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Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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As Arabella starts high school, she and her friends discover a great deal of family secrets that run deep. Everything they thought they knew about their heritage and themselves is all wrong. Now they're lost on a journey to find themselves and connect all the pieces to a puzzle they didn't even know existed. As if high school wasn't gonna be difficult enough for them without the added stress of adjusting to the world of magic they didn't know existed and evil out to get them.... Follow Arabella and her friends as they embark on this quest to unearth what has been hidden from them for all these years. Book 1 of The Dragon Book Series

Fantasy / Adventure
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This chapter is basically just an introduction to the characters and to give you some insight to the story but the storyline will mainly begin in the first chapter.

Arabella's POV

I just got back from Australia yesterday and I already wish I was back there. Every year my parents and I visit my cousins in Australia over the summer break and every year I wish I could stay there forever. And that's because of one reason and one reason only: Cameron Scott. We've been best friends since we were like 5 because our parents were friends and whenever we're together, we're inseparable.

I love him more than I've ever loved anyone in my entire life. To be fair, I'm only 15, but I swear, he's my soulmate. Of course we're just friends because we could never be anything more without it all going to shit. Also... as of very recently, he's dating my cousin. Of course Diamond would date the only guy that I've ever really liked because I'm pretty sure she knows how I feel about him. She's always been a bitch to me and I don't know why. Nevertheless, I've usually just shrugged it off, though I swear it was worse this summer because she's dating my best friend. And to top it off, now that I'm back in America, I'm brought back to reality: summer is ending and I'm starting high school in less than a week. I'm freaking out! Could my life get any worse?

Anyways, I guess I should tell you all about the people that I actually see on a daily basis; my crew, squad, friend group, whatever you wanna call it, these are the people I spend majority of my time with.

First, there's Sophia Grace, but we just call her Sophie or Soph. She's my best friend here in Seattle and she really gets me in a way that not a lot of people do. We just click together and it's been like that ever since we met, which surprisingly was only last year, she's actually the newest addition to our friend group. Still, I love her, I mean I love all of my friends and I would never pick favorites but if I did.. It would definitely be her. We have so much in common it's like we're the same person sometimes, we even both have two names – Arabella Rose and Sophia Grace. But of course to our friends we're just Arabella and Sophie.

Next is Melody and she's our other best friend. The three of us are probably the closest out of everyone in our friend group. Mel is pretty shy though, compared to Soph and I who are super outgoing, especially Sophie, that girl is a wild card. Melody, on the other hand, is a little more laid back but she's still really fun and we always have a good time together. Also she can be pretty crazy once you get to know her and she loves to express herself with crazy colors in her hair or her outfits. She's very creative, independent and smart and I love all that about her. She's also one of the sweetest people I've ever met but she always tells me the same thing.

Then there's my cousin Judah. He annoys me sometimes when he's being an asshole but he's not all bad. He's usually pretty chill and he's the only relative besides my parents that I'm really close with and I have a lot of love for him. Though he can get on my nerves sometimes, I mean honestly he's like an annoying older brother which makes sense because he is a year older than me and he's been living with us since last year because his parents are overseas. So we're basically siblings. I'm pretty sure he has a thing with Sophie but I haven't said anything about it because I'm waiting for them to tell me. But they're being so obvious with all the sneaking around, do they really think nobody is noticing? Sophie has had a crush on him since the start of last year so if they are together, I'm really happy for them. I mean it's weird because he's like my brother so I'm kinda just like what does she see in him? But still I want them to be happy and they're actually really cute together

And then there's Ryder, Judah's best friend and mine but he's closer with Judah because they're the same age. Ryder is a total sweetheart and an amazing actor. He and Melody are taking drama class together, but honestly they have enough drama between the two of them to last a lifetime. They're so obviously in love with each other and still they do nothing about it, for years now. It's so sad to watch. Anyways, I've known Mel and Ry for years, we all met in elementary school.

The rest of my friends, Nolan, Dylan, Jade, and Fiona, I'm not as close with, but we're still very close. I met them 2 years ago starting with Jade.

