Age Of Enchantment (Dragon Book Series)

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Chapter 8

Arabella's POV

I love Saturdays.

No school, just relaxing. Not so much relaxing for me but still, it's nice not having as much to do.

It's been a couple days since Sophie told Judah about what's been going on and I'm really glad we did because ever since then, he's been trying to help us find out more about what all of this means.

He even suggested that I tell my parents in case they know anything but I'm not so sure about that.

I mean how do I even go about telling my mom something like 'hey I recently just got magical powers and found a dragon in the bushes on my first day of school and I was hoping you would know something about that'

Because that's not weird at all...

For as long as I've known them, which has obviously been my whole life, my parents have been the most boring people I've ever known. Not boring like they'll bore you to death or put you to sleep, jut boring like there's no way they would have anything supernatural or magical going on in their life.

So since I highly doubt that their lives have been full of magic, then there's pretty much zero chance that they'll know anything about what's been going on with me and Sophie.

I mean honestly, what are the chances that my parents would ever be in involved in this?

There's no way...

If they were some sort of... mythical.. whatever I am, I would know.. right?

Then again, I have always felt like they've been keeping stuff from me... not to mention, my necklace that was glowing when I first "activated" my powers, is the necklace that they gave to me when I was little.

They used to tell me that it was special and that I should always wear it. In a way, it's kinda gotten me through everything in life. Whenever I wear it, which is always, I always feel at peace and like I can get through anything because it feels like someone is there with me, guiding me, protecting me...

I don't know, it's kinda weird I guess. And a little crazy but apparently so is my life.

With all that in thought, maybe telling my parents what's been going on wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

But I would have to be super vague about in case they actually don't know what I'm talking about at all. I mean, my parents don't need anymore reasons to think I'm crazy.

"Hey sweetheart, how's it going?" My mom says entering the living room where I was currently watching TV in, resting on our couch.

"Oh you know, it's going.." I vaguely utter and she gives me a look that says 'tell me what's wrong'. I guess there's no time like the present. "So..." I start.

"Arabella is something wrong?" She asks. "You know you can always talk to me, I'm here for you, and I know that at this age, it can feel like no one understands, especially not your parents but your dad and I are both here if you ever want to talk, believe me, I was once your age and it was... difficult, to say the least but.. what I'm trying to say is.. I know what you're going through Bells" she tells me sincerely.

"Thanks mom." I tell her because I know she means well. And I wanna tell her what I'm going through. My mom and I are usually pretty close but... I don't know, can I trust her with this? "Mom.. when you say it was difficult for you, when you were my age, what do you mean by that?" I ask her, trying to see if I can trust her.

"Just regular teenage, growing up stuff, what did you think I meant?" She questions sounding suspicious.

"I know about the magic powers!" I blurt out instantly covering my mouth after.

She gasps and her eyes widen.

I can't tell if that's a good or bad sign.

She could be shocked that I know...

She could also not know what the hell I'm talking about and I could be on the next bus to a mental hospital.

"How?" She asks, almost in a whisper and I look up at her, taking my hands off my mouth.

But I don't speak just yet. We just stare at each other and I wait for her to speak again just to make sure that I heard her correctly.

"How do you know?" She repeats.

"How do you know?" I ask her completely avoiding her question but I know it won't work.

"Answer me Arabella Rose, I am your mother!" She shouts.

"And you have been lying to me for my entire life!" I snap.

"I have been protecting you your entire life like any mother would" she snaps back.

"Well clearly, it didn't work.." I pause, contemplating if I should trust her. "I burnt part of my wall a couple weeks ago with fire that came out of my hands" I mutter to her looking down, unable to look her in the eye. I decided to keep Ike a secret because she really doesn't need to know about him right now.

"I guess it's already starting. I thought I'd have more time.." she says vaguely leaving me in confusion.

"More time for what? What's starting?" I inquired.

"I.. I don't know how to tell you this" she sighs and I just stare at her waiting for her to start talking. "Arabella, for some people.. like our family... well when you come of a certain age.. I.. you.." She rambles searching for the right words.

"We get magical powers and set things on fire!" I blurt out and she just looks at me. "Mom what the hell are we?" I ask.

"Dragons" she tells me, completely nonchalant as if that's completely normal. According to her, I guess it kinda is normal for our family.

"Really? then where's our scales and tails or whatever?" I question still skeptical of what she's saying.

She rolls her eyes at me.

"It doesn't work like that Arabella. We're half breeds in a way.. I don't how to explain it, the elders are much better at this than I am.." she says and I cut her off.

