Death Raven

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Dangers of Magic

The forest passes in a blur around our small group. I lose myself in the sway of Shawn’s footfalls. Let the sun’s last warm rays fill my mind and quiet my thoughts. It drowns out the worries of my father and the people who could be cashing us. I fill my lunges with the forest-rich air, enjoying the familiar wood and earthy smell, memorizing it. I knew no matter where we went, I would lose this forest. I longed to walk among the roots for one last time for a half-second before Shawn’s Lion jumped over a small stream. The movements jar the wounds that litter my body and sap any drive to walk out of me. I bite back a groan, settling down once more on the feline, focusing on the sunlight to drown the pain.

A gentle set of fingertips pressed against my jaw, tilting my head down in her direction. My eyes flutter open, and my vision is filled with her smile as warm and tender as the sun.

Her hand plays and twists a few strands of my hair between her fingers. A hum rumbles through my chest as my eyes close, leaning into her affectionate touch. Abruptly something presses against my nose, and my eyes blink open in surprise. Kiela giggles, tilting her head, so her nose is longer against mine, but her lip brushes against the tip of my nose. Her hands tighten in my hair as I pull her against me. Our lips fit together perfectly, moving smoothly against each other. I pull away from her breathless and content.

I could help laugh. I felt happier than I have in a long time. Beyond that, I haven’t felt this deeply devoted in a long time. My heart fell for Kiela’s sweetness. For her brokenness that I wish to help mend. I want to bask in happiness and be there for her sadness. She deserves someone who will stand next to next, and I want nothing more to be the support that she craves.

Kiela curls into my chest, resting lightly against my side. Her body was warmer than the crisp air and blew around us. It made it impossible to ignore her presents and made it hard for me to keep my thoughts from straying. Though my heart may be pure of intention, the man in me also wanted this gorgeous body the fates had gifted me with. It is hard to reject temptation when she presses herself into me so casually. Each kiss she so easily grants me, every loving touch that finds it’s onto my skin, tests my restraint. This woman before me is the greatest treasure I have ever seen, her light is one that could rival the stars.

I deep part of my heart feared that she only showed me affection as a side effect to the Chosen bond. I desire nothing more than to be worth her attention. I shy away from her physical shows of love because I want to know beyond a doubt that she wants me for me, and not because the link between us forces us together.

Kiela was so close to me that she giggled as my stomach started to rumble. I feel my face begin to flush as she lifts her head to look at me.

"“It’s getting late, so maybe we should stop.” She glances up towards the shy, “you need some rest too.” I follow her gaze, watching the sun’s last rays disappearing over the tops of trees. There was maybe an hour of light left in the day, the shadows had already started to deepen around us. The air around us had already begun to drop a few more degrees. We were in for a chilly night,

Kiela leans forwards, tapping Shawn on the top of his head. I don’t hear what she says, but the lion slows down. Stopping entirely at the next small clearing we come across. The overgrown feline lies next to a tree, making sure Kiela and I don’t fall off his back.

I get off him carefully, “I’m going to hunt for food. I’ll be back soon.”

Kiela is quick to follow me. “do you want me to come with you? You’re still hurt...”

Her eyes held the promise of more than pure company. The dark honey brown eyes held a hunger as they dragged over me. I look behind Raven toward Shawn, whose claws are digging in the earth. His eyes give me only what I can call an overprotective fatherly look. I knew I was going to turn her down when she first asked. For the attraction I had for her, I valued her far too much to touch her like that. Appeasing Shawn’s anger will be an added bonus.

I had plans other than hunting to fulfill in the forest, and I didn’t want Kiela to see it. “no, thank you, I think you should stay here, my lady,” I say as confidently as I can while limping.

I can tell she’s worried by the slight shake in her voice. “are you sure?”

I smile over my shoulder at her, hoping that it would ease her worry if I appeared okay. “I’ll be careful, take care of your boyfriend.”

