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Katerina Riverz is a 16 year old girl who watched her parents be brutally murdered in front of her 8 months ago. Those said murderers took her from her home right after and have kept her captive since. She has tried to escape to many times to count, but each time she's caught she brings more punishments to herself. She finally got away, one night. But not before almost being caught again. If it wasn't for a mysterious wolf that showed up in the woods, she never would've made it. But now, she has a new threat to face. The man in the woods wants answers. Answers she doesn't want to give. Will she be able to get away, or did she just end up in the hands of a bigger enemy?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"I made it. I can't believe I actually made it."

My lungs burned and my body stung everytime a loose branch came into contact with my already beaten skin. I felt my naturally blond, curly hair, stained with mud and intertwined with small branches and leaves. I felt the tears well up in my eyes - not only in pain, but in happiness, happiness that I got away from them. I wiped them away as I continued to sprint as hard as I could, running from the pack of wolves closely behind me. I finally came to a road and looked in my backpack to see if I had lost anything - money, clothes, fake ID, ecstetera - whilst I was running for my life.

"Thank God..." I murmered, reaching in my bag to find that I hadn't lost the money I tucked away for hotels, food, and other necessities. "It's still here." I couldn't help but notice something. I dug deeper into my bag and found that I had the picture of my family and I when I was younger.

This time when I felt the tears well up, I let them fall, remembering how my father and mother - former Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon pack - were brutally murdered in front of me as a child, before I was forcibly taken from my home into the group of wolves they classify as a "pack."

Filthy, rotten, murderers is what they are. The Night Walker Pack. The name suits them. They walk into your home at night, kill or kidnap you, and then burn it down because they are too scared to face their enemies like real wolves.

Of course, I wouldn't know what it feels like to be a real wolf. The Moon Goddess said my father would mate a human. And when he found that human, they did. Usually when wolves mark humans to be there mate, the human cannot stand the bite, and they die. But my mother was a fighter. She was strong, and she fought through all the pain she was put through when he marked her.

To the whole packs surprise, she survived, and I was brought into this world shortly after. But what seemed to be even sooner after, they came. They took everything from me. I've been stuck with them for over eight months, trying to escape all too often. They barely fed me, they beat me, they stripped me, and worst of all, they-

"Found you." I knew who it was before I even turned around. It was him. The one who took pleasure in punishing me.

I swiveled around, stuffing my things back into my bag and zipping it up while looking for a way to get away from him.

But just as I raised my head to plead with him, I found myself splayed upon the road with my arms restrained above my head, with just one of his.

I knew he was stronger than me. I was only half wolf and I had never shifted, being only sixteen years of age. He was grown, he had shifted probably hundreds of times before.

"You've been a naughty, little kitten, again." He stated with a wide grin. Still shocked, I couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't defend myself as he did what I knew was coming. As he slowly unzipped the my pants, enjoying my agony and terror, I started to cry. I didn't want this. I was innocent before they came upon me. But they had stained me. Tainted me. I hated them for that. I hated myself for not being strong enough to fight them, and I hated the moon for making me only half wolf.

Once he was done unzipping my pants and pulling them down to just above my knees, he slowly, slid his hand across my stomach, under my shirt, just leaving my bottom half stripped underneath of him.

He was still wide-eyed and grinning, fully taking my shame and frustration, and enjoying it. He slid his hand up to wear my bra lay, and he ripped it off of my chest, laughing as I cried out.

He slowly took his hand as reached into his back pocket, pulling out something I know all too well - a leather device that wrapped around my upper torso, tying around my plump breasts, to cut off circulation and make whatever he decided to do to me, all the more painful.

As he ripped my shirt open - still holding my two arms with his one - he replaced it with the leather straps. Once they were secure enough for him, he reached back down, near my sacred place, and decided to watch as I squirm to no avail under his devastating hold. He then ripped my panties and my pants off of me, to put me to shame even further.

When he was finished, he put two fingers inside of me, making me convulse in disgust and shame.

When I finally went limp underneath him, he got off of me, but he wasn't done yet. I knew him. He would wait for the straps around my breast to start to hurt, and then he would do something as simple as touching them, to make them scream in pain, which made me shiver in fear of what's to come.

I was startled when I heard a low growl. I was even more so, when I learned it didn't come from the man who had just touched me.

That's when I saw him. A beast. He was at least 6 inches taller that the man who stood over me, and he was at least 6 feet tall. The beast at the edge of the clearing would be difficult to see, if I didnt have heightened senses that let me see clearly at night. He was broad shouldered and very muscular yet he still seemed lean and fit. His hair was black, and went just past his ears, but was still shaggy like he hadn't brushed it.

When the man who tortured me stepped towards him, it was like I could finally make sense of things. After he took one more step away from me, I shoved myself up to my feet and tore away at the leather straps around my breasts as I ran for my life.


I finally came to a small town with a sign near the road that said 'Welcome to Hazardville.' That name isn't suspicious at all...

I knew before I strode into the unknown town, I needed to change. I found a clearing in the forest that surrounded the town, and decided that the edge of the clearing should be good enough to change in for now. I then went through my bag and pulled out the money, not bothering to hesitate with the picture of my family.

