Imaginary Friend

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Once you die, you don't go to heaven or hell; you become a child's imaginary friend.

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The Afterlife

I closed my eyes as I took my last breathe.

Feeling an odd shift, I slowly open my eyes and look at my surroundings. I'm in a child's room, I watch as they play tea party with their stuffed animals.

"Hello, want to join my tea party?"

I'm shocked and slowly look around the room to see who the little girl, no older than 7 years old, is speaking to. Seeing no one else in the room I slowly point to myself in confusion.

"Yes, you. Silly goose!"

She laughs at my confused face.

Slowly, I begin to walk towards her still confused. Am I not supposed to be dead?

Taking a seat on the small chair I look at her. She giggles and placed a small tiara on my head.

"There, now you're a pretty princess. Now, princess. Would you like some tea? I have cookies too, want some?"

She serves me imaginary tea and places a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on my plate.

I grab the tea cup and pretend to drink. Somehow I'm able to grab ahold of it.

"Do you speak? What's your name princess?"

Chewing my lip, I place the teacup down.

"My name is Willow"

"Willow! Princess Willow!! You'll be my friend, right Willow?"

I nod. I've come to the conclusion that I'm supposed to be this little girl's imaginary friend. If so, I'll become the best imaginary friend she's every had. I'll protect her.

"What is your name?"

She smiles and hugs a small rag doll.

"My name is Sally!"

I smile at the cute sight.

Suddenly, we hear a knock and the door opens.

"Sally, it's time for dinner sweetie."

A woman in her late twenties speaks from the room entrance. I presume that she's Sally's mother.

"Aw, mommy can Willow eat dinner with us?"


Sally's mother looks slightly confused.

"Yeah, my new friend. She right here mommy, say hi."

Sally points at my direction and the mother smiles.

"Alright, Willow can join us for dinner sweetie."

Sally gets up from her chair and walks towards the door. She motions me to follow and I do.

Taking in the scenery of the small home, I see some pictures of Sally and her mother.

2 Months Later

From what I've gathered on my short time here is that Sally only has her mother. She told me that her father left when she was only 5 years old.

Sally is an only child and her mother works as a nurse in the E.R. so a nanny takes care of her most of the time.

No one can see me only Sally, but that would make sense since I'm her imaginary friend.

I seem to only be able to touch anything and move around as I please, but only when Sally is close by.

I've tried to leave the house at night when Sally is asleep, but I can only reach the bathroom door, which is across Sally's bedroom door.

When Sally is awake and moving around the house I can follow but cannot go far. I'm guessing there are some rules or boundaries, something that's keeping me close to her.

"Willow! Come on, let's play hide and seek! I hide and you seek, ready?"

I nod and face the wall, closing my eyes I begin to count outloud.

"... 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. Ready or not, here I come!"

I already know where she's hiding, but pretend to look everywhere in the room.

Looking under the bed and in the closet. I creep closer to the small pillow fort.

"Found you!"

She yelps as I show myself, I begin to laugh at her scared expression.

"No fair! You're too good at this game!"

Pouting she crawls out of the fort and covers her eyes.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

I quickly hide behind her mountain of stuffed animals and wait as she finishes counting.

"... 27, 28, 29, 30. Ready or not, here I come!"

From behind the stuffed animals, I see her looking around the room.

Who would've thought that being a child's imaginary friend would be so much fun. Sure it has it's downs, but making a child happy is great.

"Found you!"

I jump in fright as I see her close to me. She laughs at my face and drops to the floor holding her belly.

I chuckle and help her up. We continue playing games until it's time for bed.

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