Death Raven

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Unwelcome guest

A/N *warning there are mentions of abuse in this chapter. I will place one of these: (>~<), before and after it for anyone sensitive to the topic. Please enjoy and thank you.!


When the guy speaks, Kiela’s eyes go wide with recognition, and her body shakes with fear. I didn’t recognize the guy’s sandpaper voice. And by Kiela’s spine being ramrod straight spine, I assumed he’s bad news. I’ve stuck my neck out this far to keep her safe. I might as well go all the way and rest my head on the chopping block.

“Go hide in the bathroom,” I whisper just loud enough so only she could hear, acutely aware of how thin the walls here could be. Before she could move, I turned and grabbed a knife from the kitchen again, hiding it behind my back. I feel a small hand grab the back of my shirt, and I stiffen, looking down to find Kiela pressed up against my back. Her eyes are terrified and close to tears; her whole body shakes like it’s about to fall to pieces.

I attempt to keep my voice gentle and reassuring. “Everything will be ok, alright. I’ll keep you safe, I swear. Now go hide in the bathroom.”

Kiela shakes her head, her voice small, “don’t leave me...please...”

There’s a louder bang against my door, it sounds like the person on the other side was trying to knock the door off its hinges. Kiela jerks as the guy shouts again. “Your boyfriend can’t save you now, you little shit!”

I look away from Kiela and towards the door, with how jumpy she being it might be better if she stays close to me. She might give away her hiding spot and, leaving her open to whoever is waiting on the other side of the door. “stay behind me...”

I move slowly towards the door, watch the wood bow slightly of the impact as another round of knocking assaults the boards. I can feel Kiela’s shaking form press against my back. Her hands clinging to the hem of my shirt for dear life. I glance behind me to make sure my body completely covers Kiela, before I carefully crack the door open, placing my foot behind it so that it couldn’t be opened farther.

I can feel my eyes itch slightly as they turn gold with power. I size up the tall man before me. He’s wearing a dark blue overcoat that makes his ice-cold blue eyes stand out shockingly. He has a nasty looking scar covering the right side of his chin and shoulder, disappearing into his coat. An ever-present smirk pulls at his lips as he meets my stare with one of his own. Greasy, thin blonde hair is pushed back away from his pale face.

I muster a bored tone and lean against the door frame. Blocking his view as he tries to peek behind me, “I’m sorry, what the fuck do you want? It’s getting kinda late in the day, and the neighbors don’t like it when it is loud.

The man chuckles viciously, his voice cold like ice, “Give the bitch up, and I won’t bother you anymore.” I feel Kiela press harder against my back, shaking so hard I’m scared she might hurt herself.

I meet his eyes and smile, speaking in the most pleasant voice I have. “I’m afraid to inform you, but there is no bitch here. Did you check to see if you had the right address? I know how confusing all these log cabins in the middle of the woods can be.”

He snarls at me, and I feel a bit proud that I ticked him off so quickly. “Listen here, you little shit. I know Kiela’s in there, so why don’t you make this easier on yourself and just hand her over.”

I smirk, loving how he thinks he stands against a god. “I can’t help you. You should leave now while you can still breathe.”

His fist slams into the door, pushing hard against the unyielding wood. He leans in close to my face, gritting his teeth. “You should stay out of things that don’t concern you.” his breath fills my noses, and I bite back the urge to gag as the stench of rotting teeth and week-old meat.

I don’t move back, my foot still keeping the door in its place. “Too late, Scarface.” I hiss, meeting his vindictive glaring with my level stare.

His glacial blue eyes widen slightly as my nickname for him and growls lowly into my face, “You can’t protect her forever. I’ll be back and when I am. Neither of you are going to like it.” I feel what I guess was Kiela’s face pressed into my back, tears soaking into the thin fabric as Scarface turns and storms away.

“What do you want with her anyway?” I call after his form.

He looks over his shoulder with an amused smirk, “You should learn more about a bitch before you make her your girlfriend.” I wince at the word girlfriend as he vanishes into the trees.

I take a moment to get my wits about me before I close the door. I think it about time for me to get answers or get ready to reject this woman. I can’t keep playing nice and letting her stay here if there are people trying to break down my door to get her. At least, I can’t do that without knowing why people were after her. It’s time to get those answers even if I have to play the bad guy, I’m not attached to her anyway... right?

I look down at her from over my shoulder, removing all emotion from my gaze and voice. “Explain everything or leave.”

Tears slip past her eyes as she clings to me like her life depends on it. Her head whips back and forth as she tries to deny my request like she had a choice. I feel my own body tense as I fight an internal battle between wanting to help her and cutting my losses and throwing her out. i couldn’t risk bonding with her as my chosen anyways, so maybe it was better this way instead of putting it off any longer. Still, I found myself hoping that she would just talk to me so I could keep her here with me.

She lets go of me like I burned her, retreating slightly with her head down. Her arms tuck around her tiny body like she is trying to physically hold herself together. “Don’t-”

“Speak or get out,” I repeat myself.

“Pl-please...” Kiela sounds so broken and scared.

I shake my head, turning to face her full on. I hardened my heart as I glared down at her. “I refuse to let you stay here unless I know why that man was attempting to take you. It is my right to know if my life is on the line for you.”

She keeps backing away, her hands holding her head as she closes her eyes. “I-I don’t w-want to remember-ber...” she looks and sounds so scared.

