Birth of Eric Kane

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Story of a supernatural assassin... 10 years old Eric finds himself killing the murderers of his parents as a test to reveal his true destiny...

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

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It was passed 9am, Nonso probably still in dream land, partly awake and partly asleep, struggling to stay in the dream world, or just put it that he felt too reluctant to get on his feet. Shade his wife, a gloriously beautiful woman, he must have really searched hard to find this one. She entered the room to see her beloved husband who embraced the pillow like a man who had just got himself a new wife

“You are still sleeping?” she said as she walked closer to the bed, he turned over and lies on his stomach, not with the intention to wake up but most probably to get a wider view of dreamland, without wasting time he covered his head with the pillow. Shade who obviously wasn’t having any of that jumped on the bed, got on his back and forcefully takes the pillow from him and strikes his head

“Wake...up... lazy... ass” she stroke him with each word she said “Leave me alone” he protested while trying to grab another pillow but Shade being smart enough quickly threw all the pillows to the floor

“Don’t tell me you are still getting over last night” she said and he turned, prompting her to get up from his back

“What do you mean by getting over” he got curious

“Ask google... for your information the current bedmatics scores is 3-0 I’m still on the lead” she said then got up from the bed

“What?! Are you kidding me right now?... I went two rounds last night” he gesticulated showing her two fingers

“I requested 3, duh!!!“ she mocked as she walked to the door

“I dealt with you two nights ago” he boasted

“Liar... anyway the scores remains 3-0”

“Alright then, we’ll see who is boss tonight” he said

“Hmmm... you wish” she opened the door

“Naughty girl” he smiled

“Bad boy” she replied then walked back to the bed, got on top then kissed him deeply, he caresses her butts as they were both getting in the mood

“Don’t start what you can’t finish” she said after breaking the kiss

“I finish what I start” he said as he kissed her neck

“Mummy!” that was the voice of their baby boy Eric

“You got some competition” she said as she got up from the bed

“Don’t leave” Nonso looked sad but Shade laughed “My baby is hungry I need to give him his tea... And you need to get ready for work” she said then walked out of the room, she stuck her head into the room “Don’t worry we got all night” she said with a soft convincing voice, Nonso smiles then got up and walked into the bathroom...

If only they had known that tonight would never come...

“Mummy!” a young baby voice called

“Yes honey” Shade replied as she walked downstairs to the dining table to meet her 3 years old son Eric standing on the dining table chair, she kissed his forehead head

“Mummy where is my tea” he requested with all authority

“Its right here honey” she grabbed the flask and poured some tea in his cup, he then sat down, she put some sliced bread in a plate for him with fried eggs then watched him eat

Not long, Nonso descended down the stairs and moved to the dinning table, he kissed Shade

“Eric my boy”

“Daddy Good morning” Eric said

“Good morning”

“How are you today” Eric asked

“I am very well sir” Nonso replied, Shade smiled

“And how was your night?” Eric added

“Very well sir, you mama here made it wonderful... thank you” Nonso replied

“Daddy? Are we still going to the cinema tonight” he asked

“Of cause” Nonso said; Nonso ate his food in a hurry then left for the office...

It was going to be the start of a new chapter, quite painful but who could change destiny? Fate was fate

Eniola pushed her old self, she managed to get out the hut; the environment is surrounded by bushes but some distance away the movement of cars can be heard from the express. She adjusted her walking stick which glowed in its black appearance like it was polished, she tried adjusting her tired bones but it seemed most the bones on her waist were already bonded together like rock, she walked towards a plant in her small compound, it was a unique plant or should I say a unique tree; this tree was nothing more than 3 feet tall, fully matured and way over a thousand years old, there was no force on earth good enough to up root it.

She looked at the tree a while then suddenly all the green leaves turned black except one which instantly became red, suddenly all the black leaves fall off except one black leaf close to the red leaf; Eniola’s facial expression suddenly became surprise

“KANE! Is this real?” she asked no one, she then gathered all the black fallen leaves on the ground

“Daughters of Kane! Your passing away is not the end, as the universe expands so shall our eternal life be endless” she said in her cracked old voice

“Ascend with rejoicing and righteousness for a man Kane is born unto us” she said and immediately the leaves levitated and all ascended up into the sky and out of sight, she then turned and walked away with her walking stick supporting her.

