Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 4

Arabella's POV

I need paint.


Some paint should cover up the humongous burn mark on my wall.

Okay to be fair, it's not too big because the fire hit a small corner on my wall and I put it out before the fire could escalate.

But still, it's noticeable and my parents would freak if they found out.

Which reminds me that I also need to find a nice habitat for Ike so my parents won't find him because he can't stay in my tub forever.

I have so much to do today...

And school is very low on my list of things to do and that's not good because it's only the second day.

My top priority: to find out why and how the hell blue fire came out of my hands last night.

It hadn't really hit me at the time because of all the stress but that was really weird.

My necklace was glowing and everything so it must be related. It all has to be related because this would be way too much of a coincidence if it wasn't.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The knocking at my door snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Arabella, are you getting ready for school?" My mom asks. "You don't wanna miss the bus, and you know your father and I can't drive you this week" She reminds me.

"I know mom, I'm getting ready right now" I tell her as I start to get out of bed.

I then realized that I really wasn't fully awake until then. It's a good thing my mom came by, I probably would've just slept in.

I walked to the bathroom mirror and wiped my eyes and then proceeded to wash my face.

I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and rushed to my closet to find a decent outfit.

I decided on an oversized T shirt and some shorts because it's my go to outfit when I'm in a rush.

This is gonna be a long day...


"Bells, what's wrong?" Melody asked me when I arrived at school.

My exhaustion and stress was written all over my face so that was a pretty understandable question.

"Nothing, I'm fine Mels, I'm just tired, didn't get much sleep last night" I explained to her which wasn't entirely false.

She just doesn't need to know why I didn't get much sleep. This is too much for me to drag her in to, not yet anyway.

I'm not even fully sure what it is that I'm not dragging her in to.

"Oh ok, well I hope you sleep better tonight" She comforts.

"Not likely but thank you" I say smiling at her.

"What's up girlies" Sophie greets coming up to us.

"Hey where were you this morning?" I ask her remembering that she wasn't on the bus ride with me to school.

"With Judah. He umm, he's been wanting to show me his car for a while so yeah I decided to let him drive me to school today" she explained and her eyes lit up.

She is so smitten, it's adorable.

"Oh ok, I guess that's why he left so early" I say realizing that I hadn't seen him all morning either.

Judah had gotten his license not too long ago and he conveniently got a really good deal on a car this summer. He had been saving up for a while though.

"Yeah.. you're not mad are you?" She asks me with guilty eyes.

"No of course not." I assure her. "I told you I'm happy for you two and I understand sometimes you just need some time with him and that's fine.Just as long you don't start constantly ditching me for him then we're good" I tell her sincerely.

I've never really been in a relationship, but I understand sometimes couples just need some alone time and I'm pretty sure if I were in a relationship I'd be the same.

"Thanks and don't worry I definitely won't, I hate when friends do that" she tells me.

"Yeah same" I agree.

"Alright so after lunch, I have study hall today what about you guys?" Sophie asks.

"I'll have to check my schedule again but I don't think so" Melody says.

"Well I'm pretty sure I do as well" I tell Sophie. "Why?" I ask.

"I don't know, I was thinking.. maybe you guys wanna do some retail therapy at the mall" she suggests.

"Hell yeah, but..." before I can finish speaking Sophie cuts me off.

"No no no no. No buts. Judah said that he'll drive us and we'll be back in time for 7th period." She assures me. "You know the school lets us leave campus for lunch and we don't have a real class for 6th so that gives us a solid two hours I think, give or take.." she pauses, "to shop. Remember Bella, you wanted to check out the pet store" she reminds me.

"Yeah that's true, okay well then, I'm in" I tell her and she smiles.

"Awesome! Mels?" Sophie turns to face Mel.

"I wish, but I have drama class today, maybe some other time, sorry guys" she tells us.

"It's cool Mel, we understand, do you want us to wait til after school?" I push.

I really don't want Mel to feel left out.

"Yeah we can do that too, just let me know, I'll tell Judah right now" Sophie says.

"No, it's cool you guys, y'all can just go on without me, I'll be fine" she tells us.

"You sure?" Sophie pressed.

"Yeah I'm sure" Mel reassures us.

"Alright well, good luck in drama today!" I wish her, unsure of what else to say

"Thanks" she says smiling at me. "Anyways, we better get going to 1st period now before we're late" she says and we all start walking to class.


"Thanks again for doing this babe" Sophia tells Judah as they're snuggling up with each other when we finally arrive at the mall.

"Anything for you babygirl" Judah says kissing her and on one hand I wanna vomit because like eww but also I mean, they're kinda cute and I'm happy that their happy.

"Okay as cute as this love fest is, truly, Soph and I really need to go the Pet Shop like yesterday" I remind Sophie.

"Yeah, she's right, we should really get going" She agreed.

"Yeah that's cool. I'm gonna head to the food court, just call me when y'all are ready" Judah says as he starts walking off.

I'm very grateful that Judah is pretty chill. He's not really nosy so he doesn't ask a lot of questions. I really love that about him.

"Alright, leggo" Sophie says as we head to the Pet Shop.

We walked for quite some time until we found the Pet Shop but we found it.

"Hi, we're looking for a lizard habitat, a fairly large one though, like not too big that it basically takes up an entire room but also not just a basic one that can fit on a small table" I say to employee who greets us when we walk into the store.

"Okay, I'll check and see if we have that" he says and starts walking off to where they keep the habitats I guess.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Sophie scolds as soon as the guy was out of sight.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused as to what I did.

"Why are we getting a big cage, I've seen the little guy, he's well, little. He's just a tiny little thing, you don't need a big cage for him, he's like 2 feet in size if even that" she tells me.

"Okay but he might get bigger, for all I know he could be a baby... dragon" I whisper the last part.

"I guess" she sighs. "Dude, how are we gonna carry a big ass cage to the car and keep it there, I mean Judah was cool about driving us here but I doubt he'd be cool with keeping a big as cage in his car all day if it will even fit" she reasons.

"I know but I was hoping maybe my best friend who's also his girlfriend could help me persuade him. You heard what he said earlier, anything for you, the boy is whipped, if anyone's gonna convince him, it's you" I remind her and she rolls her eyes at me.

"You're ridiculous you know that right" she tells me. "And for the record, this is the last time you are using me to get Judah to do things" she declared.

"Noted" I say trying to hid my laughter.

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