Not Yours to Keep

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Chapter 3

I woke up with a start. I immediately shot up from where I lay and regretted it quickly.

Pain shot up through my body as I remembered what had happened before I blacked out.

I started to panic. I was hyperventaleting. I couldn't breathe. I looked down to see that the only piece of clothing I wore were my panties. The rest of it had been replaced with bandages.

I shuddered thinking about what they saw and how many of them saw it. I tried to push it to the back of my mind, as I stood up.

I only just got to my knees before I heard "Mornin sleepy-head."

My eyes shot up to see the two interrogators - Nick and Xander, Miles, Liam, Elijah, and whom I think is Jacob.

"Its morning?"I asked, suprised and equally scared. I hadn't given Celeste the portion of money that went to the bar last night.

"No." Nick chuckled, "You've only been out for like 2 hours."

A wave of relief hit me. I tried to stand up the rest of the way, but Liam was at my side in less than a second, easing me back to the floor.

He eyed me with a look that dared me to defy him in my current state.

"I need to go pay Celeste."

"It's been taken care of, your going to be here with us for the rest of the night." Xander stated.

"No-o." I whined. "I need to leave."

"You are not leaving until you have answered some of my questions." Liam said, as he stood up and walked back to the others. "And right now, you are in no position to fight us. You wouldn't have won even if you were at your full strength. Not against an entire pack of wolves."

I curled in on myself and whimpered, "Fine, I will answer your questions as truthfully as I can, so long as you promise not to touch me. Nor any of your friends."

"Agreed. But if I see any signs of you lying to us, we will go back on that deal."

Through gritted teeth, I said, "Fine." They were going to touch me. There was no way I could lie and hide it from an alpha. But maybe if I'm lucky, I can pull it off. "Go."

"Why don't you like your name?"

"I already told you-"

"No, you avoided my question, as you are doing now. Do we need to go back on our deal this soon?"

"Because that was the name my parents gave me. That was they name my parents died for. That was the name that was used countless times during my... punishments." I said, almost crying. Again.

"Hmm. The punishments. Is that why your body is covered in wounds?"

"Yes," I squeaked out.

"Interesting. Do you have any family besides your parents?"

"Yes, a brother."

"What's your brothers name?"


"Where is he right now?"

"I dont know," I croaked, stifling a sob.

My brother was taken when I was taken, by the same people. But I think they killed him. I never saw him, but I heard his screams at night, when they weren't punishing me. One night, they just stopped.

"Who gave you those marks?"

This is when things get messy. "I dont know, I just know they took pleasure in my pain."

"Your lying. You know exactly who took you."

"I- I don't."

Liam sighed, "Fine, have it your way."

Nick walked over to me, crouched by my side, and grasped my upper arm. I struggled. I clawed at his hand with my other arm. He only grabbed my other arm, pulling me up into a sitting position. I bucked and spun and tried to wrench myself free. But, I only ended up going limp in his hold.

He asked me soothingly and calmly, "Who was the pack that took you?"

"It was the" I shook my head, trying to break free of his mental hold on me, but only ended up tiring myself more, "It was the Night Walker Pack."

I couldn't do it. I couldn't hold out. I started crying. I couldn't contain myself. His hold on me made me vulnerable and weak. Now they get to watch as I crumble.

"Why would they punish you?"

I looked down my arms at the lash marks and cigarette burns. "Different reasons. Mostly just to see me in pain. I tried to escape too much." I didn't mean to say that last part.

Hell, I didn't mean to say any of it. I started struggling and straining my body once more.

Please just give me the other interrogator.

"Why?" I heard Xander ask.

My eyes went wide. I didn't mean to say that out loud.

"Because it's easier to fight someone else's body rather than her own mind." Nick said.

He was right. I didn't want to continue to fight myself.

"That's enough for now." Liam said. Nick let go of me and stood up.

"Please just let me go.." I sobbed.

"No. While your here, you are a threat to my pack."

I stood up.

"Fine then! I'll leave, and I won't come back! You can have your stupid town and your stupid pack to yourself!"

Closing the distance between us, he replied, "I don't think I want you to leave. Your going to be staying a little longer." He flashed me a devilish smile.