“you’re my boyfriend stupid...” Kiela mutters angrily under her breath.

I smile, feeling my heart soar. Kiela accepts me as her chosen. With her words, she had given me the greatest victory in my life. I knew I wasn’t going to regret my next actions.

I limped farther into the forest till I couldn’t hear the sounds of the camp anymore. I stop, I don’t want to go any deeper just in case they need me back there. I wish I had packed something a little thicker than my leather jacket. The soft wind that whispered through the trees seems to sink in, chilling me to the bone.

Alone, away from Kiela and Shawn, it’s easy to remind myself of who I am. That dark magic runs in my blood that it is the same blood that runs in my father’s veins.

My magic swirls just beneath my skin. The power pools behind my eyes, and I feel them shift into their golden color. Darkness blackens my fingertips, and my senses reach out into the nearby underbrush. Souls of the living fill my mind drawing me in like a moth to a flame.

I desperately need life sources. I had already exceeded this body’s ability to regenerate. I struggled to remember the time that I had ever felt this power-starved. My magic fills my mind with eager hisses, fighting just under the surface for freedom.

Wisps of black smoke curl around my hands, briefly darting towards the closest living creature, a small rabbit under a bush to my right. The mist only makes it a few inches away from me before it evaporates into the air. It was always harder to manage my magic when it acts like rabid wolves. It circles and presses against the cage I put it in, like a wild animal looking for a weak spot. Either I let it out, or it’ll let itself out.

In my mind, I barely brush against the store of magic, but it still feels like I opened a floodgate. The dark power fills my senses, and I feel myself get swept away. My hands across over my chest before sharply fling out to the side, death smoke shooting out from me in a fan shape. Where whisps barely left my body, now black rivers of mist flow out in deadly strings—each dangerous ribbon seeking out a living heart to corrupt. The trees and other plants turn ash color and wither. The sky itself seems to dim at the release of the death magic.

I try to shut it off, but it’s hard. I feel like a recovering alcoholic standing in the middle of a liquor store. My muscles start to relax, no longer needing to hold back. The hissing fills my ears, making my thoughts from sluggishly. Abruptly a woman’s pretty smile flashes before my eyes. She had really gorgeous soft brown orbs. They seem to stir something in my dull mind. Her name drifts into my thoughts, and I cling to it like a lifeline. Using her to pull me out of my power trip, shut off the flow of magic. The dark power thrashes in dismay, it’s whispering hisses turning into loud snarls. I mentally shove it away, locking it back up in its cage. The wild animal was still pacing around its prison, but the beast was at least fed now.

I couldn’t sense anything living in a few yards radius around me. I knew the clearing where I left Kiela was still outside the dead zone I had created. I had never meant to cause so much destruction. I had more immediate consequences to deal with, however, then a few fallen trees and lifeless carcasses.

A thick glowing white liquid floated up from the ground. It moved slow, in streams like syrup. I braced myself, but I’m still unable to stop myself from flinching away as it nears me. It’s pure life essence, the powerful magic that allows life to exist. Caphire, the goddess of life, blesses each living creature with a drop of her blood, giving them life. It’s that power that beings of death tend to feed off of, such as Vampires, Demons, and desperately attempting to restore themselves to children of death.

The first few flecks of energy splatter against my skin. It warms my body, chasing away the cold ache that I had grown used to. Then one of the white ribbons touches my chest, getting absorbed. Ecstatic fills my mind, eyes rolling back as my knee gives out under the pleasure. I thought that releasing magic felt good, I had forgotten the high that came with gaining it. My mind floats away from my body. Drifting away from the world and its problems, leaving me feeling powerful and untouchable.

I don’t know how long I knelt there in the middle of that man-made clearing. By the time my eyes were able to focus again, the sun had set, and the moon had started to rise. My hands twitch by my side, craving to repeat the cycle again. That was just a danger of my magic and another thing I needed to keep under control.