Nonso and his wife Shade and their son were returning from the cinema, it was past 10pm and the lanes were empty and dark, there were street lamps but all of them were damaged. Nonso drove fast as the powerful beam of light from his car brightened his path

“Don’t you think you are going too fast?” Shade said

“No I’m not” he said

“I think you are” she said; the little boy sat quietly eating ice cream and looking at his parents

“And how was that movie?” Nonso asked

“it was lovely” she replied

“It wasn’t abeg... they didn’t give me what I expected” he said

“And what were you expecting” she asked

“better complex action, the romance was dull” he said

“Are you sure we watched the same movie” she asked looking puzzled

“No, I guess I was watching the back of the screen” he said

“I thought as much” she said and he laughed lightly; he slowed down and parked beside the dark bush

“Why are you stopping” she asked

“I want to kidnap you” he said smiling

“Very funny” she said with a straight face, he laughed and walked out the car to the bush to pee

“Can you be fast please... I don’t like it here” she said, he got back in the car and drove off

“Fear! Fear!” he said

“Why wouldn’t I be scared, besides my baby is in the car” she said referring to Eric at the back seat

“My boy is a strong man like his father” Nonso said

“I see... can you fight?” she asked

“Why not” he said confidently

“Hmmm, I only know you to be a fighter in bed” she said

“So now you are admitting... wait till we get home” he said

“Don’t corrupt my boy please” she said.

They saw flashes of light ahead

“So this police people are still here” he said as he slowed down at the signal of the police officer on the road

“They are only doing their jobs” she said

“Job my foot” he said as he approached and stopped at the check point

There were four police men with guns, one sat on a bench, two others roamed about with flash lights, the last one walked to Nonso

“Good evening” Nonso said

“Where you dey come from?” the officer asked as he flashed the light in the car

“We are coming from the cinema” Nonso said; the police man flashed the light on their faces

“Why are you flashing light like that?” Nonso protested

“Who be this people with you” he asked

“What kind of question is that?” Nonso asked angrily

“Oga show for here ooo... this man no won answer question” the officer said

“What is the meaning of this” Nonso said; another officer walked to him

“Why you no won answer question” he asked Nonso

“Why would he ask me such annoying question” Nonso said

“I said who are these people in your car... Don’t provoke me ooo!” the first officer said

“This is my wife and son” Nonso said

“Where are your particulars” the second asked; Nonso opened the glove compartment and pulled out all the documents and handed it to them, they looked at it then handed it back to him

“Open your booth” the first said

“What is the problem with you people”

“Come on open your booth” the second ordered; Nonso pushed a button in the car then stepped down from the car and walked to the back and opened the booth for them to see, they both looked to see a spare car tyre

“You sure say na car tyre be this? (Are you sure this is a tyre?)” the first said touching the tyre, Nonso hissed

“Please take your hand off let me close this booth” Nonso said

“Are you trying to stop me from doing my job?” the officer protested

“No?” Nonso said

“Oya find us something (you will have to give us something)” the second said

“I don’t have anything for you” Nonso said

“You have to drop something” the first said

“Are you going to force me? Or are you now into robbing people”

The first officer immediately slapped Nonso

“You slapped me?” Nonso was shocked; Shade came out from the car looking scared as she walked to them, knowing the police force was not to be messed with because she knew these men could get away with any form of evil committed

“What is the problem? Nonso please give them what they want” she pleaded

“This idiot slapped me” he said angrily and the officer immediately attacked him and a fight ensured, the second tried stopping the fight as the other two officers came quickly and the argument heated up

“How dare you hit a police officer” the third said

“Why would he slap me for refusing to pay a bribe, I will sue all of you” Nonso said angrily, they looked at each other; Shade had began crying

“You are not going anywhere” the first said holding Nonso, Nonso punched him in the face and they descended angrily on him, Shade screamed and cried

“Leave him alone please” she begged and tried to free her husband, one of the officers slapped her and attacked her. They beat up Nonso badly, hit him with their guns, kicked him and beat up Shade along then dragged them into the bush where they continued beating Nonso then smashed his head with a rock; in the process of the beating they had torn Shade’s clothes, they saw her attractive features, couldn’t resist how delicious she was, they descended on her, raped her to their satisfaction one after the other, she laid there almost lifeless before one of them shot her in the head, they were not leaving any witnesses behind

“What do we do with the little boy” the first asked

“We will abandon him in the bush and get rid of their car” the fourth said; they did as they had planned, took little Eric into the bushes

“Why don’t we just kill the boy” the first said

“No leave him here” they fled the scene and took the car along; the little boy kept looking up a tree where he saw something that they did not see...