No. I need to leave. I need to escape. I can't live through that again.

Without another word, I turned around and tried to sprint out of the lounge, but a wolf that I came to know as Jacob stood in my way.

"Move! I don't want to be here! LET ME GO!" I said, trying to punch and push and kick at him, while he just stood there looking at me.

What surprised me was that he actually did move. He stepped away, and without hesitation, I ran to the dressing room and changed.

But when I was ready to leave, I realised that I'd forgotten my money in the VIP lounge.

How was I supposed to explain all of this to Celeste?

I knew what I needed to do. I just don't know if I can.

I grabbed my bag, and stuffed my dancing clothes into it, and started walking back to the VIP lounge.

When I got to the door, I was about to knock, but Jacob opened it and he held my money pouch out in front of me like he was trying to tease a dog. He held it just far enough away that I had to step inside.

I soon regretted it.

The door was slammed shut behind me and I jumped.

Jacob was still holding my money. "Please just give me my money. I need it to pay for where I'm staying." I muttered.

Some of the wolves that were here when I first entered the lounge had left. Now it was just the six that wouldn't leave me alone.

"In time. We decided it only fair since we asked you questions, you could ask us a few. You have three."

I had a billion question that I didn't know if I wanted answered, but I'm sure I could think of three really quick so I could get my money, pack my bags and go.

"Uhm.. what are your names and roles in your pack?"

"Liam - alpha." I knew that.

"Elijah - beta." That makes sense, I guess.

"Jacob - delta." That's like third in command, right? Yeah, I think so.

"Miles - salutary or doctor." That was made perfectly clear.

"Nick - comforter." Yeah, I knew that. Thanks, asshole.

"Xander - interrogator." I don't like you, either.

"Lucas - tracker." I heard somebody say from off to the side. I hadn't noticed him before, but that's probably why he's the tracker, I guess.

"Okay, uhm, why don't you want me to leave?"

"I already answered that question but I guess you can waste it if you want. You are a threat to my pack. I need to make sure you're not some rogue that's come to ruin our pack."

That's exactly what I am - a rogue. But I'm not going to say that to him.

I sighed, "Okay, uhhh," this is probably a stupid question to them but I asked it anyways, "How many of you saw me when you wrapped me in bandages?" I said that much quieter than intended.

"What? Speak up."

"How many of you saw me when I was being wrapped in bandages?" I asked a little louder.

I heard many laughs and chuckles and it made me sick to my stomach.

"Just the people in this room right now."

Seven men? I think I'm going to pass out.

"It wasn't a bad view, if that makes you feel any better." The tracker said - Lucas.

"It doesn't." I said, grabbing the couch to stabilize myself from falling over. "Okay, I asked questions, I got answers. Now can I have my money so I can sleep tonight?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure, sure." Jacob said.

That made me feel very uneasy.

Suddenly I felt the body heat of someone behind me. Before I could scream, a hand was placed over my mouth, and an arm was placed around my torso, trapping my arms, yet again.

It was that stupid beta.

I kicked and screamed as I was brought off of my feet. There was a back door out of the bar and that's where I was taken.

I bucked and wrenched until my body wouldn't allow me to anymore.

By that time, we were half a mile out into the woods that surrounded the back side if the bar.

"Finally give in?" I heard him laugh.

It wasn't long after that, that I was repositioned into a different pair of arms. One arm under my knees and another on my back. I couldn't help but cry out. My eyes were clouded so I couldn't see who was carrying me now.

I shamed myself once again by placing each of my hands on a shoulder to lift up some of my body weight. The pain in my back eased ever so slightly.


After what felt like hours of walking, or rather being tossed from person to person as they walked, we arrived at a huge house.

Probably their pack house.

They brought me inside and took me up 2 sets of stairs and like a billion hallways before they finally found the room they were looking for.

I was placed on a bed and started drifting off to sleep before thinking about my stuff that was at the hotel room, "Wha- What about..." I trailed off as I fell into a slumber.


I was startled when I heard a pounding on the door. I assumed it was one of the wolves that took me here.

Boy, was I wrong.

It was him.

"You thought you could get away from me?" He laughed, "How naive of you."

