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Dearest king Ravana The night we spent together was glorious and with you, I experienced the emotions I had forgotten about. You needn't worry cause you weren't in anyway under my spell. We both just fell in love at horse sight. With the precious night bares a gift that I don't believe I can keep.

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In the the years 1502 to 1530, Agron kingdom and Talos were in better conception with each other. Despite how muchly the people of Talos wanted to take over Agron, there queen Zurie Woodhead was determined to keep tranquility between her and the king of Agron Ravana Ashworth.

Agron is a kingdom located in the south west of mountain Javolt and the midst is the Gordon ocean that flows up the mountain itself. On the other side is Talos kingdom that is separated from Javolt by a very large forest known as Guado.

Up the north is paqua desert that takes a widest scope and around it is Gruges valley.

The creatures of these settlements are all distinguish by there granted gifts.

In Agron leaves only the immortals, they are said to mature till the age of thirty, then stay Inert for the rest of there lives. Making them the most beautiful creatures there is. though in Talos lives only sorcerers, their gifts allows them to live long but not as the people of Agron. The people of Talos are standardized by the level of sorcery each possess.

On javolt mountain leaves creatures that are said to be a mystery of identity to the rest of the world and surrounding though its said that once came out a pterocentaur with no reveal of the creature who really saw it.

In the Gordon ocean leaves ichthyocentaurs, narwhals, gorgons, mermaid and sirens. In the ocean itself are two kingdoms. The ones led by the sirens and those led by gorgons. The closeness of the ocean with Agron makes these creatures immortal themselves.

In the Paqua dessert lives the goblins, minotaurs and wargs, they are led by goblins yet these creatures always live in chaos with each other since neither of them could reason like humans.

In Guado forest lives necromancer witches known as the lich, wendigos, Sasquatch, werewolves and werehyenas. These are led by the lich who are nearly immortal beings too.

In the 1502, Ravana Ashworth who led the kingdom of Agron had lost his queen Agatha in a battle when she was stubbed to death. He was left a widow by the age of three thousand with his daughter Empusa.

Empusa was just fifteen, a lovely blonde young girl who made the people of Agron proud with her kindness and purity. she lived a joyful life even after her mother’s death.

In Talos, queen Zurie Woodhead had two sons Azazel and Seth.

Seth was the pride of Zurie. She loved her son so dearly and with him she expected the heir to her throne. On the other hand was Azazel who was a rebel. His belief that Agron was the sauce to there forever immortality bewildered him to terror. He was a dark head with long back of a ponytail. Thick and black eyed whereas Seth was a blonde head of a ponytail.

Azazel always portrayed fear among his people. And with him, justice wasn’t a thing.

Zurie also knew that someday, Azazel will take her to her own end. She was the fiercest of witches in Talos but even her powers couldn’t stop the terror.

On one of the usual days, king Ravana would usually troll around his villages through the market in disguise of a common man and there, he again fell in love with a strange woman he found fighting to calm her horse.

To his gaze, she seemed terrified and so he gave a helping hand. The lady appeared to have recognised him but he didn’t. It was the queen of Talos. Zurie.

She was in fact one a kind. A gorgeous lady, with long blonde hair. Pointy nose with hidden nostrils and kissable lips.

As the king tried to help, he couldn’t take his eyes off the young lady and that evening, they both spent the night together.

Though the king never got to know more about the lady, he had dreamt of making her his new queen but disappointingly, the miss had disappeared in the night.

The king was ready to find his woman, so he had all his royal artists draw a picture of his description and with it, the lady would be found.

As he went to the end, his works informed him the his description was a distinction of only the queen of Talos. He not shocked but terrified, he believed that he was under a spell when he fell for the gorgeous lady.

A year later, the king received a package in a basket and in it was a lovely baby girl who lit up everything. On her was a note that read.

Dearest king Ravana

The night we spent together was glorious and with you, I experienced the emotions I had forgotten about. You needn’t worry cause you weren’t in anyway under my spell. We both just fell in love at horse sight. With the precious night bares a gift that I don’t believe I can keep.

There is no way this child will live with my wicked people. With you I keep the fruit of our short love. Cherish my little Pandora who is a venerable creature.

If she ever need help, my amulet will keep her safe.

Only she can cast out the word. QUADOL SINKIA.

Your one night love

Zurie woodhead.

Under the baby’s chin was a black diamond amulet and through the ring ran a thorn fiber of a thread.

In the eyes of the king was amusement and terror. He wasn’t to say that he had made a baby with there enemy so he kept Pandora a secret to all and only he dismissed to his daughter Empusa.

With the delightment Empusa possessed, she only focused on taking care of the little one. By there side she grew as a daughter of a servant.

She was dearly loved, Ravana expected to have her reigh on his throne. The only one who could reunite Talos and Agron. A proposal he told Empusa and she selflessly accepted to it.

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