Eniola had this tradition of going to her mother’s grave side to interact with her; it was about 11pm as she sat on a small rock

“Iya mi (my mother)... my time to join you is almost here... all the daughters of Kane have ascended into the ultimate realms, the tree of life has revealed a young Kane but this time a man and the tree revealed him to be very close... closer than I thought”

“Iya mi you know? We have not had a man Kane in the past 100 years, the last man Kane Alejandro Diego Kane died in 1918 and ever since, the females have been born but it was just today that... (screaming)” Eniola is cut by a loud scream, she looked around the darkness, she heard the scream again, she got up and walked slowly towards the direction of the screaming, she then heard voices and stopped, she raised her walking stick then separated it in its centre then removed a cap cover from the top of one of the sticks then poured a liquid from the stick into her mouth, she put back the cap then joined the sticks together again. Her bones immediately straightened up and she was full of energy, so she walked into the bushes to see some men raping a woman who was crying in pain.

The portion she took was for strength and invisibility; she walked on the dry leaves but they couldn’t hear her movements, she climbed up a tree and sat there watching. She watched them rape the lady, violated her rudely with their hands and police baton then had turns in ejaculating in her; they did all sort of nasty things to this lady before Eniola’s eyes; beside this lady laid the corpse of a man which Eniola believed to be her husband.

Eniola watched as they then shoot the lady in the head then dragged their bodies deeper into the bush; not long they bring in a small boy into the bush, he was nothing more than three years of age, immediately she saw him she felt cold shivers on her old skin as the little boy looked up the tree to see her while all four men left the bush.

The little boy watched as the old lady came down from the tree and walked to him, he was a quiet little boy, she lifted her eyes to the sky

“The trees and the planets were not made for food only, they have eyes and they have ears and they bear witness to life but on this day they bear witness to this extreme evil of men” she raised her walking stick up

“Lord Kane! let everything that nature has witnessed be shown to me” she said loudly and immediately a bright light shined in the head of her staff and suddenly all the green grasses turned brown, the trees had their leaves dry up completely, the white light on the staff now became bright green then the glowing slowly faded away

“Thank you Lord Kane” she then looked at the little boy with sadness on her face

“Where is my mummy” he asked, the old lady smiled

“It is well” she said then held the little boy and walked away with him into the bushes

As she arrived in her compound, she could see the tree of life glowing brightly in white light making her smile; it only meant that the man Kane had been found. She held the little boy’s hand and walked into the hut, getting into the hut she took a lantern hanging from a nail on the wall, puts it on another nail on the wall, suddenly came a cracking sound on the wall and flight of stairs leading downwards was revealed with lights shining brightly down the stairs. She took him and they walked down the stairs and in front of them was a door 10 meters away with a “K” logo on it

“Welcome Home... Eric Kane” Eniola said...

The strong hurl thunderbolts, innocents die, that’s how it starts... The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness is what turns good men... cruel.


“Daddy! Daddy!” Little Jane called as she ran into the sitting room to meet her dad watching football; Jane was just 5 years old and the cutest kid in the Neighbourhood

“Jane what is it? Can’t you see I am busy” he replied

“Somebody is coming to see you” she said, Mr Ogene turned to look at her

“Who is coming?” he asked curiously

“Your friend Papa Emma” she said

“Na wa... this man no dey taya to visit? (he doesn’t get tired of visiting)” he muttered words silently and then a knock on the door

“Yes come in” Jane said out in a child’s excitement

“If I slap your mouth... did I ask you to call him in?” Mr ogene protested, the door opened and an elderly man came in

“Papa Jane how far na? (What’s up?)” he said with excitement and shook papa Jane who was silent

“Haaa, na soccer be this” he asked as he sat down with eyes on the TV set, he was the typical annoying sanguine

“No na Crusade” Mr Ogene said within himself

“Jane my small wife, how are you” he said touching her cheek

”I am not your wife” she frowns her face at him

“Why na” he said

“You are old” she replied and he laughed loudly; Mr Ogene focused on the soccer

“Papa Jane you dey hear your pikin...(laughs) this girl dey do like old woman” he laughed

“But you will marry my son” he said and she shrugged her left shoulder in disagreement

“So what brings you here” Mr Ogene interrupted

“How far this Christmas na” Papa Emma said

“Na God we dey look up to (we are looking up to God)” he replied

“You suppose kill goat as usual na” Papa Emma laughed but Mr Ogene didn’t even smile

“By God’s Grace” he replied

“Na next tomorrow ooo... I sure say drinks done set abi” he laughed but Mr Ogene found the laughter quite annoying and has always considered Papa Emma a long throated person who had made himself a vulnerable target with such disgusting attitude.

