Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 9

Arabella's POV

Today, Sophie came over and I updated her on all the information that my mom gave me about what we are.

"My question is, why didn't Judah get the magic powers gene? He's technically in the family, he's your cousin" Sophie says.

"Who's to say he didn't.." I suggest . "I mean you and I both know Judah's a really chill guy, and from what we've seen, the powers usually... activate I guess, when you're provoked" I try to reason.

"Ara you might be on to something here" She tells me with a smile that lets me know she's got a plan.

"We're gonna provoke him aren't we?" I sigh already knowing the answer.

"You know me too well Bells" she says with a devious smile.

"Okay but how?" I question. "Pretty much nothing bothers that guy, he's so chill about everything especially lately, I mean he used to be kind of an ass but even that's kind of mellowed out now" I remind her.

"Well then, this is gonna be a very long experiment" She sighs.

After a moment of silence for Sophie and I to wonder what we're gonna do about Judah, he walks by my room.

"Hey Judah come in here" I call out.

"What's up?" He asks leaning his hand on the doorknob.

Sophie and I both look at each other before answering.

"Nothing!" We both blurt out simultaneously.

"Nothing much.." I pause because he was looking at us pretty skeptically and I didn't know what to say. "We just wanted to see if you wanted hang out" I tell him.

"Nah, I mean I would but I already made plans with Ryder" he tells us.

"Great, can we join?" I ask and he furrows his brows in confusion.

"We're bored" Sophie lies.

"Well I mean..." before he can answer I cut him off.

"Also... look I didn't wanna have to say this but.. Sophie's been feeling a little ignored lately ya know and she didn't have the heart to tell you" I lie and Sophie looks at me like she's ready to kill me.

Meanwhile Judah looks so heartbroken, I feel kinda bad for lying to him.

"Is that true?" He asks looking at Sophie all confused.

"I uhm.. it's just... ever since I told you about me and Arabella being.. ya know, whatever we are... I just feel like you think I'm a freak show and I mean you say you don't but it's only a matter of time before you dump me for a normal girl and I know you'd probably rather hang out with the rest of our friends who aren't freaks like us, so it's fine, just... just go without us" she fake cries and I'm impressed.

I mean it was a bit dramatic but still, Judah seems convinced so that's all that matters.

"Do you really think that low of me babygirl?" He uttered walking into the room and sitting beside Sophie.

Sophie's head remains down to avoid looking at him which makes sense because one wrong look at he'll know that we're both full of bullshit.

"I'm just scared.." she deflected.

"I know that but I thought we talked about this Sophie, I love you and this doesn't change that" he says with a genuine voice, putting his hand on hers.

"For now.." she pauses still refusing to look up at him. "We should just break up right now and save us both the trouble of doing it later.." she utters and my eyes widen in shock but then I realized what she was trying to do.

"What?! No.." Judah exclaimed absolutely heartbroken. "Where is all of this coming from? Just a couple days ago we were fine, what happened?" He questions in disbelief.

"I don't know" she mutters, continuing to be vague.

"Arabella can you give us a minute..." Judah starts to ask but Sophie cuts him off.

"No, Arabella doesn't need to go anywhere, anything you have to say to me, you can say it in front of her" Sophie declared and honestly I'm kind of in awe at how convincing she is.

On the other hand we might be taking this too far.

I mean I want to see if Judah has magical powers but not at the expense of his feelings and sanity. I mean the poor guy seems like he's losing his mind.

"Seriously!?" He exclaimed with confusion and sadness in his voice and written all over his face.

"It's cool, I'll just leave my own room" I play along turning to leave.

"No, it's fine, I'll leave. Clearly I'm not wanted here anymore" Judah says starting to walk off and he looks genuinely sad.

"Wait Judah" I call out right before he exits the door.

"What?!" He bursts and he really was upset.... so upset that his veins were glowing green?!?

It totally worked..

We really provoked him so much that he's finally got his powers.

This is awesome!

I mean I still feel bad about making him upset because seriously he looked like he was about to cry or punch a wall, probably both. But fortunately, it was all worth it, so none of that matters now.

"Judah.." Sophie pauses and Judah rolls his eyes. "Judah your arms!"

He looks down at his arms and his eyes open so wide they look like they're about to pop out of their sockets.

"What the hell?!" He exclaims.

"Judah, you're one us" I tell him and furrows his brows at me.

"How.. how do I stop this?" He asks, his eyes fixated on the green fire inches away from escaping his hands. Which wouldn't be good because in our experience, none of us really knows how to control our newfound powers and we don't need to burn anything else in this house.

"Just take deep breaths and close your hands into a fist, it usually works for me" Sophie tells him and he does just that.

He closes his eyes and takes some deep breaths before opening them again.

"What the hell is happening?" He begs.

"Welcome to the freak show club..." I say.


After a couple hours, I finally filled Judah in on everything so we were all on the same page.

Now Judah only had one question..

"Just to be clear, you didn't mean all of that stuff you said earlier right?" He asks Sophie with uncertainty.

"Not a single word" she tells him.

"So we're good, you don't wanna break up" he pushes.

"Of course not Judah, I love you and I'm sorry I had to lie to you, that was cruel but I didn't mean any of it" She clarifies reassuring him and they just smile at each other.

"Okay well now that we've got all that sorted out..." I pause trying to focus their attention back to the matter at hand and less at each other because I do not want their staring to turn into a full on make-out session love fest in my room. "We have bigger fish to fry" I tell them.

"Since when?" Sophie asks and Judah is equally as confused.

"Since according to my mom, we should be getting a visit from the elders, whoever they are, any day now. Not to mention this all seems a bit to easy to be real. I mean think about it, now that we all have powers all of a sudden, wouldn't this usually be around the time that all the bad shit starts happening and people come after us.." I pause, "but yet, nothing of the sort has happened. I mean, not that I'm really complaining about it, but still, it's too good to be true. People don't just get magical powers for no reason."

"Well this isn't a movie. Maybe the universe just decided to do some good and said 'hey let's give these kids superpowers and no responsibilities' did you ever think about that?" Sophie disputes.

"Ha, I wish" I laugh. "that is not how life works my naive friend. Not to sound like one of those cliche super hero movies but: with great power comes great responsibility" I quote and both Sophie and Judah roll their eyes at me.

"We're not in a movie and we're definitely not superheroes, it's just not in our nature." Judah states calmly. "We're teenagers, young, stupid, and reckless teenagers" he adds. "We're fuck ups, we do dumb stuff that we should probably regret later, and then we laugh it all off like life is a big joke, because it is to us. That is not a basis for superhero potential."

He does have a point but it still doesn't make sense.

"But it could be, why else would we be given magical powers" I argue.

"I don't know Bells but this is our time to be as carefree as possible. You're adding unnecessary stress to our lives and it's really downing my vibe" he says and I roll my eyes.

"You two are hopeless" I tell them rolling my eyes at them.

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