Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 10

Arabella's POV

So school rolled around again and my friends and I are finally starting to get used to high school seeing as how we've been going for about two months now.

Dylan's been partying per usual and he's even gotten us invited to a couple parties so I guess that's pretty sweet.

Fiona was very ecstatic about it anyway. Jade and Melody weren't as enthused however, which makes sense, they're not exactly fans of big crowds of drunk sweaty teenagers.

I mean, neither am I but I thought I'd give it a shot just for the hell of it. Not to mention Sophie forced me saying that 'I need to go a party at least once in high school'.

Nolan is working hard trying to graduate early and I'm not surprised, none of us really are. I'd probably try to do the same if I had his work ethic and brain power for that matter. I mean I'd consider myself fairly smart but.. not Nolan smart. That gut is probably gonna cure cancer one day or become president, most likely both.

He and Dylan have still been making time for each other though and I'm so glad that they're reunited again. I think they're bromance is absolutely adorable and I love how unafraid they are to show how much they love and missed each other. I freaking hate toxic masculinity and I'm just glad that my friends are more than happy to show their emotions.

Ryder and Melody have been doing auditions for a couple plays for drama club and I'm pretty sure Melody even got cast as one of the main roles in our school's upcoming play.

Unfortunately that means we haven't been able to hang out as much as we used to but I'm still really happy and excited for her. She loves acting and I'm hoping that her being in the play will help break her out of her shell a little bit. Either way it'll be really good for her.

We also have been making time for each other when we can because both agree that spending time with your friends when you can is always important.

Actually, our whole friend group made a vow to each other that we wouldn't split up once we got to high school. It happens way too often but we refuse to be another sad high school cliche.

Anyways, I've been busy trying to do my own thing these days. And by that I mean Judah, Sophie and I have been trying to figure out how to get in contact with the elders...

Duh duh duh...

I don't know why but their name is just a little too dramatic for me. I know I've never met them but still, I doubt all the suspense and melodramatics of meeting them will be worth it when I'm actually in their presence. They're dragging this whole thing out and for what?

I mean if they're planning a visit, why don't they just do it already...?

I'm sick of all the suspense, it's killing me.

I'm already stressed enough.

My mom is convinced that we're doomed because evil is now out to get us... whatever that means. I'm pretty sure I would know if someone or something was out to get me... I think anyway.

"Bella.. you're doing it again" I hear Sophie sigh. "What are you thinking about now?" She asks.

"The elders." I groan mentally rolling my eyes.

We were currently sat at our lunch table right near a tall tree that provides shade for us. We've been sitting at this same lunch table pretty much since we started high school. It's the best table to sit at, for us anyways.

"Bella, you've gotta stop stressing about it, what happened to letting everything come to you and you just going with the flow?" She reminds me.

"Um that was before my mom basically told me that something sinister is coming after us at any given moment. Which means, we need to be prepared" I pause. "Therefore, if the elders can help prepare us for whatever is coming our way, wouldn't you like to know?" I question and she just shrugs.

"Yeah I guess you're right" she says.

All of a sudden I feel something on my chest and look down to realize that my necklace started glowing..

I turned to look back at Sophie and saw that she wasn't wearing the purple necklace I usually see around her neck.

"Sophie.. where's your um.. you know that purple necklace that you usually where?" I question and she furrows her brows.

"I didn't feel like wearing it today, why? What's wrong?" She asks.

"It just.. it looks a lot like mine which is currently... glowing right now and I wanted to know if yours too.." I answer hesitantly.

Her eyes go wide as she brings her attention to the amulet around my neck.

"I never really noticed that before.. does it always glow?" She asks and immediately shake my head.

"No, it definitely does not, it usually only glows when I'm using my powers" I tell her in a whisper.

"Now that you mention it, I think mine does that too" she realizes.

"Yeah it does, I've seen it" I admit. "Where did you get yours? My mom gave me mine when I was a little girl"

"Yeah same here." She says looking down.

Her mom had abandoned her and her dad a couple years ago and she hasn't been in contact with her since.

She says that she's over it but she's clearly not which is perfectly understandable I mean her mom left her, that would be hard on anyone...

"Do you think my mom was involved in all of this?" She asks me finally looking up.

"Probably...." before I can finish answering her question my glowing amulet starts emitting a huge light over Sophie and I and before we know it we're both zapped up into the sky.

What the hell is going on now?

Can't we ever get a break?!

I have a pop quiz in like 20 minutes...

Then again, missing that might not be so bad.. but still...

After traveling for some time through what seemed like some sort of alternate dimension, we finally arrived on the ground? I think anyway.. I don't even know at this point.

The grass beneath our feet was like nothing I had seen before..

It was a glowing, neon color that was oddly mesmerizing.

Come to think of it, when I took a look around everything in this place was..

Dragons were soaring through the air..

There were beautiful.. unicorns.. just roaming around...

Gigantic, illuminating trees with bright, sparkling, pink and purple leaves.

I guess Sophie has the same idea as me, she was staring at everything in absolute amazement.

Meanwhile I was still in shock.

I mean this place is absolutely gorgeous and wonderful but... how can it possibly be real..?

"What is this place?" Sophie asks but I wasn't the one who answered her.

"You've been summoned." We heard a deep, assertive but somehow angelic voice say.

Both our heads turn to search for the source expecting to see a big, scary creature.

Instead we find a petite, gorgeous, older woman standing in front of us.

She had brown skin and mesmerizing, light green eyes.

She was quite short but still looked like she could kill us if she wanted to. But I doubt she would because she seemed so mind and peaceful.

I was quite astonished honestly.

I could barely speak.

"Why.. why have.. we been.. summoned?" I ask shakily.

I don't why I was so petrified. I mean from what I could see, she seemed friendly.

She had a bright, welcoming smile on her face that was practically contagious.

When I noticed that I felt more at peace. I then took the time to realize that this was most likely the realm my mother was talking about. And if I'm correct this lady must be.. an elder...

Oh my God...

This is it...

This is what I've been freaking out about for weeks.

The meeting with the elders.

So what do they want?

"Arabella Rose Everett, Sophia Grace Harlow" she acknowledges. "You have been called forth here because now that you've awakened, we need to discuss your powers" she clarifies.

Oh ok that makes sense. I'm pretty sure my mom had mentioned that.

"Uhh.. okay.. what do we need to.. discuss.. about them?" Sophie queried hesitantly.

"We've been watching you two. And I must say we are very impressed. However, you two need to start your training immediately" She informs us.

I can only assume she means her and the rest of the elders when she says We.

"Who's we?" Sophie asks her curiously.

"The elders of course darling." She confirms. "I'm Emerald and I have been assigned to help navigate you through your journey of becoming dragon hybrids."

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