Mr Ogene is known in the street as the man who kills goats and shares to the neighbours with enough drinks during Christmas seasons

“Them go bring drinks come today” Papa Jane said

“I trust you my brother... I trust you” Papa Emma laughed...

“Grand ma! Grand ma!” Eric ran down the stars into the underground mansion with a stave in his hand, the stave was a little taller than him

“Eric what is it” she said coming through a door

“I successfully unleashed the force of Kane” he said, she was surprised not because he succeeded in unleashing the force but because of the damage the force could do

“And where did you unleashed this force” she said curiously in her old crack voice

“How many times have I told you to stay away from public eyes” she said as she took a seat

“Relax grand ma... no one saw me and besides I already put out the fire” he said then sat beside her and put the stave on the ground

“Are you prepared?” she asked

“yes I am” he said confidently

Eniola took in Eric and for six years he has been undergoing intense trainings, ones that drew him to blood and giving him some kind of emotional switch... for the past six years, Eniola trained Eric with the evidence of his parents murder that she gathered from nature; the place where she witnessed and gathered this evidence remains full of dead plants and trees; Eniola buried Shade and Nonso with a prayer to the God Kane. every day, Eric was expected to watch the play back on the evil which was projected through Eniola’s staff and for six good years he watched and trained; within the first two years he had cried over and over but soon watched it without feeling any pain and the emotional part of him weakened drastically... Eniola trained him in combat not just any combat but brutality combat, she also showed him the basics of the magic path of Kane, taught him about the daughters of Kane and their modes of operation, she remained him that he was the only man Kane on the planet. All other daughters of Kane had ascended to the realms of Kane except Eniola whom the God Kane had chosen to direct the path of Eric; just four years back Eniola discovered a new green leaf spring forth which only meant that a female Kane had been born

Eric Kane’s test was called the test of blood, the most brutal test in the past 500 years; he is to slaughter the four men who murdered his parents and each death must be brutal than the last...

Nine years old Eric had been created and shaped into the purpose he was meant to live for; a supernatural assassin by DNA, the third living son of Kane and the new leader of the League of Kane; although this league is yet to be formed... this test is to be done at this age

“Your parents were killed on the 30th of December 2012... These men must not see the first of January 2019, let their pain modulate with each kill...”

“I will do as you have said” he replied

“that’s my boy”...

31st DECEMBER 2018


The road was dusty and dry; a car speeds past and raising excess dust, passers are forced to use swear words at whoever was driving. The car pulled over beside a building with no fence, an elderly man stepped out of the car dressed in black shirt and trousers, walked to the bungalow, pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, he got into the house, took off his shirt and threw it on the couch then walked into the kitchen. He opened the pot then frowned at the smell that oozed out of it

“So this woman didn’t warm this egusi soup and now it is soared” he angrily flung the pot’s cover then walked to the fridge, he opened it and pulled out a bottle water which he emptied in his stomach in seconds then flings the bottle to a corner of the kitchen and leaves the kitchen and into the bedroom he went; he lied down on the floor bed then closed his eyes to catch some sleep

“So you can still sleep and wake up peacefully” a voice said and he was startled and quickly looked to see a young boy sitting on a small cupboard in the room holding a black spear with gold spear head

“Who are you? How did you get in here” he asked as he sat up looking at the boy who was on black trouser but had no shirt on neither shoes

“The important thing is that... (he got down from the cupboard) I have come to take your miserable life” Eric said walking closer, the man tried to get up quickly but Eric was faster, he threw the spear and pinned the man down to the bed as he screamed in pain; Eric holds the spear in his chest then turned it left and right as his victim screamed in pain

“How does it feel” Eric asked, blood gushing out the victim’s mouth

“Who are you?” he managed to ask

“6 years ago you violated my mother” he said, the dying man had surprise on his face

“You surely cannot forget such” Eric said

“You are...” he couldn’t complete his statement as Eric pulled out the spear then drove it into the victim’s neck, the force sent the spear out through the back of his neck into the bed, killing him instantly with eyes wide open and blood all over his teeth; Eric puts his left foot on the face of the corpse then pulled out the spear, he deeps his hand into his pocket and pulled out some dry grasses then poured it on the face of the dead.

Suddenly a portal opened behind him, he walked backwards and into the portal then turned and walked away as the portal closed up...

Eric walked down the passage which had black tiles on its floor and up the walls; doors on his left and right as he walked passed; each door had a tag. He walked past a door labelled Saturn, another Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury. The doors were labelled with planets of the solar system except Earth; they were not labelled for figurative purpose because each door actually leads to the planets mentioned; those doors were known as “Dimensional Gates”.

