Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 1

Arabella's POV

So it's officially the first day of high school for my friends and I and I'm pretty nervous but mainly just excited. I mean I don't really enjoy school but still, I've been waiting to go to high school since the first day of middle school.

This is my chance to grow and find myself, to have adventures and make memories for the next four years of my life and that I can eventually look back on years from now.

Then again, my life isn't some cliche high school movie, this is the real world. In reality, the work will most likely be excessively difficult, I'll be stressed for majority of my time here, and with my luck, I won't make any striking memories, therefore having the most boring high school experience ever.

When I think about it, I'm not really much of a party person so that kinda rules out going to any cool high school parties. Of course Fiona is hoping to get us invited to as many parties as possible to meet cute guys which I guess could be interesting. But also.. the only guy that I'm into and have ever been into is dating my evil cousin.

Well, maybe evil is a bit dramatic but seriously she's the worst. Anyways, since he lives in Australia, I won't get to see him until next summer. I mean don't get me wrong, the guys in my town are great, some of them anyway. But I just can't see myself with any of them. Cam gets me on a deeper level and I just haven't felt that with anyone else and I don't think I ever will. Unfortunately though, I have to get over this stupid crush because he's my best friend and he'd never feel the same way.

Why would he want me when he's with a girl like Diamond... she's gorgeous and confident (but a little full of herself) and everything I'm not. Not that I'm not or couldn't be all of those things but Diamond would just put me down and make me feel like shit so it's pretty hard to be confident around her. Besides, this stupid crush is getting getting in the way of me having the chance to meet someone new because all I can think about is Cam. Honestly we're just better as friends and I don't ever want to lose that.

It's time for a change. This year is the start of rebranding. I'm gonna be different. It's time I start actually living my life. I feel like I've been just existing for too long. But I have this gut feeling that everything is gonna change this year. I feel it in my heart that for once in my life, I'll have a purpose. It always helps to have a positive outlook on life so maybe I'll try that. I just feel it in the air that this is gonna be a good year for me and my friends.

"Bella!" Someone shouts at me snapping me out of my thoughts. It was none other than my best friend Sophia.

"What?" I sigh rolling my eyes at her.

"We're at school, the bus driver is waiting for us to leave, come on!" she exclaimed slightly irritated, I must've been away for a while.

It wasn't until she said that, that I actually took the time to look around and notice that we were still on the bus and we were the only two people that were still on the bus besides the bus driver.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my thoughts that I tend to completely tune out the world around me and just wonder about in my own world. But usually no one really notices.

Well that's embarrassing, I guess I better hurry off this bus before I wast anymore of this poor bus driver's time.

"Right.. Sorry, I totally spaced" I say grabbing my bag and getting up from my seat. "I am so sorry, I.. erm.. it won't happen again" I tell the bus driver as I get off the bus.

"So what the hell was that all about?" Sophie asks me as we walk into the school together.

"I told you I spaced" I repeated. "I don't know, I was just thinking about stuff" I vaguely elaborate to her.

"Stuff?" She questions. "Who do you think you are? We're not in some cliche love story and you're not the moody, vague love interest" she tells me and I roll my eyes, trying to hide my laughter.

"How do you know that? I think I'd fit that role pretty well" I utter making her roll her eyes at me.

"Of course, well sweets, I hate to break it to you but this love story..." she pauses as she puts her arm around me. "Has come to an end" she says.

"Oh yeah, and why's that, is it because you're leaving me... for my cousin" I joke even though I'm convinced that she's actually seeing Judah.

She fake gasps.

"How did you know?" She plays along.

"Because..." I start to say but I'm cut off by Judah who's standing near the door to the auditorium along with the rest of our friends.

"Hey, look who finally decided to show up" he states. "You know you guys were almost late, do I need to worry about you Soph, you being a bad influence on my little cousin?" He teases.

"Yes, you definitely need to keep a close eye on her" I wink and she rolls her eyes and laughs. "Nah, I'm sorry guys, that was my bad, I was lost in thought, wouldn't get off the bus" I explained.

"Still, I think I need to watch out for Sophie" Judah says.

"Like you weren't doing that anyway" I call him out and his eyes widen.

"And what does that mean?" He questioned but he clearly knew what I was implying.

"You know exactly what that means" I say letting the laughter die out. In all seriousness you guys, we already know that you guys are together and I'm pretty sure nobody cares" I confess. "We all know that you guys have been sneaking around all summer because you both suck at keeping shit low key." I inform them and both their eyes widen. "But seriously, I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say that we're really happy for you guys, I think you two are really cute together" I tell them and they both smile at me.

"Really, you really mean that Bella?" Sophie asks me and I nod my head yes in reassurance.

"Really, I mean you're basically like my sister anyways" I assure her and smile.

She pulled me into a warm and tight hug and I embraced her right back while we exchanged I love you's.

"So seriously all of you are okay with us being together" Judah asks the rest of our friends and they all assure him that they are.

"You two seem really happy together and I think that our friendship is secure enough that if you guys or anyone of us wanted to date each other it wouldn't cause problems within the group, so yeah I'm really happy for you two" Ryder tells Judah and he smiles.

"Thanks man" Judah replies.

Riiiiiiiing! The bell sounds and we realize we each have different places to be right now.

"Well I gotta jet.." Dylan says breaking the silence. "I don't know about you guys, but I have Mr. Bronski for 1st period and a couple seniors this year said that they had his class last year and he was brutal so I'll see you guys later, if I'm still alive anyway" he mutters the last part but we still hear him.

Just as Dylan is about to leave, Nolan frowns and he notices making him wrap his arms around him.

"We'll hang later okay, promise" Dylan promises Nolan as he cups his face in his hands and Nolan nods.

"Alright, see ya later" Nolan says, signaling Dylan to leave.

"Yeah Ryder and I should go too, but I believe you niners, have a mandatory freshman assembly to go to" Judah says. "I'll see you later babygirl" Judah tells Sophie as he gives her a quick kiss before he and Ryder make their way to their classes.

"Well here goes nothing" I say and we all walk into the auditorium.


"Longest assembly ever" Melody sighs as we all exit the auditorium.

"Tell me about it, I'm pretty sure I dozed off for most of it, they were just being so boring and they talk too much" Sophie adds.

"Yeah well maybe if you paid attention, you would know where you're going" Nolan argues.

"What makes you think that I don't know where I'm going?" Sophie asks.

"Soph.. we're entering the parking lot" he says and her eyes widen.

"I know that, I just wasn't going to class, I decided to ditch" she plays it off and it wasn't long before we all burst out laughing. "Okay well to be fair, you guys didn't have to follow me, because now we're all lost" she says.

"Like we were gonna let you just wonder off by yourself" Fiona says.

"Yeah, we're a pack and we stick together" I say putting my arm around Sophie.

"And lucky for you some of us actually do know where we're going" Jade disclosed.

"Thank God, lead the way Jade" I tell her.

"What? I was talking about Nolan" she says and I laugh.

Then all of a sudden, I see a glowing blue light somewhere in the bushes. Naturally I'm compelled to walk towards it because it's absolutely mesmerizing. As I walk closer to light with my eyes fixated on it, I start to make out what it is and when I finally can see it clearly I fall into a state of shock.

There it was.

Right in front of me.

A tiny, blue Dragon.

What the hell.

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