Imaginary Friend

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New Friend!?

6 years later

Time sure does fly when you're an imaginary friend.

I smile at the no-so-little girl in front of me. I can't believe she's already 13 years old.

Feeling a slight pang in my chest, I frown. She no longer plays with me and pretends to not see me. I've tried to get her attention but all she does is glare at me.

Remembering when she was 10 years old. We played at the park and a group of girls came up to Sally.

"Hey freak! Still talking to your imaginary friend?"

The "alpha" of the trio asked. Her minions laughed behind her.

I saw Sally frown and get up from the swing.

"No, I don't have any imaginary friends."

My heart shattered at the words that spilled out of her mouth.

No imaginary friends?

That was the start of the long journey I lived through. She began to hang out with others and slowly forgot about my existence.

Everytime she would see me she looked the other way. Never speaking to me anymore.

I sigh at the bitter memory. What now? Will I ever play with another friend again?

I walked out of the bedroom as she made her way to the kitchen.

Seeing her little brother play with his blocks I smiled at the sight.

Sally's mother meet a nice man a few years back, they got married and had Tyler.

Tyler was now 4 years old. He was quite the troublemaker. I would always see him play with his toys in the living room.

"Sally, take care of your brother. Your father and I are going out tonight. Please watch him and put that phone down."

Sally groaned and threw herself on the sofa. Her parents said goodbye and left the house.

I watched as Sally texted away on her phone. She felt my stare and glared at me. Speaking for the first time to me in years.

"Stop staring! Leave! I don't need you!"

She yelled and threw a pillow at my direction but it went right threw me. I sighed and looked away from her.

If I could I would've left years ago but I was bound to her, whether she liked it or not.

Two hours passed and Sally was still on her phone. Tyler began to cry, he was hungry and Sally still hadn't fed him.

I walked towards the kitchen, slowly so I wouldn't fly back to the living room. It's happened before, not pretty.

I was surprised that I made it to the kitchen. Quickly, making Tyler some Mac and Cheese I set it on the table with a juice box.

Tyler looked towards my direction and waddled his was to the table. He began to climb the chair, almost fell off but I quickly grabbed him.

Surprised that I could touch him I slowly placed him on the seat. He gobbled up the food.

I never was able to touch anyone besides Sally.

I sat down, watching Tyler eat away. Chuckling, I clean his messy mouth. He smiled at me and held a spoonful of mac and cheese in front of me.

Shocked, I slowly eat the mac and cheese being fed to me. He laughs and finishes his food.

Once finished, I place the plate in the sink and quickly follow him as he runs to his bedroom. Running past Sally still on her phone, I reached Tyler and freeze.

Tyler's room is the furthest from the living room, I never was able to go this far.

I slowly walked to the living room but couldn't, I felt my body fly back to Tyler's bedroom and I crashed against the wall. Falling down to the floor I stay there stunned.

I can't go to Sally!

Tyler waddles to me and holds my hand trying to pull me towards his toys. I reluctantly follow.

If I can no longer go past the bedroom, does that mean I'm no longer Sally's imaginary friend!?

Does that mean that I'm Tyler's imaginary friend!?

That night I lay on the floor next to Tyler's bed as he sleeps soundly. Thinking back to the previous events that happened today, I sighed. Looks like I really am Tyler's imaginary friend and no longer Sally's.

Well at least I now have a new friend to play with, I'll protect Tyler just like I did with Sally.

I'll never forget my first little friend, Sally.

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