Eric opened a brown door in front of him which had no tag, the door led to a large library, he climbed up three steps and was standing in the large room full of book shelves; one could spend a life time dedicated to reading and still not finish the books in this library. Mystical books of various sizes and titles like: Eye of the universe, Esoteric Time science, Time and Matter, Anti-matter and Gods, The way of Nova, The way of Elohim, The trinity, Mastering the Magic of Dark, Mastering the magic of Golara, the Mysteries of the Arch, etc.... the list is endless.

There are various tools present in the room; spears of Taniel, Pandora box, Entity Scarf, The veil of Ariella... there is an aquarium with a gold snake in its water with fishes, ancient weapons hanging on the walls, a black suit worn on a mannequin standing in a show glass, with a red scarf around its neck; the purpose of this suit is unknown. The room was large yet small because it was full of a lot of eye catching items.

Eniola was seated on an arm chair with a table in front of her; Eric got close and sat down facing her

“Remind me the story I told you about your father Kane” Eniola said with eyes fixed on a book

“In the beginning, nothing was defined and everything was unpredictable, two brothers created a universe in a small crystal like ball known as the Living Orb, together they suppressed the power and expansion of this universe down to a tiny dot, they could no longer hold the force of the universe because they had invested so much power in it and in agreement they set the universe free (Eniola raised her face to look at him) allowing it to stretch far and even creating the void and darkness as it expanded,... that was the birth of the universe. Both brothers, Yahweh and Kanedara were pleased with what they had done and then decided to pick which side to rule, Yahweh being the eldest asked Kanedara to pick first, Kane chose the Northern Expansion of the universe leaving Yahweh with the south, and together they ruled peaceful for billions of years until 4000 years ago”

“You are very smart son” she said

“I will tell you the rest of the story after you kill your next target”

“Grand ma, you promised to teach me the ways of Nova” he said and she smiled

“I have not forgotten, the New Year holds great things my son... Go and complete your test of blood” she said, he picked up his spear then bowed and left, Eniola smiled as he walked away confidently, for she was proud of him and loved him earnestly...

Loud music played from Onome’s room can be heard from outside; Mr Patrick knocked hard on the room door and immediately the volume went down then the door opens

“How many times have I warned you about such music in my house?”

“Sorry sir”

“You will be sorry for yourself the next time I hear such rubbish music in my house... I will disown you and send you packing to where ever you will feel comfortable playing such demonic songs” he walked away angrily, Onome smiled then shut his door

Mr Patrick walked into his room and picked up his bible then sat on the bed and started reading and after a while he began praying

“Double portion of blessing upon my family” he shook his head seriously

“Double portion of blessing upon my life”

“Double portion of blessing upon my children”

“Double portion of blessing upon me, in the name of Jesus” he prayed loudly

“Double portion of sorrows upon you” a voice said, he turned to the door to see Eric in black trouser no shirt; Eric had gone through some work out at a young age, looking physically fit with six packs

“Who are you? And how did you get in here”

“I am Eric... Eric Kane, the third and living son of the God Kanedara” he said walking closer to him with his spear in his left hand

“(Speaking in tongues) there is no other God but Yahweh... and I bind you and cast you into the lack of fire”

“Actually, Yahweh is the elder brother of kanedara and secondly... you can’t bind me because I am not bound by the laws that bounds you... your sins have come for you”

“My bible says, he that is in Christ is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things have become new”

“You are a hypocrite... I can see your filthiness... I have no time... the wages of sin is death Romans 6vs 23” Eric said, Patrick is shocked

“Who are you”

“The son of the woman who got raped 6 years ago by 4 filthy police men”

“Oh my God” he exclaimed and suddenly the spear travelled fast to his heart, Patrick screamed in pain and collapsed on the bed, Eric pulled out his spear and suddenly the front door swings open. Onome runs into the room to see his father dead in the pool of blood, dry leaves on his face but no one was in the room with him...