"The elders? Who the hell are they?" I ask her even more dumbfounded.

"Do not use that tone with me young lady!" She demands. "The elders are the keepers of our sacred magical heritage. Pretty much anything you need to know about magic, they can tell you" she tells me. "But that's not important right now, we can talk about that some other time, in fact.. I'm surprised they haven't visited you since you've awoken yourself and I don't know how you managed to do that because my powers didn't come until I was almost 17 but you, you just turned 15 and you already set fire to your wall which I really hope that you fixed by now but anyways, I wasn't expecting you to be awoken so early" she explains and that did clear up some of my confusion at least.

"But why is all of this happening?" I beg her to continue.

"Right, well as I was saying, when one of us dragon half-breeds are between the ages 15-17 our powers tend to activate or we awaken ourselves, but most of us don't awaken until around 16 or 17, 15 was always very rare but you've always been known to defy expectations" she tells me smiling at me. It's a nice feeling when you feel that you're mom is proud of you. And I feel like less of a freak show right now.

"But mom, who is us, is dad apart of this too?" I ask and she shakes her head.

"No, definitely not, I married a mortal" she states.

"And what does that make us, immortal?" I ask her.

"It's more complicated than that... we're special Arabella, there's not a lot of people like us in the world, well actually that's not entirely true because in reality, there's actually a lot us out there but still, you get what I mean" she says and I just look at her, befuddled.

"No I really don't think I do, mom who else is like us?" I ask her.

"That's kind of a long list, obviously the elders and everyone in that realm that they live in, some family friends because it's always good to have friends that are going though the same things you are and you never know who you can trust with this stuff, so make sure you don't tell anyone about this Arabella" she warns as she trails off.

"I kinda already did" I confess and her eyes widen.

"Who?" She asks in panick.

"Sophie but you should know, she's one of us too and she's just as confused as I am, we were trying to figure this thing out together and then Judah was trying to help us so he suggested you might know something.." she cuts me off.

"You told Judah?!" She scolds.

"He's my cousin, he has a right to know" I remind her.

"Yeah but not everyone in the family gets the magic gene, sometimes it skips, I was hoping it would skip you because then you wouldn't have to get caught up in all this mess" she tells me.

"So that's why you hid it from me?" I ask and nods her head.

"I really did want to protect you, and Judah. I don't want this life for you. Magic has consequences.. Not everyone with magical powers has a good heart and once you're awoken, it doesn't take long for evil to try to find you. You have to be careful Ara" She apprised.

"Okay, I will be mom, I promise. And thank you for telling me all of this, Sophie and I have been going crazy these past couple weeks, I should probably let her know what's going on" I say.

"Okay but don't share this information with anyone else from now on unless you really trust them" she tells me.

"Does dad know?" I ask her but I feel like he does because how could you keep something like that from your partner?

"Of course he does, I couldn't hide that from him" she confirms.

"You still haven't told me exactly what we are and who knows when or if the elders, whoever they are, gonna visit me, but I still have so many questions. What are we mom, seriously?" I ask her looking her dead in the eye.

"We're part human, part dragon" She states and I just let that sink in for a bit. "The elders know the full story of how we were created but it's very long because it was a very long time ago and the whole thing is kinda complicated and confusing to me but yeah we're basically humans with dragon-like abilities and powers that will improve with training so you'll definitely need to start that soon" she tells me changing the subject.

"But I don't look like a dragon?" I state.

"Well, technically you can awaken your full dragon self which is different from awakening your hybrid self. If you awaken your full dragon self, you will turn into a dragon but the whole thing takes a lot of energy not that it isn't worth it but still it's just, it's not for me" she explains.

"And do you stay like that?" I ask.

"God no. I mean I guess if you really wanted to but, like I said it takes a lot of energy out of you and I don't really think any dragon hybrids stay their full dragon selves for an extended period of time much less forever. Nevertheless, I guess you could" she tells me, leaning against the couch.

"So what other mythical creatures exist that I should know about?" I press.

"Uhh, unicorns, but they're pretty rare, I've only seen them in the realm with the elders, dragons obviously but not like us, just dragons, not human whatsoever, just fully, 100% dragon, they're pretty cool" she says and I nod my head in agreement.

"And pretty loyal companions" I accidentally blurt out and she looks at me with wide eyes.

"What!?" She exclaimed dumbfounded.

"Nothing.." I say getting up from the couch and starting to walk to my room.

"Arabella, tell me you did not get a pet dragon!" She demands.

"He came to me!" I exclaim.

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