Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 5

Arabella's POV

When we got back to school, it was later than we expected and Sophie and I were rushing to 7th period so we wouldn't be late.

2 days in row of being late to class would not be a good look for the first week of school, especially to my mom. She would rage.

We made it to class just in time, literally, thank God.

"You're late!" The teacher states harshly as soon as we walk into class.

The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

"It's 1:25 on the dot" I dispute and he gives me a nasty glare. "With all due respect, sir, 1:25 is technically on time" I disputed hoping he doesn't give me detention for talking back because that is the last thing I need right now.

"There will be no smart mouthing in my classroom, is that understood?" He asks but he's clearly not gonna accept 'no' as an answer.

"Yes sir" I say instantaneously because I don't wanna cause any trouble.

He looks at Sophie who has yet to say anything, though she has been glaring at him.

I nudge her to say something but she doesn't budge.

"Every year, I get a couple students that think they're a couple of hotshots and smart asses but to me, they're just my problem students." He declared. "So.." he pauses. "Are you two gonna be my problem students?" He asks Sophie and I.

"No Mr. Jergens I..." I try to tell speak but before I can finish Sophie cuts me off.

"I don't know, are you gonna be our problem teacher, Samuel" she fired back emphasizing his name.

"Excuse me?" He questions.

"Did I stutter. No one was causing any problems. We got to class on time and you're still giving us a hard time. You're holding up you're own class and for what? So you can bully two freshman, get a life you old fuck! Just because you're a miserable old shit doesn't mean you can take your anger out on a bunch of kids, it's...." She was going off but I had to stop her because she was making a big scene and I was sure we'd get detention by now.

"Okay, what Sophie meant to say was that we're um, we're really sorry and we'll be early next time" I say foolishly hoping that would get us out of detention.

"You two sit down and see me after class" He said firmly. Honestly he looked pretty taken aback and hurt.

I actually kinda feel bad for the guy.

But not as bad as I feel for me and Sophie because we are so dead after class.

Maybe we can make a run for it and hope he won't see us.

We take our seats at the back of the class, not really wanting to be seen.

The class went on for what seemed like forever, not that I was complaining because I'm still dreading have to stay after Mr. Jergens class.

He's probably just gonna lecture us and give us detention but still.. I have stuff to do. Not to mention my mom is going to be livid.

The class finally came to and end and then Sophie and I were the only ones left.

I never realized how creeped out and anxious I would feel to be alone in a room with a teacher. I mean technically Soph is with me but still, I feel uncomfortable.

To be fair, I don't like this teacher and I already know that we're getting in trouble but that would only explain why I feel anxious. I don't know why but Mr. Jergens kind of gives me the creeps.

Like Sophie said, he's clearly just a miserable old shit taking his anger out on his students.

Who does that?!

I mean he's actually not that old, he's probably like in his 30's? And if he wasn't such a douche and didn't give me the creeps, I might've been slightly attracted to him. He's not bad looking for an older guy if I'm being honest.

Regardless, he is a grade A dickhead who lives to make people miserable.

"So, you smart-asses think you can show up to my class late and then backtalk me?" He asks rhetorically. "I don't like making a scene because it's Juvenile and childish. So I'll just say this.." he pauses. I am an adult and you two are immature children. One day, when you're my age, I can only hope you two will have the wisdom and common sense to understand the concept of respect. I'm well aware of how you two feel about me and trust me I don't much like you either, but while you're in my classroom, you will respect me, if not there will be consequences, are we clear?" He asks us.

"Crystal" I say nonchalant.

"Yeah sure" Sophie says with an airy look and monotone voice as she proceeds to mutter a whatever but thankfully the teacher didn't hear.

"Next time, it's a detention, Now leave." He orders and we jet out of there as fast as we can.

"What a day" I sigh once we're in the hallway.

"Tell me about it" Sophie agrees.

"And what was all that about with the teacher, you went full on Regina Mills on his ass" I joke as we're walking towards the parking lot.

"Okay, I wouldn't say Regina Mills, I could never be that queen" She sighs and I laugh. "Anyways he deserved it, he was being a dick" she says and she has a point but still...

"True but still, I know you and there's no denying that you can be feisty and you also have no filter either but you had no cut off today, like there's a certain point you have to know when to stop and you just didn't today so I thought maybe something might be wrong and if you wanna talk about..." she cut me off.

"I'm fine Bella, really I just.. well, I don't know maybe I'm not fine" she pauses. "I know it's not really like me to snap at any little thing but he just pushed me and I just.. he aggravates me so much and... I have all these feelings and emotions lately and honestly I don't really know what's happening to me.." she trails off. "Because now that I think about it, I've kinda been feeling different since.. I don't actually know when, but I know it was recently and sometimes I feel like I can't really control myself and I was thinking maybe that's just teenage hormones and puberty or whatever but then maybe it's not. Maybe I'm going crazy.." she panicked, her eyes going wide.

"Okay calm down." I say her putting my arm around her. "You're not going crazy Soph, trust me okay. You're gonna be fine" I tell her.

"No I'm not, I..." she pauses and starts looking around.

All of a sudden she pulls me into the girls bathroom and goes straight to the back stall.

Luckily, it's pretty big so we can both fit in there.

"I've been feeling like energy in my veins randomly. Mainly when I get mad." She utters in a low voice.

"What kind of energy" I ask genuinely curious because it kinda sounds like what happened to me last night.

I wasn't mad but I was frightened and right before I released that blue fire ball I felt a shit ton of energy flowing through my veins.

"I don't know like, it doesn't feel normal, it's... I don't know how to describe it, it feels like.." she pauses trying to think of the right word I suppose and I can see that she's panicking.

"Like power?" I ask and she nods immediately.

"Yes exactly like that! I don't know why, it's like I can feel it in my whole body that something is about to happen, like I'm about to do something but I don't. I feel my hands get all shaky and like sparks are bout to shoot out but then I freak out and close them up and I think that's been working but for how long until I explode. I feel like I'm about to explode every day for no reason. What's wrong with me!?" She cries.

"I don't know. But I'm really glad that you told me. I actually have been experiencing something very similar, but fire actually came out of my hands yesterday, blue fire to be exact and I don't know why or how but maybe.. we can help each other figure it out" I suggest.

"See this is why you're best friend, because even if we're going psycho, we'll go psycho together" she tells me as she smiles wraps her arms around me.

"Yeah, but you have to admit, how many people can say they're getting magical powers with their best friend, not many" I say as we start walking out of the bathroom.

"No one I know, except for me and you obviously, if that's what's happening" she says as we enter the parking lot.

"That's totally what's happening. We're gonna be like H2O except not mermaids and without the third member" I say.

"Yeah but that doesn't seem right, I swear there's always at least one more member with these things, who are we missing?" She asks.

"Our life is not a movie" I tell her.

"Well it's starting to feel like that" she says.

"If we were a movie.." I start singing the song from Hannah Montana.

"You'd be the right guy" Sophie continues.

"And I'd be the best friend..." I sing.

"That you'd fall in love with!" She sings to me as we hold hands and lean on each other.

"In the end we'd be laughing, watching the sunset..." we sing together in perfect harmony, smiling as we finally reach Judah's car that he is leaning on, patiently waiting for us.

"Sorry we took so long, we.." I pause thinking of what to say.

"Had girl troubles" Sophie blurts out.

"Both of you?" Judah asks unlocking the car.

"Yeah" I utter. "We're blood sisters" I tell him and Sophia nods in agreement.

"Okay weirdos, are y'all ready to get out of here?" He asks as we all get into his car.

"Definitely" Sophia answers and I agree while he starts the car.

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