The sun was more than half way down as its rays stretch into the evening sky. Papa Jane (Mr Ogene) was relaxing at the front yard with a bottle of gin on a stool beside him while he read newspaper. Jane was in the sitting room watching cartoon with Wale the neighbour’s son who was three years older than Jane and quite mischievous, after a while

“Jane lets go and play” he said

“I want to watch cartoon” she replied

“This cartoon is not sweet... let’s play mommy and daddy” he smiled

“I’m not playing... the other day we play mommy and daddy... you will be putting your hand inside my pant” she complained

“Haaa but I was just playing with you na” he defended

“My mommy said that I should not allow anybody touch me there”

“But I was just playing... don’t worry you will touch my own back, you hear?” he said touching her young thigh

“Leave me... I will go and tell my mommy” she said as she got up but he quickly held her

“Oya sorry, I will buy you biscuit, don’t tell anybody”

“Don’t touch me there again ooo” she said pulling her left ear

“Ok” he agreed and they both sat down quietly

“Jane!” he father called from the front yard

“Yes daddy” she quickly ran off to the front yard to meet daddy chilling with a gin

“Where is your mother” he asked

“She went to church” Jane replied as her eyes caught the bottle of gin

“To do what” he asked

“She said that they said that they should come and go and clean the church” Jane narrated in a weird kind of English formation

“What kind of nonsense English are you speaking” Mr Ogene said, she remained silent

“And why did your mother not tell me... what kind of nonsense is this” he protested as if the little girl had answers

“She said she will come back now”

“And she didn’t keep anything at home”

“She gave me 100 naira to buy something” Jane said

“And what did you buy”

“I want to go and buy biscuit and straw berry juice” she said

“What did I tell you about sweet things?” he questioned and she was silent

“Go and buy biscuit and sweet and watch me flog sense into your small head”

“You can go back inside” he said, she walked away but then stopped and came back

“Daddy what is that?” she pointed to the gin bottle

“Its water” he said

“I want to drink water” she said

“And what happened to the water inside the house”


“Then go and drink that one” he said then drank from the small shot cup

“But daddy why are you drinking the water with that small cup, it will not satisfy you”

“It’s a special type of water” he said

“Let me taste” she said

“If I slap you... come on go inside” he instructed and she left....

Eric is seated in the mystic library with Eniola as she tells him the concluding part of the story

“There are three different powers that rule our universe, each power is diverse and gets complex on deeper studies. These powers were created by the father of Yahweh and Kanedara whose name is GOD”

“So God is somebody’s name?” he questioned

“He is not somebody neither is he anybody, he is existence, everything that works for Yahweh and Kanedara is drawn from him”

“What are the powers he created?”

“I do not know how many but what I do know is that three different powers rule our universe... Magic, Science, and Faith; in Kanedara, God installed heavily the power of magic and in Yahweh, God installed heavily the power of Faith, and in both brothers he installed heavily and equally the power of Science but in each brother is a deposit of the other’s major”

“So what happened between both brothers?” Eric asked

“Both brothers never had the permission of their father to create Man because man was destruction to the old time testament, so in order for the universe and multiverse to live, God ordered that there should be no man.

Yahweh breaks this rule and even goes further to creating man in the image of himself, Kanedara and God which was an abomination... this was the first problem... after your third kill I will tell you the last part of the story”


Mr Sodiq had celebrated his promotion with his family and friends; he was now the new AST. Commissioner of police in Lagos state. Not satisfied with that, he sets out to spend time with his girlfriend Ruth, they located a nice hotel on the island and booked a night.

They both enter the hotel room and without wasting much time he grabbed her butt cheek and began kissing her neck as she moaned lightly, they both go down to the bed kissing, he pulled up her skirt and squeezed her butts as he kissed her bosom while she moaned with her eyes closed, he made her lie on the bed as he kissed her navel up to her lips then slides his hand into her pant

“You naughty old man” she laughed as she felt the bulge in his trouser against her body, he drove his hand down into the pant while she continued moaning

“I want to pee” she said softly

“Pee on my fingers” he said kissing her neck, she laughed lightly

“No” she held his hand then got up

“You are naughtier these days” she said smiling

“Anything for you” he replied, she kissed him and walked to the toilet, he tapped her butt with his hand as she walked away. He quickly got up and took off his clothes and was left with boxers then he jumped on the bed with excitement waiting for her

“Old habits die hard” a voice said; Mr Sodiq turned his head in shock to see a young boy sitting in the distance on an arm chair, he was on black trousers with no shirt. Mr Sodiq looked confused because judging from his looks the young man couldn’t be more than 9-10 years of age

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” he asked as he stood up but Eric refused giving an inch of smile; Mr Sodiq also noticed the young man was quite relaxed and didn’t look like he was in a hurry with legs crossed and a spear in his hand lying from one arm of the chair to the other

“Eric Kane” he said and stood up

“Eric Kane” Sodiq repeated as he stared at the boy; is this a dream or what, Mr Sodiq thought to himself as he was more bothered about how this young man entered his room

“How did you get in here? And what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take your life” he said with a straight face looking into Mr Sodiq’s eyes, Sodiq somehow knew he wasn’t joking

“My life? What are you talking about? Who would send a little boy like you to come take the life of a man?”