"What? How did you find me?"

"Tsk. Tsk." He sounded as he came and hovered over my exposed, weak, body.

As he reached to touch me, I screamed. He was going to hurt me. For running. How does he always find me?

And then I woke up. Someone was shaking my shoulders, ever so gently. "Kat. Kat, wake up. You're having a nightmare."

As reality came back to me, I knew I wasn't safe just because I wasn't with him. I had a whole knew pack to worry about now. I needed to escape.

"I know. That happens often." I said as calmly as I could.

I focused my vision to see that Liam was the one by my side, but there were many others in the room. Just watching. Most of which, I knew the names to. Some of which, I didn't.

"What time is it?" I asked to try to change the subject.

"7:00, you should try to rest more. Your body needs it." Miles said from across the room.

"I can be the judge of what I do and don't need, thank you very much." I said, attempting to sit up, only to be pushed back down again. "Ugh! What do you want from me?!" I yelled, "I just want to leave so they can't find me again!"

Whoops. I didn't mean to say that. I silently scolded myself.

"Your pack is tracking you?" Elijah asked, stepping closer to the bed.

More like hunting.

I just stared at him. Refusing to say more. If I open my mouth, I might let out even more information I don't want them to know about.

Liam stood up, "You are a wolf, correct?"

I thought he already knew that. He said he did anyways. Maybe he was just guessing.

"If you don't answer me, Nick will make you."

I sat there still confused that he didn't actually know and he still acused me of it, earlier.

It pissed me off. "Seriously!? You tell your whole pack I'm a wolf and you don't even know for sure?" I half laughed, half mocked. "Some alpha you are."

He glared at me before motioning for Nick.

Great. Me and my big mouth.

Before Nick got to me, I said, "Half," flatly. That way I might prolong the feeling of being forced to fight him and myself, literally.

"Your half-wolf?"



"Oh, I don't fucking know?" I said sarcastically, "One of my parents was wolf, and the other wasn't." I finished.

"Your attitude is starting to get on my nerves." He said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah, well, being held hostage is starting to get on my nerves, too. Get the fuck over it, asshole."

I heard a couple snickers before Liam silenced them with just one glance.

I glared at him.

He walked over to the bed and sat me up so I could see the whole room.

This was not a bedroom.

There were chains hanging from the walls. And there were carts of things that looked like they could cause immense pain. Not to mention a whole pack of wolves that looked ready to kill.

I felt nauseous.

"Now do you understand your position? We brought all of these fun little toys up here, just in case you decided to try something we wouldn't like." He paused for only a second, "And I would really like to see how some of them affect a half-wolf."

I shudder crawled up my spine.

"Aww, there's that terrified little girl we all love." He mocked.

After he let go of me, I scooted so I was leaning against the backboard, as far away from all of them as I could get.

I slowly felt the pain return to my back, but I didn't care. I needed to get away from these monsters.

After I was finally free, I just had to get caught by possibly an even bigger threat.

Way to fucking go, me.


After a while of me sitting at the headboard of the bed and looking around the room at the many torchure devices, Elijah walked over to me, "He was lying."

What? What is he talking about?

"These tools weren't brought up to torchure you. That would be like torchuring a human."

"Oh, yeah?" I snorted, "Then what are they here for?"

"The last rogue that was in our town was not as lucky as you are." He started, "She was just like you. Alone, scared, scarred. But she was a liar. She was a spy. And she got three of our wolves killed. Then she suffered the death of three wolves."

I shuddered again. That's why they didn't trust me.

"If you think I'm like her, why don't you just banish me or something. I'll gladly leave."

"Not up to me. If it was, I wouldn't anyways."

"Why not?" I almost yelled it.

Liam stood up, "There. You told her." Liam said. He looked at some of the wolves I didn't know. "You five, out."

The tracker, and four other wolves that I didn't know the names of, left the room.

"What do you want from me?"

"We're just making sure your story checks out." Elijah said.

What? What did that mean? How were they gonna do that? Did they plan on talking to them about me?

I'm going to die. They're going to kill me. Either that or they're going to send me back.

Either way, I'm doomed.

"Hey, it's okay. You don't need to be scared of us." Nick said, soothingly.

