Death Raven

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Drunken Feathers

I jolt awake with a gasp as someone bangs on my front door. Glance out a window, I note the night sky moon hanging high and proud in the air. Few people know where I live, and few still are dumb enough to wake me up. So who in the hell is knocking at my door this late at night?

Standing up, I grab a knife from the kitchen, hiding it behind my back as another banging fills the air. My long strides carrying me back across the room and I open the door slowly. The sight before me made my eyes widen slightly.

It’s the same girl, but she looks drunk and freezing. Her legs are wobbly, and her lips are blue as she giggles at nothing. The black-feathered wings are gone. The pale skin on her arm that was uncovered by her t-shirt had goosebumps. I quickly tucked the knife into my waistband, freeing both hands so I could gently drag her by the shoulders. She leans heavily into my hands as I steady her.

“What are you doing back here?” I gently pull into my house and closes the door behind us.

She stumbles into my chest, taking a swig from a half-empty bottle of vodka. Her words are heavily slurred with the drink. “I have nowhere else to go!” Then she giggled despite the tears in her eyes.

I blink down at her, stunned by the sudden cold body nuzzling into my chest. “I thought you hated me.” I gently start to guide her to the chair by the fire to help her warm-up.

She shakes her head, almost singing. “Nope! I just don’t want you to know!” She busts out giggling, one of her long fingers pokes my cheek.

I grab my jacket from where I left it on the floor as well as one of the skinned deer blankets. wrapping the coat around her tiny shoulders, the thing nearly swallows her whole. Kneeling next to her as I place the blanket across her legs.

“Don’t want to tell me what?” I ask looking up at her from the ground.

She pulls the jacket closer to her and finishes off the bottle of liquor in her hand. All over avoiding my question even in her intoxicated state.

Suddenly she gasps and changes the topic to something that makes me want to dodge answering as well. “you never told me your name! That’s rude you know.”

I sighed, deciding that now would be the best time to tell her who I am. You can’t lie when your drunk, so now is the best time to her genuine reaction to the knowledge even if it doesn’t fully sink in. “Am I Rhyne, son of death. What’s your name, my lady?”

She lets the bottle drop from her hand, and it shatters against the hard wooden floors. She seems to curl up into herself, sinking into the chair uncomfortably. Her eyes train drunkenly on me as she slowly answers, “Kiela, daughter of... of two assholes!” She starts to giggle madly even though a single tear rolls down her cheek.

With that, I think it will be better to let her rest and sleep some of the alcohol off. Looking down at the shattered bottle, I feel the itch of my magic build behind my eyes. I turn back the time of the container allowing it to reform into its previous state. This was something I found out I could do a while ago, it only works on nonliving things that aren’t moving, and I can just go the one directions, backward. It doesn’t really help in life or death situations, but it comes in handy if I break something. A huge plus is that it’s compatible with my enormous supply of death magic! Meaning I’m not using the very limited amount of life force I have to fix a broken plate or in this case bottle. The simple spell, returning even the smallest fragment back to the surface of the container. Standing up I throw it away before going and leaning on the wall opposite of Kiela.

Her brown orbs watch me for a while as heat sinks back into her bones. Slowly her eyes start to close, dropping heavily as her head hangs. I wait until her breathing evens out before I pick her up carefully. Laying her body on my bed and tuck her in. Kiela rolls over in sleep with a soft snore, snuggling into my jacket.

Moving back to chair back the fire, I settle down to sleep. I feel better now that I know Kiela is here and safe. Especially now that she carries part of my soul in her. My eyes drift closed, as sleep takes me happily.

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