“Your past did” Eric replied

“What are you talking about?”

“Could you have forgotten so easily” Eric asked

“I do not know what you are talking about”

“You will remember” Eric said and immediately threw the spear at Sodiq, the force takes him to the wall and pins him to the wall as he screamed in pain; Eric walked closer to him as Ruth rushed out the toilet in lingerie to see Sodiq pinned to the wall with a spear as blood gushed out his shoulder, she screamed and immediately received a kick to the head and she passed out

In excruciating pain Sodiq begged for his life as Eric walked closer to him

“Please... I ... beg you” he cried, the crying increased his pain felt from the spear in his shoulder

“Did you show her mercy when she begged, the night you raped her” Eric asked; Sodiq’s eyes widen with surprise as he remembered.

The hotel premises was slightly busy with cars and people moving; suddenly the shattering of glass is heard, and from the 18th floor descended somebody who was screaming and like a bomb crashed on the bonnet of a car with his head, automatically separating the spine from the neck and an outburst of thick blood spilled on the car’s glass and other cars beside it, flowing down to the ground; people screamed loudly as panic began... it was Mr Sodiq...


Tonight was the cross over, the sound of knock outs can be heard in the distance and at close range as well. Jane was in the front yard playing as lights shinned brightly in the compound; luckily the power company had decided they enjoyed the light for the night because they might not be so luck tomorrow. Jane was sitting down and reading through a picture book, her mother is seated on a chair with attention on her phone; Wale walked to Jane and whispered to her

“My dad left his car open, let’s go and drive it” he said, Jane smiled and quickly left with him without her mother noticing

They both got to the car, he opened the back door and they both entered the car; the light in the compound brightened the inside of the car then suddenly the lights all went out and darkness over thrones

“Nepa have take light” she said

“Don’t worry they will bring it back” he said and held her close and slowly he started rubbing her thigh again as his hand travelled to her pant, she jerked lightly

“Stop” she said

“Sorry” he immediately said

“Let me show you something” he said as he unzipped his trouser and pulled out his private part

“What is that” she asked

“Let me show you something, you will like it” he said then started opening her legs

“Stop... my mummy will talk” she complained

“Wait... they will not know na” he said as he continued with pulling her pant but she struggled

“Leave me alone” she said but he applied more force and suddenly the car door opened and someone pulled Wale into dark forcefully; Jane became afraid as she looked around in the dark and adjusted her pant. Wale’s head was slammed against the wall and a the liquid around his brain splashed on the wall mixed with blood; Jane was silent with eyes wide open and suddenly she is startled by the shattering of the car door’s glass, Wale’s head was slammed against the glass as blood spilled on Jane’s face. She screamed out as she opened the other door and ran off screaming... Nepa restored the light; people can be heard screaming “UP NEPA!” as Wale’s dead body hung from the car’s door...

“Why did you do it?” Eniola was angry

“He wanted to rape her” Eric said

“That was never part of your mission” she said loudly

“You want me to watch him rape the little girl” Eric said

“Don’t watch! Walk away”

“You will be punished” Eniola said and drew out her wipe, Eric laid flat on his stomach without a word, Eniola raised her wipe but hesitates, she puts down her hand slowly

“Rise” she said

“Thank you Grand ma” he said as he got up

“Don’t thank me just yet, I will still punish you” she said; he sat on the floor thinking, she stared at him for some seconds then walked over and sat beside him, she looked at the clock it was 9:30pm

“You are the future leader of the Tribe of Kane... You must learn to turn your eyes from certain things... but I understand that you are caught between Gods” she said and he looked at her as he didn’t understand her last statement

“I will tell you the last part of the story then you go for your last kill” she said and he nodded lightly

“Until 4000 years ago Yahweh broke the rule but it got worse because after the Rebellion of Yahweh’s celestial (Lucifer), millions of Yahweh’s Celestials trespassed into the northern expansion and causing havoc, forcing Kanedara to kill them all.

Kanedara later discovered that Yahweh his brother had broken the RULE OF MAN, he then requested that Yahweh allowed him have his own share of man but Yahweh was in disagreement, Kane then threatened to summon the attention of their father, this prompted Yahweh and Kanedara to go into battle. Before the battle Yahweh began seeing reasons why he should never have made men as his father had instructed; the evil of men had increased but then Yahweh was able to find a man and his family, a man who gave him hope that man could be better; this man’s name was Noah. Yahweh instructed Noah to build an ark and stay in it with his family while he ended the rest of the human race. Yahweh then created the great flood, he created this flood for two reasons: To deceive his brother that he had ended the human race entirely and secondly to stop man from noticing the universe was at war just in case his brother didn’t fall for the deception.

