Not Yours to Keep

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Chapter 5

I felt myself drift in and out of consciousness the rest of the way back to the room.

"Kat? Hold on, we're almost there."

I felt our pace pick up and it made my back sore.

We went into a different room but I couldn't make out anything. It just looked like a box with a bed.

"We need to clean out your wounds. I think you're losing blood and that's why your dizzy. Please don't fight with us about this."

"I don't want you all to see me. You'll look at me and touch me and-"

"Yes, you're right. We are going to look at you. And we are going to touch you. But you have my word that we will be decent. This is only to help you."

"They said the same thing. Please don't. I'll clean out my own wounds."

I heard more growls throughout the room. "We will talk about how they treated you indecently later. For now, Elijah, help me sit her up. Carefully. We can't hurt her anymore."

Elijah was on one side of me and Liam on the other. They sat me up and my whole body throbbed.

"Jacob! Come hold her here while I get rid of her bandages."

Jacob took Liam's spot holding me and Liam went to my back and started unwrapping the bloody bandages.

I started clawing at them. They can't see me like this again. I don't want them to see me naked and weak. They'll only hurt me.

"Nick! Xander! Hold her still! Everytime she moves, she loses more and more blood."

Within a second, both of them were on the bed, crouching next to me. Each of them held one of my arms.

Nick used his free hand and put it behind my head.

He turned my head to face him but I didn't hold the look.

"Look at me. Look at me. Kat, we are not trying to hurt you. We are trying to make you better. You need to stop fighting us."

I still didn't meet his eyes. I couldn't. They held me in place and wouldn't let me move no matter how hard I tried.

Once my bandages were completely off of my stomach, Liam started unwrapping my chest.

I did the only thing I could. I started kicking and screaming.

Then, of course there was another wolf to hold my legs down. Miles.

I wasn't able to move at all, aside from my rapid breathing.

I started hyperventalating. I couldn't breath.

"Please... leave that... on." I barely got out. "I'll stop fighting... if you leave... my chest... covered." I could barely get the words out through my ragged breathing.

"You can't fight us right now. I'm uncovering you. But I promise that if anyone touches you, they will be heavily punished." Liam said from behind me. "Even I will submit to punishment from the people in this room. You have no reason to worry."

I don't even want them to look at me.

But by the time he was finished talking, the bandages were already gone.

I tried to cover up my chest but Nick and Xander held my arms open.

"Hey. Look at us. We are looking at your eyes. Your face. Not lower."

I made eye contact with all three of the people in front of me. They were looking at my eyes. But I know that they could see more.

"Will you close your eyes? Please." I whispered.

They all closed their eyes and it made me feel better immediately.

My breathing started to even out. I was calming down.

And then I felt a cold substance hit my back. It hurt just feeling the gel on my back.

"Hold her still. This is going hurt."

Then I felt a hand pressing the gel into my back. A scream tore from my throat.

I felt my body convulsing in pain.

It felt like hours. Hours of them holding me and putting me through that pain.

Finally it ended. They didn't bother rewrapping my torso in bandages. They just lay me in the bed and covered me in a sheet.

As soon as my back hit the bed, I arched it away and whimpered. They repositioned me on my side.

I couldn't even move if I wanted to.

"Are you okay?"

I'm fine.

"Liar. I can feel your pain. Kind of. I can feel that you're in pain. And if we were to shift, I would feel your pain."

I'm fine. Just... sore. And tired.

"You should tell them. They might try to make you more comfortable."

No. They made me feel this way in the first place. I'm not going to continue sharing my thoughts and feelings with them.

"Wolves can smell emotion, you know. They know what you feel like right now and I'm sure they would try to make you feel better if you asked for help."

I don't care. I don't want their help. I have survived this long without it.

"You can't even move right now!"

I know I can't! But I'm not going to tell them that! I'm not taking the chance! I may feel better if I tell them and they decide to help, or they may try to take advantage of me. I can prevent that by keeping my mouth shut.

I felt a growl reverberate through my own chest.

"Stop it." I told her.

I felt it reverberate again, and when it was done this time, she whined.

"I said stop it." I told her again.

"Tell them. I've had to live watching you suffer ever since knew myself. I tried to come out when you were fifteen but I was blocked out. I had to watch you be torchured, starved, drugged, sexually abused! I will not stand to keep watching you suffer after you've escaped those terrible people."

"It's not your decision. You had to watch it. I had to go through it. I'll continue if I so choose."

"Not with me, you wont."

She growled, louder than the last two times.

"Your wolf is upset." Liam commented.

"She's fine." I replied bitterly.

"What is she mad about?" Liam asked.