I looked around the room, and then made eye contact with him, "Yes. I do."

To prove my point, I tried to stand up again. Just as I thought, someone was there to make sure I obeyed my orders. "See. I have no freedom. I am to do whatever you want, whenever you want. No matter what I think. I have every reason in the world to be scared of you people!"

Liam walked up to me and I couldn't help but flinch back. Curse me and my stupid reflexes.

"The reason I sent them out was so I could talk to you more privately." He sat on the bed next to me. "I'm sorry."

What? Is he broken? I misheard him.


"I said I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lashed out at you and threatened you with all the tools in here. I lost control of my anger and let it get the better of me. And for that, I apologize."

Yep. I'm going crazy. There is no way in hell that he just said that.

"She looks shocked." Elijah said, across from Liam.

"I am." I said, not even registering that I said it.

"Why?" Liam asked. He genuinely looked confused.

"Um... because you actually said sorry to me? It's a lot to take in."

The rest of the wolves in the room burst out laughing. I sat in shock. And Liam looked ready to kill me.

"Um. Sorry, I uh, didn't mean that."

"Yes you did!" Jacob burst, still laughing.

"Okay, you can all shut up now. It wasn't that funny."

I started to regain my thoughts. Though most of them were still confusion.

"While, we're all having fun and what not, there are still serious issues we need handled." Liam said. He looked at me. "You need to eat. And your wounds need to be cleaned."

Fuck that.


"Um, yes. Sorry, but you don't really get a say in this."

"It's my body!"

"And for now, it's under my care."

"No! I don't want to!"

Totally ignoring me, he says, "We'll have her eat first, and then we'll clean out her wounds and redo her bandages. I don't want her passing out before she can eat."

"Good lord, just kill me now." I muttered, falling out of my sitting position on the bed.

"We will do no such thing."

"Please?" I asked, half hoping he would change his mind and just get it over with.

He half huffed, half sighed. "Jacob, do me a favor and go get her some of the leftovers from earlier."

"Sure thing." He replied.

Before he walked out I said, "I'm not going to eat it."

Liam looked at me, "You will. Even if I have to force feed you."

Great. Maybe they'll lace it with poison. Then I can die of infection.

I've never wanted to just die more than this in my entire life. I was so scared at what was going to happen I would just rather die than face it.

Jacob walked back in the room with a plate that had macaroni and cheese with red peppers or something in it.

He handed it to Liam. Liam took a bite of it, as to prove that it didn't have poison on it or whatever.

I couldn't care less if it had poison on it. But if worst come to worst, at least I can die of starvation in a couple weeks.

Liam sat closer to me and tried to hand me the plate like a civilized person.

I decided, that I wanted to paint the walls with macaroni after I took it.

I realised then... it was tomatoes. Not peppers.

Liam looked like he wanted to murder me.

Do it.

"Jacob. If you would, please."

He left the room. I'm sure to get more food that I wasn't going to eat.

Liam grabbed my ankles and pulled them to the footboard of the bed.

"Wha- What are you doing?

"Elijah." He gestured to my feet. "Do you mind?"

"Nope. Not at all." Was all he said back.

Then, Elijah grabbed my ankles. I could see where this was going.

I tried to sit up and kick my feet, but before I knew it, there was a body... sitting on me.

Liam had a leg on either side of my waist. He was kneeling overtop of me. Straddling me.

He was holding enough of his own weight not to crush me, but I still was feeling a lot of extra pressure on my back.

Jacob walked back into the room, "Woah Liam, if you're gonna get it on, you should warn a fellow."

I heard some chuckles.

What?! He plans to... I started fighting harder than I have ever fought before.

"Nope. Nuh uh. Not gonna happen, buddy." To my surprise, I got him off of me.

For like half a second.

He was back on me again. No. No. No. No.

"Hey, calm down. Calm down. I'm not going to do that. Jacob was kidding. It was a joke. Calm. Calm."

Thank the gods. Just a joke. It's okay. I felt myself calm down a little.

"There... there you go. Calm."

I didn't even realize until now that my arms were suspended above my head with one of Liam's.

I'm dead. I'm so, so dead.

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