turning the accidental bump into a kiss.

I pull, taking a second to drink in her stunned expression before I pull her into my chest and check what made Shawn stop. He’s looking at us with a smug look on his honey-colored eyes before he turns back and continues to weave through the forest.

He stopped on purpose, Lionheart had wanted us to kiss. I couldn’t help but laugh at the length this man went through to threaten me then to do this, and now he’s making me kiss Kiela. He’s gotta be one of the most confusing things I’ve run into. I release Kiela from my hug and take in her expression again. She still looks frazzled and flushed.

When she sees me smirking at her, that bottom lip of hers pokes out in a pout, and she mumbles cutely. “You’re mean...”

I gasp, putting a hand on my chest, “What did I do, my lady?!”

She doesn’t verbally answer. Instead, she takes me by surprise and gives me a quick kiss. Then she bites her lip when she pulls away, and it’s such a sexy look on her. “You did that.”

I smirk, liking getting kissed twice. “I can’t remember... mind showing me again?” I ask, wrapping my arms around her.

“Nope!” My little raven giggles, popping the P.

I laugh with her, just happy to hold her in my arms if I have to be completely honest. “Little Raven,” I whisper contently.

“yes, my devil?” Her eyes sparkle with amusement.

I tilt my head to the side slightly. “Devil?” It kinda seems really cliché.

“You’re Death’s son,” she shrugs embarrassed, “it seemed fitting...”

“I thought I was death jr.” then I joke, smirk. “I kinda like being your devil though. I’m definitely not a holy man.”

She rolls her eyes, and I want into her good graces again, so looking her in the eyes, I whisper something I had been saying in my head. “my beloved.” She blushes hard, and I couldn’t help but tease her. “that’s a cute color on you.”

She looks away from me and punches me in the shoulder. “stupid hot idiot...”

“I’m hot too now? And here I thought you hated me.” She mumbles a shut up and hides her face in her hands. I wait for her embarrassment to fade before I pose a question that’s been on my mind for a while. “Kiela... why do you like me?”

“do I have to tell you...?” She counters.

I nod, tilting my head at her, “please?”

“Just... don’t get weirded out or anything, please?” Kiela begs.

“Okay?” I’m confused and slightly worried. “I promise.”

“After I got away from... that place. I flew as far as I could, and I found you, but I was scared since I didn’t know you, so I kinda watched you for a while...” I raise an eyebrow, and she starts up again. “I got to know you without actually meeting you and...I don’t know, I fell...” she trails off, but I understand her meaning.

“You acted like you hate me when I found you playing with that kitten, though?” I stated

“I was scared, I don’t know how you were going to.”

I nod, accepting that answer, then lean forward, placing my lips beside her ear. “I have something to tell you as well. After getting to know you and denying my feelings, I think I fell in love with you too.”

I feel something on my wrist burn like I had just placed a hot iron on it. There was a snapping feeling in my gut that made my stomach twist in sickening ways. I pull Kiela into a hug, ignoring her embarrassed squeaks. Behind her back, I check my wrist, watching the last of the golden slash mark disappear.

My deal with Father is officially broken. I was no longer going to try and run away from her. Though father might know about Kiela now, I doubt he’ll do anything about it right now. And I’ll cross that bridge whenever I come to it.

Leaning back again, I try to shake the dread that clouds my mind. Instead, I focus on the woman before me as she peeks through her fingers. I can’t say her stalking me didn’t freak me out a little. But it also makes sense as to why she felt the bond so much more than she should.

She had accepted me as a chosen for a while now, long before I knew her.

“so much of my life did you see?” I question, looking towards the trees.

“not much,” she shrugs, “I stayed around your house, so I didn’t see when you left, and I left to get food pretty often...”

I nod and then frown when she says I left. I only left to go on walks and when I had to go into work. She had watched me leave to go to work, I didn’t like her seeing that side of me. I feel Kiela hesitantly reach out, push the sides of my mouth up, making your frown into a smile. I shake my head of the nasty thoughts and smile at Kiela, taking her hand, bringing it to my lips. She giggles, and I take it as an encouragement to continue. I place my lips to her fingertips, palm, and wrist. Making her bite her bottom lip in a totally seductive way that makes me hold back a growl.

Instead, I opt to smirk at her. “My lady?”

She stutters, her face is flushed brightly. “W-What?”

“Are you okay?” she nods, and I couldn’t help but continue to tease her. “You look like you’re about to nosebleed.”

Kiela’s eyes widen at my teasing, and she huffs and turns away, crossing her arms over her chest. She leans forward across Shawn’s shoulders, rests her head in his main as she talks to him. I’m not too bothered by the turn of events. Taking the time to withdraw from the pair and staring absently out at the passing trees, I can’t say that I don’t miss being alone. As much as I have grown to enjoy Kiela’s present in my life and have gotten accustomed to Shawn’s, they are still overwhelming at times. I glanced behind me, taking a second to long for a home that was no longer mine.

It’s safe, comforting walls that I had built now stand in ruin. Each piece of furniture I had hand-carved and painted until I was satisfied, now most likely landed broken in piles strewn across a floor I once kept clean. I wondered who would find it if anyone ever found it tucked away in the forest. I wonder what they would think of the place, would they guess that a fight happened there, or assumed that nature had just taken its toll on the building.

But there was no chance I could ever go back. There was nothing left there for me. I knew I only missed the simple life it had offered me. I glance at kiela, then pass her to the endless forest in front of us.

My deal with Father was broken, I had a chance at a fuller life than I ever had before. I won’t let anything take that chance away from me. I’m going to make a home wherever we go. Ahead of me is where my future lies.

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