I'll just continue to be vague and maybe he'll let up.

"Why is she mad at you?"

"Because I won't talk to you people about my problems."

"What are your problems right now?"


"Answer me before I send Nick over there."

"They're none of your business!"

He sighed and rubbed his temples. "Fine. Nick, if you would."

He walked over to me and grabbed my arm from behind me. I was facing away from all of them.

"What's wrong right now?" He asked calmly.

I kept my mouth shut. I may not be able to move, but I can still fight him in my head.

"Good luck fighting both of us."

I felt her pushing me to answer him, to start talking.

"Stop it!" I yelled at her.

"No." Nick said calmly.

"I'm not talking to you!" I yelled back at him.

"Well, I'm not going to stop, either."

I sat in silence. I felt my body shaking. I was trying so hard to fight them both off. It was hard enough to just have to fight Nick.

Eventually, I stilled.

"I can't move. And I'm sore." I said, giving up.

"Why was that so hard to say?" Nick asked.

"Because if I told you, I was scared you would try to take advantage of me. If you did, I couldn't do anything about it." I answered in a hushed tone. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

"We will not take advantage of you." He cooed.

"I don't trust you."

"You don't have to. But you'll find out soon enough that we don't want to harm you." Liam said.

Elijah came around the bed so I could see him. He crouched down by my face and brushed the hair away from it.

"You're uncomfortable?" He asked.

"Yes." I said as loudly as I could. Which was just above a whisper.

"What would make you more comfortable?"

"Can I lay on my stomach? With a pillow underneath me? Please." I asked, still barely audible.

"Of course."

He climbed on the bed and stood overtop of me.

He grabbed me by my sides and repositioned my on my stomach.

The reason I asked for a pillow underneath me, was because I wasn't wearing a sports bra or anything and that was what I usually wore to bed. So the pillow was just for support.

Liam walked over and Elijah lifted me up by my sides again.

Liam placed a pillow underneath me, but in doing so, his hand brushed over my breast and my body made me curl up on myself.

I winced when he looked at me again.

"I thought you couldn't move." He said.

"I still can't." I whimpered. "But you touched me."

"I apologize. I didnt mean to touch you. It wasn't my intention."

That's how it starts. Accidental brushes turn into groping and holding and-

"Stop it. If they wanted to, they could've done so much more in this position. Be grateful they aren't like our old pack."

Except they are. They are just a different type of evil. I can't believe I started to trust them earlier.

Then I felt a block in my mind. Like a brick wall was separating my wolf from me.

She blocked me out.

Elijah finally lowered my back down onto the bed, with the pillow underneath my breasts.

They had to pull my arms and legs out from under me because though my body made me curl up, it didn't allow me to uncurl by myself.

"Are you more comfortable now?" Liam asked.

"Yeah. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Just ask, and we can get you anything you need."

"Privacy. I want to be alone."

"Okay." He stood up and motioned for everyone to leave.

He stayed and closed the door behind everyone else.

"I don't want to leave you alone, but I will leave you to your thoughts for now."

I closed my eyes.

The events of today have sucked.

I was kidnapped last night. They brought me to this place and threatened to torchure me. Then they said they wouldn't do that, but they would bring me to the head alphas and have me defend myself against an entire pack if wolves that have torchure me for eight months. Then they said they wouldn't do that, and I met my wolf. I was so happy to see my wolf. Then they had to clean out my back and put me through torture for hours. And my wolf turned against me and took sides with the people that won't let me go.

And to top it all off, I have to sleep in the same room with the alpha of this stupid pack. And I'm naked. In his room. With him.

Yep. Today has been great. Just wonderful.

"If you wish, I can bandage your back. Otherwise you can sleep like that. But I'll be sleeping in the same bed as you, remember."

"You can wrap my back."

I'll just sleep on the floor. I'm not sharing a bed with him.

As he sat me up, I studied the room a little. It was a big room. A really big room. There were three doors. One, no doubt led out to the hallway, and the other two were probably a bathroom and a closet. That made the most sense to me.

The room had a couch, and two chairs in front of a fireplace. It had a desk and of course, it had the bed.

After a few minutes, he said, "All done. I'm going to change and hit the lights, then you need to rest."

He didn't make a move to sit me back down so I forced my body to move. All the farther I got was having my legs dangle off the bed.

"What are you doing?" He said, standing in front of me in only his jeans.

"Moving to the floor."

"No, you can sleep in the bed. You need to be comfortable when you sleep so you can get as much rest as possible."

"Then can I sleep on the couch? It could fit three of me comfortably laying down."

"No. You might fall off the couch. I can prevent that if you're next to me."