Hesitation could get me caught again, or killed.

I went to the nearest hotel I could find. It was old and run down on the outside, but when I stepped inside it was much cleaner.

I went to the front desk and asked for a room. I felt like he was about to question my age, so I pulled out my fake ID, and then I pulled out my money. He quickly retreated from whatever he was about to ask me. He simply handed me a key card and mumbled, "I hope you enjoy your stay."

I went up to my room and found it surprisingly tidy and very clean. I went to the bathroom and put my special soap, perfume, and lotion on the sink. I brought it because it supposedly hides the scent of wolf from any other wolves that might smell it on me. I'm not sure if it works because I've never made it this far into one of my escapes. But, nonetheless, I was still going to try it.

I looked at the clock that was propped up on the nightstand and it said 11:00 p.m. I was almost positive that any strip clubs or bars would still be open because nobody want to come party at 2:00 in the afternoon and leave when it's just getting dark.


I was nervous, to say the least. I had showered with the special soap, and put the lotion on and sprayed the perfume before I left, but I'd no clue if it'll actually work.

I also needed a job, but wasn't exactly sure I was ready to go dance on poles for ugly men that just wanted to touch me. I'd had enough of people touching me for a lifetime.

But the pay is really good, and the pay is what I need right now. I don't know how long I'm staying, but my hotel is $75 a night and I'd only been able to bring $300 with me.

I finally arrived at a bar and when I went in, sure as shit, there was strippers and dancers up on a stage. I went up to the bartender.

"Can you get me your manager, please."

He eyed me suspiciously for only a second before smiling brightly and assuring me he could. "Of course, just one moment, please." After a short call on the phone he said, "Follow me, if you will," still smiling.

I had to force myself to follow him, reassuring myself that he was just a bartender.

I'd smell the wolf. I'd smell the wolf. I'd smell the wolf.

He brought me up a set of stairs and down a hallway, until we reached a room. He knocked and after a seconds opened the door, ushering me in.

He closed the door behind me, staying out in the hallway so I was left alone with a woman who was filling out some paperwork.

I heard her mumble to herself "The one day I'm not down in the bar..." then she looked at me and said more clearly, "Well, have a seat. Tell me what the problem is, I'll have it handled."

Going to sit down, I stated, "There's no problem, actually the opposite. I wanted to ask for a job here."

She looked at me confused for a few second before asking a series of questions like an interviewer would, "What kind of job do you want, what experience do you have with it, why should I hire you, and why do you want the job?"

My thoughts lingered on the last question for a few moments before answering with, "Well, I'm okay with anything, but I'd like to be a dancer. I have experience with doing many types of dancing classes, and I find myself to be particularly strong, so it should be easy for me to maneuver around the pole. I think you should hire me because I will be able to bring profit to myself while also bringing profit to your bar. How does that sound?"

She contemplated my answer for a moment before simply saying, "You didn't answer the last question."

I grimaced, trying to think of a way to tell her that I'm a rogue wolf running from a pack of vicious animals that will stop at nothing to see my pain and I needed money to get away from them. But instead I simply answered, "I just need the money, really." And then I added, "And I'll do a good job because I know the harder and better I work, the more profit I bring to us both."

She sighed, "Well, alright, I guess. Do you need to borrow an outfit or do you have one?"

"Uhm, I need to borrow one."

"Okay. I'll go over the rules. They are quite simplistic. One, when you are dancing on stage, you may take off only your shawl and shorts if you choose to wear them. Two, when you give lap dances in the lounge area, top and bottom stay on. Three, when giving lap dances in the private rooms, only the top comes off. Four, when giving lap dances in the VIP lounge, you do whatever the client asks for, if you are comfortable with it. Do not do anything if you do not want to. Lastly, you may not be touched during any of the lap dances you give aside from the VIP lounge."

I listened to everything she said, and nodded simply.

"You're new, so you probably dont want to go straight to VIP. Lucky for you, the VIP customers aren't here right now, and when they are around, they rarely call upon dancers. Now, moving on, you need a nickname. And I should know your real name. Mine is Celeste."

"Katerina Riverz, but I prefer Kat." Thinking about how they used my real name when they punished me makes me shudder.

"Alright Kat, any ideas on a nickname. Otherwise I will just pick one for you."

"You, go ahead."

"Okay.. well, being as you came dressed in leather and combat boots, your no softy. I'm thinking something along the lines of... Black Widow."

I thought about the name and decided I liked it. "Great. When do I start?"

"Tommorow, if that works for you. You'll have to be here by 7:00, so you can be ready by 8:00. That's when I have the dancers start. You might want show up just a little early so you can meet some of the other girls and get fitted into an outfit."

"See you then." Then I walked out of her office and out of the bar, not taking a second glance, and as soon as my foot hit the ground on the other side if the door, I started sprinting to my hotel.

Not hesitating. I dont want to end up dead, like my parents, for hesitating.


I got back into my hotel room and I looked around to make sure nobody was here. I locked the windows and silently prayed.

Earlier when I told myself I would smell if he was a wolf, it probably wasn't true.

