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Divinity Mountain

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Chapter 1

The reflection in my bathroom mirror looks dead. A hot shower and washing my face hasn’t done anything to help. Giving up, I step back into my room. Boxes sit neatly piled up by the door. The last of everything I own ready to be shipped to my new home.

“Lystelle, lunch is ready.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Anderson.”

“It’s been years. You know you can call me mom. But I understand. Now come eat before Ellion has a tantrum.”

Smiling, I follow her downstairs, passing family photos that I feel I have no place in, a vase with week old dahlia’s in them, some forgotten toys, and a single shoe belonging to her oldest son.

“Does Drayden know Ellion stole his shoe?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure he has an inkling.”

The strong scent of string beans, steak, and homemade bread fills the dining room. Natural light filters in from the back door obscuring some of the stray gray strands of hair that try to peek through Mrs. Anderson’s dark brown curls. At Ellion’s shout, Drayden’s head shoots in our direction.

“Look who’s finally come down.”

“Nice shoes, shame one is in the hallway. Be a bigger shame if someone let Ellion play with it.”

“Lys, I’m begging you. Don’t do this.”

I raise an eyebrow and his ears twitch. Red hair incapable of hiding the motion. Lucky for him Ellion is demanding my attention. A tiny ball of energy. In a gentle sweeping motion, I kiss the top of his curly-haired head and then seat myself between him and his older siblings. Mrs. Anderson sets plates in front of us and then moves to feed Ellion whose starry hazel eyes hardly leave me.

“Hey mom, are we still going to do that trip this summer?”

“Hopefully. Your dad’s having a tough time getting the time off though.

“It would be nice to still go. Especially after all the stuff that happened this winter.”

“Plus it’ll give you something to do besides stare at a wall.”

Drayden rolls his eyes, playfully shoves me and then cleans up his dishes. When he’s done he trudges out to the living room, possibly to retrieve his rogue shoe before Ellion gets his hands on it. Unlike Ellion, he knows I’m moving out and has been adamant that I not. It’s the hardest decision I’ve made in a very long time. I’m very close to both of them despite how hard things were when I first moved in. Sighing, I clean up my own mess. Ellion’s muffled words between bites intensify.

“He’s a smart boy. Both of them are. This is something you know, Lys.”

Mr. Anderson’s voice startles me. Usually, he works late. This is the first in a long time that he’s been able to come home in the afternoon.

“You’re home early, dear.”

“Of course I am. Can’t have my little girl moving heavy boxes on her own.”

“Honestly, Mr. Anderson, it’s fine. I’m not going to be on my own. I’m just the first to move in.”

“Exactly why you shouldn’t be moving heavy boxes on your own.”

I smile awkwardly at my feet before shuffling away myself. My eyes pull up to find myself stopped at the back door, facing the pool. This will be the last time that I’ll do this, randomly out of the blue, unless I spend the night, ever. A part of me breaks inside, but it’s for the best. I’ll never learn the basics of being on my own if I don’t do this.

“That’s everything. Thought it was supposed to be an apartment.”

“That’s what I thought too. Guess I misunderstood.”

“Or got outvoted somehow.”

Shrugging I throw myself to the floor. There’s laughter and pattering feet.

“Sissy, we go home now?”

“You get to go home, but this is my home now. I’ll be living here from now on.”

“No, come home with us.”

“I’m sorry Elli. But I promise I’ll visit often. That way it’s like I never even left.”

He begins crying, big water droplets. Nothing I’ve ever seen him do before in his entire little life. It tears my heart into little pieces, but all I can do is sit with my heart in my hands.

“I’m really sorry Elli, but as a big girl now I have to do big girl things. It’ll get better.”

His pleading doesn’t stop. A full-blown tantrum in a matter of seconds. Stomping his little foot, the sound increases. Small pieces of my heart drop to my stomach and swim up to clog my throat. We watch, a few attempts in between until he cries himself to sleep.

“Sorry, Lys”

“It’s fine. He has every right to be upset. I just wish there was something I could do to help ease his pain.”

“Trust me, he’ll be fine. Just stay out of trouble and if you need me call.”

His ears twitch again. Anxiety. Yet, somehow he still manages to smile. I hug him and his parents before they leave. Watching silently as the taillights vanish. Just like that my shoulders slump, nerves set in, and I can feel the room shrink in size. Deafening silence while I admire the place I’ll be calling home for whoever knows how long. All my thoughts are reeling, instead of focusing on them I go and prep my sleeping space in my new room. Everything is locked up so I have nothing to worry about.

The wind howls, trees rocking unsteadily, an echoing of the wolves. A single star streaks boldly across a sparkling sky. The lake beneath it responds in kind, interrupted by the occasional fish breaching the surface. Bats flit around in hopes of finding food for the night. All of nature is oblivious to the figure partaking of its nightly beauty. The hem of his clothing drags along the waters’ edge. Bare feet submerged to the point of invisibility. Transfixed eyes focus on the very small sliver of moon dangling just out of reach. There are no other sounds either. Just the constant howling of wind and animal. It’s all so surreal. Serene almost. This person simply watches the moon with the intensity of someone being given important information. A conversation between two powerful entities. Nothing can separate the two of them. Not until the sun rises. A familiar smirk slips onto the male’s face as cerulean absorb the light around them. The water churns with ferocity, rising up out of the lake quickly. Without warning those very eyes turn to me, scorn and malice. Instinct tells me run, and so I do. My escape getting farther and farther away. A heinous laugh fills the air. The sound vibrating all the nerves it can find. Around me, everything becomes dark, smoky, and bloody. The smell of burning flesh permeates my nostrils. It’s when I look down at myself, I’m covered in blood, bruises, and burns. I’m what’s burning. Searing pain. But I can’t find the energy to scream for help. I can barely move, not even when my eyes catch a glimpse of silver slashing through the air.

Sweat beads my face as I startle awake, mixing with tears, I didn’t know I’d been crying. My heart hammers incessantly for freedom from my body. Noticing the sudden light in my room, I turn to see its source. My window, with the blackout curtains flung open. Terror sends a shiver down my spine. How? Slipping from the blankets I move with great caution to check the window itself. Locked, still, and there are no footprints to speak of. It’s just the moonlight playing tricks on your mind, Lys. You’ve always had an overactive imagination, relax. Yet telling myself this I can still smell the sickening dry, metallic scent of blood. Deep breaths, you’re okay. You’re alive. An attempt at swallowing reveals how dry my throat is. I shake to rid myself of the feeling of dread, though it does little to ease the cold that has crept up on me. With shaky hands, I close the curtains back, eye the room once more, and climb back into bed. Making sure to pull the blanket up over my head entirely. I can’t let one nightmare keep me up all night. After all, it’s just a stupid nightmare.

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