"I don't want to sleep next to you." I whined. "Plus, I can barely move. How can I fall off the couch if I can't move?"

"You got your legs off the bed without a problem."

"I had to try really hard to do that."

"You're sleeping on the bed. That's final."

"I'll lay on the bed. But I won't be able to sleep. I can't sleep by other people."

"You'll be able to sleep. You've been passing out every other minute all day."

"I have not, you overdramatic wolf."

He leaned close to my face making me cower backwards.

"I can make you want to sleep with me."

I felt heat flow to my cheeks before I pushed him hard away from me.

"Don't touch me."

"I was joking. Even if I did want to sleep with you, I wouldn't be able to with you in that state. Or rather, you wouldn't be able to." He smirked and walked away.

Sick asshole. Arrogant. Dirty. Flirt. Pervert.

"Funny. Cute. Domin-"

Stop it.

I imagined a brick wall between my wolf and I as I had seen earlier and I couldn't hear her anymore.

Nifty little trick.

He walked out of his closet in only boxers and made his way to the bed.

After he resituated me into a laging position and almost got in the bed, he exclaimed, "Oh! Do you need anything before you go to sleep?"

"Something to wear would be nice. I feel naked. I am naked. Aside from your dumb bandages."

"I'll get you a shirt. It should cover up a portion of your legs."

"Can I go to the bathroom, too?" I half whispered, half squeaked.

"Yes, of course. One second."

He walked back into his closet and I realised that there was a flat screen tv mounted on the wall across from the bed. I hadn't noticed it before.

He walked back out and over to me. He helped me stand up and pulled the huge, grey, t-shirt over my head.

He was right. The shirt went almost to my knees.

He chuckled. "It's one of the smallest shirts I have."

"It's fine. I'd rather it cover more than less." I mumbled.

"Okay. Here, I'll help you to the bathroom."

I got into the bathroom and did my business.

Thankfully he didn't insist on helping poor, old me in the bathroom. He just told me to call him if I needed help with anything.

As I was standing up, I'd gotten a little dizzy, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.

I used the wall to get myself to the sink and I washed my hands.

I got out of the bathroom and used the wall to start making my way to the couch, despite what Liam had said to me a few moments ago.

"Oh, no you don't. I said you're sleeping on the bed."

I felt arms come around me and I shrieked.

"Put me down!" I cried, as he walked me to the bed.

The door burst open and the whole pack of wolves scrambled into the room. "What happened?!" I heard frantic voices.

They actually sounded concerned and I didn't understand ut because they'd said that the only reason I was here was because I smelled like wolf.

"Nothing. Get out and don't come back unless I call." Liam said.

"Her screaming didn't sound like nothing." He paused and the only sound I could here in the room was myself. Whimpering at the pain in my back. "And it still doesn't."

I was laid on the bed and Liam went to talk to the men who'd bombarded his room.

I couldn't make out any words as I lay, trying to arch my back into a comfortable position.

I felt a hand on my stomach and it hurt, but when I opened my eyes, it was Xander, trying to give me comfort.

"You're going to be all right." He cooed. He hadn't been this nice to me, yet. It was different, to say the least.

I put my hands on his, trying to push it away. I had a feeling he wouldn't let me, and I knew I wasn't strong enough, but he reluctantly moved his hand away.

He sat on something - probably a chair - next to the bed.

As soon as he wasn't hovering over me, I tried to arch my back to lie on my side, but I wasn't strong enough to shift my body.

Apparently, I'd exerted too much energy when walking in and from the bathroom. And fighting Liam when he lifted me.

As I lay still, giving up, I felt tears run down my face. I usually don't cry about pain. I'd had enough of it to be used to it.

But now I couldn't even move to relieve some of it. I just lay on a bed, wishing I was able to something, anything about my situation.

"What's wrong?" I opened my eyes. I hadn't even realized I closed them.

I saw Nick hovering over me next to a sitting Xander who both looked worried.

"My back-" I choked out.

"How can I help?" They asked in unison.

I tried turning my body to show them, since I could not even form words properly.

They grabbed me in unison making me cry out at the contact, but my cry was cut short by my choking on it.

They let go as soon as I was on my side.

Thankfully it releived some pressure on my back and I could breath right again.

"Better?" They both asked.

I nodded my head.

I looked over to the door and saw that most of the men had left the room. But for six men, including Laim, Nick, and Xander. The other three were Elijah, Jacob, and Miles.

They walked over to the bed I lay on. "What's wrong with her?" Nick asked.

"I don't know." Miles said. "But I have an idea. And nobody's going to like it. Especially not her." He pointed to me and I felt myself start trembling.

"Well, what is it?"

"I think she's pregnant."

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