Paper Mushy

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Ten-year-old Special has always been happy with very little. Her house is rundown. Her toys are lacking. It's never really bothered her. In fact, it's only made her more creative in art. But lately, things have taken a bad turn. Her mom's abusive boyfriend, Shawn, has turned their lives upside-down. This constant pressure in her life has made her question things more than she ever has. One day at school she learns how to make papier-mâché (paper mushies as she likes to call them). She names her bird creation Ivory and takes her to the secret play spot by the highway where there's a barrel full of other derelict toys. Ivory is set inside the barrel and something miraculous happens: she crawls back out! Special has no clue if this is real or if she's back home in her bed dreaming. Either way, she knows she needs to make more--more paper mushies to find out. Others are put in the barrel; others climb out. It's a miracle. As things begin to get worse at home, Special hatches a plan with an elderly homeless man to use the paper mushies to save her family. Will the plan work? Will anyone else be able to see that her paper creations really do come alive? For once, the questions in Special's life are in her own hands.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I need to set the record straight.

There's been a lot of misinformation going around and I can’t stay silent anymore. Many have given their account of what happened, but they’re missing key details—details that I’m about to share with you now. I was there; I witnessed it with my own eyes. Although, they aren’t what they used to be, these eyes know what they saw. You may think I’ve gone batty. You may think the years in isolation have damaged my psyche. By God, I cannot make you believe what you don’t want to believe. People who know me know I ain’t one to fumble words. They know I ain’t one to fabricate things. Over season them maybe, but who doesn’t like a little extra flavor with their steak? People who know me know that I speak the truth. The believing part, well, I leave that entirely up to you.

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