If he was a wolf, he might've smelt me through my soap and perfume and lotion, but I wouldn't have smelt him.

That's what I get for being half werewolf.

To any Alpha, I'm just a mere human. To any wolf, I'm a pathetic mortal. Just a girl. I probably will never meet my wolf. I probably don't even have one. The only thing I know I have is heightened sight. Which only let's me see in the dark.

I'm a useless, pathetic, little, human, girl, who can't even protect herself from one wolf. Who cowers in fear at his name. At the name of his pack. Who couldn't even save her parents whe-

Knock knock.

I glanced to the clock that said 3:00 a.m. I shouldn't be having any visitors at this time. I shouldn't be having any visitors at all. I don't know anybody here. What if it's that wolf from the woods! I went to grab my bag and pack my stuff in fear that he had similar intentions for me as the wolves from the Night Walker pack, but as I scooped up the stuff from my bathroom, I heard a soft voice say, "Room service, I have the towels you sent for." Except I didn't send for any towels. I went to go chastisise and tell her that she had the wrong room, but as I opened the door, I caught a glimpse of a small child who was barely able to peek her eyes out from the top of the stack.

Opening the door wider, I said simply, "Do you want any help? I'm not the room who called for towels, but I'll help you to find if if you want."

"Oh." She paused. "No, I'm extremely sorry for disturbing you."

I smiled softly, "It's fine, sweetie. Have a good night."

She muttered something I couldn't hear and walked away. I closed the door and let out a sigh of relief I hadn't realised I'd been holding in. I went and changed into more comfortable clothes, and flipped onto the welcoming bed, drifting to sleep.


I see him. They found us. My mother and father had watched as their entire pack had been slaughtered or shoved into cages while still fighting as hard as they could. My parents hadn't stopped once, trying to protect me. They faught one after another, sometimes more than one at a time. But they could only hold them off for so long. They hid with me in the house. Telling me they love me and their sorry, telling me to hide and not make a sound until I could hear nobody at the house.

They hugged me, and kissed me. But, they hesitated. They needed one more hug, one more kiss, one more second. And they died for it. I watched as they were slaughtered in my embrace, from behind. He couldn't face them like wolves. And then they took me, at age fifteen. They took me and made me watch as they killed off the rest of my pack. But what was different, is that they were going to kill me. End the pain. Let me die.

I shot up and gasped for air, tears welling in my eyes.

I needed to make sure I was alone. I locked the windows. Good, still locked. I checked the closet. Good, empty. I checked the bathroom. Good, nobody to question my special scented products. Under the bed. Good, I was alone.


I had to leave to get to the bar. It only takes me a couple minutes to get there if I run. It was 6:30, and Celeste said I should plan on being early to meet the other dancers. I had showered and applied the soap and lotion to my body. I sprizted the perfume on me and headed out the door.

When I got there, I learned two things, extremely fast. People tended to get drunk before the dancers got here, and the dancers were quite enthusiastic. One in particular, her name was is Esme but she goes by Bambi - like the baby deer from the Disney movie - because she is apparently very curious and happy like he was. She instantly became my best friend, being as I didn't have any in the first place. But, not the point. She told me how the dancing transition works. We get called by our nicknames and we pick a song to dance to, then... we dance, I guess.

When I was fitted for an outfit, I realised that all my scars and bruises and other injuries were very hard to cover up. Especially on my back. I had on a matching set of pastel pink bra and underwear with a white lace shawl and shorts over it. When I took the shawl off, onstage, I could already picture how terrible I would look.

The makeup lady noticed me eyes my marks, and she said simply, "I can cover those up in no time. Nobody would notice anyways with how enticingly stunning you look."

I gave a weak smile in hope that she was right.


While I was dancing on stage, I just concentrated on the music. Not the greedy smiles and looks from the people in the lounge.

I even noticed that the VIP lounge was full.

Esme told me that they don't pay attention to most of the dancers, but from what I could tell, they'd been glued to me. Then again, I was at a weird angle and they probably looked at everybody and Esme was probably just being overdramatic.


As soon as the song was over, I'd grabbed the shawl and shorts that lay on the ground near my feet, and walked off backstage.

Esme was smiling and jumping on her toes when she looked at me come back. "You did so amazing! The VIPs were staring at you the entire time!" I'd come to learn that Esme and a few other girls were very big fans of the VIPs.

"Uh, thanks. I'm sure they do that with everyone, though." I laughed uneasily. I was actually terrified of them. They reminded me of the pack members that held me hostage. They were huge and muscular and worst of all, they had a smell to them, a familiar smell. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"No they don't! Just you!" She yelled, still jumping up and down.

Then I heard Celeste call to me. I located and approached her, sure that I had done something wrong. But she just said, almost worriedly, "The VIP's called for you. Just remember, don't do anything you don't want to. They are known to be... rough, to say the least. I'll handle the pay portion of it, you should get $200 for every hour of service to them," she said, handing me the 200 dollars cash, "any tips you make are yours to keep. Okay now, hurry. They don't like to wait for very long."

Thoughts? Sorry for the bad editing, I don't have a proofreader lol.

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