Jade always knows how to make me laugh. She's really funny and probably one of the smartest in the group. She's also super talented, she's really into art and all that and she's really good at it. She's a pretty cool person and so sweet, a little weird though. She insists that her last name be changed to Grace but it's actually Grayson. She thinks Grayson doesn't fit her because it's too long so everyone refers to her as Jade Grace. She's a really positive person which I admire so much and I'm always happy around her. She's kinda crazy sometimes but I love her for it and she's such a genuine person which I also love. I'd definitely still consider her one of my best friends even though we're not as close as with Sophie and Mel because at the end of the day we have each other's backs, just like with all of my friends. We're all like one big family honestly.

Nolan is like the Dad of the group which is awesome because he keeps us all in check. I think that he is the most precious person ever and sometimes he just reminds me of cute teddy bear that you just wanna cuddle. He's great. He's kinda corny sometimes when he's telling his dad jokes but he makes us smile. He's a huge nerd and we love him for it. I mean he's technically an athlete because he plays a lot of sports and he's so good at it, he'll probably get a scholarship some day, but still he's just a huge dork at heart and he's super smart so he just has the total package.

Then there's Dylan, the total opposite of Nolan. He's the "bad boy" of the group I guess. He's the main one that goes to parties, I mean he's two years older than the rest of us so obviously, he was the first one of us to go to high school and now he and Judah are always going to high school parties these days. He's super smart but he doesn't show it. Instead he sticks to his edgy persona by smoking and drinking and acting like a smart-ass all the time but we still love him and we know that lately he's been going through some shit with his family so it's not our place to judge how he chooses to cope. Even though he and Nolan are total opposites, they fit like two peas in a pod. They're best friends and you never really see one without the other. So naturally, the last two years that Dylan was in high school and the rest of us weren't (except Judah and Ryder last year), had been really hard on the boy the of them. But they made it through and now all of us will be in high school.

Last is Fiona and she.. is, well she's something. She was our newest friend until Sophie came a long and when we first met her all she would do is flirt with everyone, I mean she still does because that's like her personality but like she doesn't flirt within our friend group anymore for the most part to because we're all kind of like family now and apparently there's this unspoken rule that we can't date within the friend group (clearly it doesn't apply to everyone but if you ask me the whole rule is stupid anyway because you can't help who you fall for). Fiona's pretty cool and fun and she's really bubbly so whenever one of us is feeling sad she could definitely cheer us up. She, like Jade, radiates positive energy so I always feel happy when I'm around her as well. She's so unapologetically herself and I love that about her. Naturally she and Jade are best friends because they have a lot in common. They're both pretty artsy, bubbly, independent girls that I know will grow up to be very successful women.

Anyways that's pretty much all I have to say about my friends so I guess that just leaves me.

Where do I even begin...

I don't really know how to describe myself but my friends always tell me that I'm a sweetheart and fun to be around so I guess I'll start with that. I'm pretty outgoing, I love meeting new people and for some reason people always tell me they find it really easy to talk to me and confide in me. I'm friends with pretty much everyone, obviously I have my best friends but like I'm cool with anyone who's cool with me. I don't really like dram because who has time for that but also as long as it doesn't involve me then I am fully here for the tea. I always love to help people but I hate burdening people with my problems.

I always felt like I was apart of something bigger than whatever this life that I'm currently living is... I don't really know how to explain it, I just feel like there's something out there and I owe it to myself to find out what. But I'm probably just crazy, and I clearly let too many compliments get to my head and now I think I'm special or something. I don't know, it sounds crazy to say out loud but I just believe that there's more to this world than just this boring life we live. There has to be more, I feel it in my heart and in my soul. I don't really know what to believe sometimes because sometimes I get caught up in the fictional world and dreams of mythical creatures then I start to wonder if maybe they're not just dreams. Whatever it is that I'm missing, hopefully I find it. Regardless, I know that I am destined for greatness... because that's what my parents tell me... Jk, they have to tell me that, they're my parents. In reality I'm just crazy, there's nothing exciting going on with me at all....

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