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Divinity Mountain

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She was only six when her father vanished while on a family hiking trip. For weeks search parties looked for him before he miraculously reappeared. No explanation as to how. The whole ordeal tore apart her parents' marriage, and a year later she never saw or heard from him again at her mother's demand. When she was merely sixteen, another hiking trip left her with nothing. No family to speak of and clinging to what little life she had in her. Just like her father, she miraculously survived. Except she's no memory of the events that took her mother and siblings from her, or how she ended up at the base of the mountain. Now, at 28, she's going back to find answers. Answers to her missing memories and her mysterious survival. Hoping that something will give way to the events that plagued her life. What she's about to find is far from what she could have ever expected. The only question is, can she survive whatever's bound to end her life? Or will she, too, end up a body on the mountain?

Velessein Rose
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Mist swims delicately over moss, fallen branches, toppled trees, and other debris. Howling in the distance travels patiently with the cool night air. A full moon in a stark midnight sky. No clouds or stars. Just the beautiful bliss that is night time. A line of trees silhouette what appears to be a cliff. Lunar light lay decadently along the ground, whitewashing everything it touches. Excluding the person standing precariously by the edge. A single pale hand reaches for the sky. Skin illuminated to be slightly brighter than it is. The only proof that the person is alive is the gentle turn of their head. Lips gently part in a soft exhale. Eyes of harsh cerulean scan every inch of the surrounding area. Looking for something or someone disturbing the area. Not entirely certain however of what they seek. Until finally a sliver of movement fails to avoid notice.

“Who’s there? This isn’t a space for humans.”

The frame of a young girl can be seen between a pair of trees, light not quite reaching where she stands. Her hair disheveled and filled with debris. Clothes torn and tattered, bruises, and scrapes along visible skin. Captivating browns stare back in fear. She’s shaking from head to toe.

“Who are you? What is your purpose for trespassing into such a sacred area?”

Still, there’s no answer from the slender figure. Fragile legs move her further into the light, revealing a sight many a mortal would find horrifying, but to him seems to be very common. She’s practically dressed in an outfit made of blood. Freshly spilled from the looks of it, still running down her arm and dripping from limp fingers. He raises a brow, wondering what kind of predicament may have befallen her. Despite not answering him, she still moves towards him. Fear, confusion, and desolation fighting for a spot in eyes that plead for help. With no warning she drops to her knees, meeting his gaze. For a moment he believes she’ll just drop and die there, but her lips move. No sound, just an opening and closing like a fish out of water. Red spills out of her mouth.

“Help... us...”

“So you can speak.”

His head tilts, a smirk on almost too delicate features. This dying young girl intrigues him. Barely alive and so far from civilization. She’s asking again for his help, the words strangled.

“P-lease... my-my... family.”

Panic sets in. She’s not sure what’s going on not even with police and the initial paramedics explaining how she was found. Although, they themselves are just as bewildered. However, it’s not the first time someone in her family turned up bloodied and with no of as to how or why. Only difference is that this time three dead bodies were found. All of them her relatives. She herself can’t explain anything, but that hasn’t stopped others from coming up with their own theories. Ones that make her out to be a monster.

“You sure you don’t remember anything?”


Her head drops, eyes darting adamantly over the tacky patter on the hospital gown. Wracking her brain for an answer. Yet all she remembers is going to sleep in the tent she’s shared with her mother and sister. In fact, she’d been the first to fall asleep.

“We need something. Anything.”

“I can’t tell you anything if I don’t know anything!”

Her words tremble, tripping over uncertainty. The room itself is agitation. The two officers have hardly slept. For the paramedics, this is the third time they’ve had to explain how they found her. Even the woman who’d nearly run her over had explained it more than once. Yet the girl in the bed had shaken her head in disbelief. Even more so when she learned of her family’s demise. After which, she hadn’t stopped crying. Not until today.

“I know you’re trying to do your job, but this has gone on for six weeks. You have no evidence pointing to anyone. And she has no memory of the event. She’s proven that many times. Please, just let her be.”

“Ma’am, three of her family members were found dead at the scene. There must be something she remembers.”

“Right now, she doesn’t. Unless you have something useful to say to her, please leave her alone. When she remembers, she’ll come to you. Now leave.”

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