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The Amulet

Pandora grew up in the care of Lady Martina who was the king’s caretaker since birth, nine years later after Pandora’s arrival to the Agron, there was more calmness in the kingdom as the people noticed how much love the king and princess Empusa showed a servant’s child.

In the same year on Pandora’s birthday, the king again received a letter from Talos that marked the death of Queen Zurie demanding Pandora should use the amulet before Azazel arrived Agron and killed everyone.

Ravana had to rush back to his palace because the letter had found him in the fields with his knights. He arrived straight to Martina asking to see Pandora who in no minute was directed to his chambers.
As soon as He set his eyes on her, he handed Pandora the amulet and asked her to pronounce the words clearly as they were written on the old piece of paper.


She thou was puzzled of what was going on with the king and why he insisted for her to read the words. The king himself didn’t know what would happen if she did utter out the words but as soon as she did, Pandora disappeared with the amulet not to be seen again.
It wasn’t in a few sunsets when the prince of Talos Azazel was already in Agron performing his magic laying all the knights and army of Agron dead. The only survivor was Empusa who Azazel thought would make a perfect wife.

To prove his mercilessness, he had to kill Ravana in front of his daughter warning her to not think that someone would try and save her ever.

The amulet thou had not been seen anywhere. Even Azazel himself knew well enough that no one would come to claim Agron as its lead. It was in tales that he had kept his only brother Seth in the dungeons of Talos where he knew well enough that he wouldn’t escape.

It wasn't that much of a secret to the people that Azazel was just a boy Zurie got off the streets of one of the towns in Talos and took him in as her only son. By the time, she had a belief that she couldn’t bear a child no matter how many times she tried with her first husband. She took in the child most of her people called a bastard orphan.

Ten years later after Azazel had taken over Agron as its ruler, He had finally given birth to his pride heir. A boy of eight years called Uvras whose mother was Empusa. He had though came with his wife Cassandra from Talos a mother of two twin girls Irune and ivae who were five by the time he got to Agron. Empusa had yet settled for the idea that she was to be under Azazel’s custody to her very last breath until it all started again with the unforeseen help of Ivae and Uvras.

One early afternoon, Ivae was playing with her young step brother Uvras around the fields of Agron and down the slides of Guado forest when the young man accidently slid off his feet falling down the cliff which was to throw him down inside Gordon when lucky he held onto a very old thread as he kept calling onto Ivae who was still looking around for him.

“Ivae! Ivae. Come help me out. I’m down here.” Screams he loudly enough to get Ivae’s ears. She comes rushing up the cliff as she gets him back on top. In his hand is the pendant that was holding him to not fall.

“what’s that you have there?’ asks Ivae when Uvras tries to hide it.

“Nothing!” answers him smirking.
“It can’t be nothing. I know you boy. Just show it to me.” Insists Ivae.

“Alright. Alright. Here! it’s just a pendant. It helped me not to fall though.” Replies him handing it to Ivae.

“You think? It’s weird.”
“How is that? You always find everything weird.” Mutters Uvras walking away from Ivae when she suddenly calls on to him.

“Look. It's blazing. See the light coming out of it.”

As they are still getting amazed with the thing when they snapped from a call.
“Hide it already. Ulises is coming.” Whispers Uvras.

“I’m not dumb kid.” Answers Ivae keeping the pendant in her rob.

“What's with you two.” Mumbles an old knight Uvras had called to be Ulises. A dark skinned man with a think beard and big belly that passed through his knight armer. “Your father is back and he expected to see you both but guess where you decided to hang on.”

“He wasn’t to be back till tomorrow though.” responds Uvras smiling. “He promised to bring me something from his journey."

“He is at the palace and he wanted to see you first. He came calling your name and guess where you were.”

“Let’s go then. What are we doing out here.” Demands Ulises as Ivae gazes back at them both smirking.

They all arrive back to the palace finding Azazel still at the entrance. As soon as he saw his son, hewalksed towards his horse and carried him up into his left land scoffing.

“Who did I miss the most?” He then walks towards Ivae grabbing her by the shoulder. “How has my princess here?”

“Been fine Father, we missed you though.” smiles Ivae.
“A lot. What did you get for me?” inquires Uvras.
“something.” mutters Azazel tickling Uvras. “I’ve missed you two my sweet kids. Where is your sister?"

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