Kanedara had come for war but Yahweh showed him that he had ended the human race, Kanedara saw through the deception and this prompted the war... their incredible power levels destroyed the biggest and most beautiful planet Jupiter leaving this planet full of liquid fire and a Hurricane known as the Nova Hurricane, scientists call it THE RED SPOT... it also froze up Pluto and made it very unstable and it became the waste land of the most malevolent elemental spirits; all other planets were affected except earth which Yahweh had protected seriously and is still protecting to this day... he protected the earth so much because he didn’t want the same destruction that happened during the rebellion of Lucifer to repeat itself because he knew it was going to be worse this time.

Yahweh managed to subdue Kanedara and imprisoned him in what was known as the Cosmic force but Kanedara’s consciousness escaped the cosmic force without Yahweh knowing. And on the day the entity Christ was born Kanedara planted his seeds in seven women of specially chosen nationalities and this led to our birth today... the prophecy holds that one day Kanedara would be freed from the Cosmic force and his full powers will be restored unto him” she ended; Eric was silent as he thought

“What is it?” she asked

“What if Yahweh ends us” he asked

“(smiles) He wouldn’t” she said

“Why are you so sure”

“He loves his brother” she replied...


People crowded the compound as Wale’s lifeless body laid on the floor with blood stain all over, side talks everywhere in the compound, Wale’s mother crying bitterly, his father talking with police officers. Nobody knew what really happened because even Jane could not give enough detailed explanation about the incident; she sat beside her mother who held her close. They had searched the compound and found nothing

“I am very sorry about this incident” Mr Ogene said to Wale’s father Mr Ayo

“Stay away from me” Mr Ayo said in anger

“Calm down” a police man said

“We are entering a new year soon, we cannot allow this ruin us” Mr Ogene said

“Your daughter killed my son and you have the guts to talk this rubbish to me” he said angrily

“Don’t you ever say that... how will you say my little girl killed your son?” Mr Ogene got angrily

“You are very mad” Mr Ayo said approaching Mr Ogene but the police held him back as they argued; people gathered to calm them down

“It’s okay” a police man said

“Look at this idiot! Coming to talk about New Year with me” Mr Ayo said

“You are very stupid! How do you think my daughter would kill your son” Mr Ogene replied; the neighbours separated them and Mr Ogene walked away; his phone then rings, he walked away as he picked the call


“Hello?” he said moving to the back yard to get network; the lights suddenly goes out again and there was darkness; Mr Ogene had his eyes to his phone

“Funny how the things we do come back haunting us” Eric said sitting on the fence, and referring to what almost happened to Jane. Ogene turned to see him but couldn’t see his face just blue eyes that glowed

“Who are you?” Ogene asked, Eric came down from the fence

“I saved your daughter from getting raped from that little animal; unfortunately there was no one to save my mother when an animal like you and your friends raped her”

“What... Who are you?” Ogene’s eyes widened in disbelieve

“I am your past” he said moving closer to Ogene who was looking scared

“Please stop” he said

“Did you listen to her cry when you shot her head open?” Eric asked, Ogene obviously remembered

“Oh my God... You... You are...” he couldn’t complete it as Eric stared into his eyes

“Eric Kane” He moved swiftly and stabbed him with the spear under the jaw piercing out from the top of his head with blood gushing out from under the jaw and blood flowing down from the head, he pulled out the spear and the body dropped to the ground. Eric looked to his right to see Jane standing and staring at him and suddenly there was a loud thunder clap followed by a heavy rain; quite unusual for rain to fall on this day.

Jane and Eric stared at each other, both soaked in the rain... blood and water dripping from the tip of the spear, thick lightening brightened the view in seconds as they both stare each other in the eyes... blood from Ogene’s corpse mixed with water flowed towards Jane’s feet as they still stared at each other; another lightening brightened their faces then the third lightening flash revealed that Eric had vanished... Jane still in the rain all soaked then the rain makes a sudden stop

“Happy New year!!!” the shouts can be heard in the distance; heavy fire works were fired into the night sky; Jane stood still looking at the blood on the floor- for strange reasons she didn’t scream... something was definitely going through her mind... What could that be.

This is just the beginning...

The Birth


Eric Kane

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