My voice softens without my consent, “I can’t protect you unless I know what I’m protecting you against.”

Kiela falls onto her knees, begging me. “don’t m-make me remember...p-please...”

“He’s going to come back, this won’t just disappear.” I try to reason with her, I just want her to understand the situation we’re in. “I am of half a mind to give you over if you don’t tell me.”

Kiela’s body shakes hard, I can see her falling apart right before my eyes. When she looks at me, her eyes are vast and overfilled with fear that spills out. Rolling down her thin face with back fat tears. She swallows hard, a deep sadness changing her eyes from their lovable honey to a soft glowing blue color.

Then I feel something press against my mind. Suddenly emotions and pain weren’t my wash through my body. (>~<) I see the image of Scarface hitting a body that wasn’t mine until it’s bloody, but I could still feel it like it was mine. Every blow he landed felt like someone added gasoline to the fire that was my skin. This throat aches from screams of agony and begging for it to stop. Terror held me down, and the image changed. Scarface is now dragging my struggling body across the floor by my hair, toward an ominous black door. I didn’t know what was in there, but I knew I would die before I would willingly go in there. This body fought like it was going to die. (>~<) Then the images and emotions fade, and I’m left looking into Kiela’s brown eyes. Her body continues to shake with now silent, sobbing at my feet.

The final puzzle pieces fall into place as I put her real character together. She wasn’t really as strong as she was making herself out to be. She is scared and desperate for help; she just doesn’t know who she can trust anymore. She wasn’t who I had thought to be, but for some reason, this makes me more willing to protect her...

Kiela’s hangs her head in shame under my eyes. Her chin-length hair sticking to her cheeks from the still fast-falling tears. She pulls her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms tightly around herself.

“Little Raven...” I whisper gently, but she nevertheless flinches hard. I kneel beside her, careful not to touch her, at least until she tells me I can. “May I touch you..?”

She nods ever so slightly, I take that as sufficient incentive. Wrapping both my arms securely around her petite shoulders, holding her close to my chest. She turns her face in my ribs, quick soaking through my shirt. Using my feet, I start to rock us back and forth soothingly.

“You’re safe here, little raven...” I pet her hair gently, feeling her racking sobs softly die down into quiet little hiccups. “I won’t let him touch you...”

“Thank y-you,” she hiccups.

I hold her like that for a while longer as Kiela’s breathing starts to even out. Suddenly she growls and lashes out, her fist connects with my shoulder. I let go of her fast, pushing away from her as she made another swing at my head. This time I’m prepared to dodge it before she could knock me out. Only adding to my dismay about her outburst, she stands up and throws herself on my bed. Curling up into a tight little ball and making herself comfortable.

“What in the nine rings of hell?” I swore, standing up.

“I don’t like being touched.” she shrugs her shoulders against the mattress.

“you could have to get said so instead of hitting me!” I rub my shoulder, tempted to pull the sleeve down to see if it bruised or not. I decided against it, though, not wanting to show weakness in front of her.

“You’re weird...” she mumbles sleepily.

I blink at her in disbelief, then remembering what she said about her being bipolar, and I wonder how much of that statement had been true and how much was a joke. “if you say so, my lady.” I muse.

Kiela yawns and looks at me, reaching a hand out as she opens and closes it in a grabbing motion in my direction. When I just stare at her confused, she whines and stretches out another hand as well. Slowly I walk towards her, and as soon as I’m close enough, she latches onto my arm and pulls me onto the small bed with her. Kiela then proceeds to curl up into me, rest her head and arm on my chest. One of her wings stretches out and covers us like a blanket. I just kinda sit there, not really knowing what to do and incredibly uncomfortable.

Right before she falls asleep, she softly murmurs, “you smell nice...” then she falls asleep.

I stayed awake; there was no way I could sleep. I haven’t slept with another person in... I can’t remember how many years. There’s also the fact I don’t believe Kiela is going to wake up ok. Not that I blame her, she has a rough past that I know bits and pieces too. I want to be awake when she wakes up, whether it’s bad or not; I want to be here for her.


Sometime late in the night, Kiela wakes up. Her body jolts upright as she pushes me roughly off the bed. I managed to catch myself in a crutch before I could land painfully on the ground.

Kiela seems to come to her senses as she looks down at me with wide eyes. “Oh, my gods! I’m sorry!”

I shake my head at her, waving off her attempts to help me up. “it’s ok. I knew that was going to happen.” I get to my feet, straightening out my clothes. “Do you feel better, raven?”

She scratches the back of her neck, timidly bobbing her head. “Yeah.”

“Good,” I stand there uneasily, feeling the sleepless night set in on my eyes, making them droop and feel heavy.

“Sorry...I kept you up, didn’t I...” Kiela lamented.

“No, it’s ok.” I tried to reassure her, but there must have been something about my voice that made her stand up from the bed.

“You should sleep...”

“I said that I’m fine.” I snap, then blink. Maybe the lack of sleep is really getting to me.

“You sure?” she keeps pressing.

“What was scarface’s name?” I question, done with the topic we had before. However, she doesn’t respond; instead, she looks towards the ground.

“You really should sleep.” she turns her back on me and heads towards the bathroom.

With a heavy sigh, I lay back down in the bed. I’m asleep before my head even hits the pillow.


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