Pushing myself off the ground, I wince as tight newly formed skin stretches for the first time. Glancing down, I happily note that my host has healed itself. Nosing around the dead debris, I find a decent sized buck for Shawn and a set of rabbits for Kiela and me to share.

Upon my return, I find Kiela is sitting leaning against Shawn, who’s still shifted in his lion form, a fire burning in front of them. I smile and walk into the fire’s light. “I got food. Though I think the deer was a little too much.”

Kiela smiles, her eyes happily lighting up. “It’s fine. Shawn will probably eat it.”

The lion’s eyes lock on the deer, a hungry look shining in his dark orbs.

“I’m kinda guessing, which is why I killed it.” I smile at her warming, setting about readying the rabbits. “Told you I would be okay, lady.”

I can still feel Shawn’s lion staring me down. The buck laying near my feet as I stripe to bunnies of the petals. Putting them over the fire to coo;.

I looked at Shawn for the first time, nodding as I handed it over. “here you go, lionheart.” Shawn bites into it, using his paws to hold the body down as he tears the meat from the bones. “Animal,” I mumble in disgust, causing Shawn to growly softly in a sarcastic way.

Done bustling around, I settled down next to Kiela, leaning back against Shawn’s side. I smile and start to hum a song my mother used to sing to me. My eyes drift up to the moon, where my mother watches over me. I close my eyes, enjoying this moment as my mother’s words come to my tongue.

“Ich sehe den Mond, der Mond sieht mich

scheint durch die Blätter der alten Eiche

Oh, lass das Licht auf mich scheinen

strahle auf den, den ich liebe.

Über den Berg, über das Meer,

Zurück, wo mein Herz sich sehnt

Oh, lass das Licht auf mich scheinen

strahle auf den, den ich liebe.”

When Kiela sits up to kiss me on my cheek. “that was beautiful.” She smiles.

I feel my face heat up, “I’m glad you liked it.”

Kiela leans forward and pulls the meat off the fire. I wrap my arm around her waist so I can still hold her and still move. She hands me one of her skewers, and I take it, happily munchkin on the food. Kiela returns and rests her head on my shoulder.

I look over at Shawn, “Lionheart, why don’t you change back so we can talk?”

“and what would we talk about?” Comes Shawn’s answer still in lion form.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I kill enough things I’m almost back to full health. I also have enough power that I can make a shadow jump instead of making you run.” I telepathically speak to Shawn.

“it’s fine. you don’t even know where we need to go, and I’m not explaining it.”

“You are so stubborn!” I growl out loud.

Kiela giggles looking up at me, agreeing. “He is.”

“I’m trying to get him to let me shadow jump us, which would be faster! But he won’t let me!” I try explaining, hoping to get her on my side. Shawn makes an exasperated sigh, and I point at him. “See my point!”

Kiela smiles,” just let him have his way.” She sided with the lion! “Plus, it’s pretty out here, and your way wouldn’t let us see the forest.”

I sigh in defeat, now grumpily finishing my meal. Kiela leans back into me, finishing hers as well.

“stubborn pigheaded fool,” I grumbled, I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend sided with the lion over me.

“it’s his choice...” Kiela tried to sweet talk me while Shawn growled.

I could help but growl back. Shawn rolls his eyes. “Sleep.” He orders.

“You first!” I demand stubbornly. Lionheart shakes his head. “then I’m not sleeping.”

“both of you idiots should sleep.” Kiela grumps. Pulling her wings close around her body.

“you can sleep, little raven,” I whisper gently.

Kiela reaches towards me, opening and closing her hands. “C’mere...”

I physically can’t turn her down, so I move closer. She grabs my shoulders and pulls me to the ground, so my head is on Shawn’s soft fur. She snuggles into my side, her wing laying over us like a blanket. I gently run my fingers through her short, yet soft hair. Kiela kisses my cheek, her voice thickening with sleep. “Go to sleep... ”

I grumble then to make her happy, close my eyes. Letting sleep take over my mind.

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