The Queen of Alpha's

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"If you kill him Blake I will reject you." His eye snap to mine. He clenches his jaw tightly and looks down at the baby in his hands. "The prophecy says that he will be the one to kill me." It's true. "I, Carson Gray, rej"- He interrupts me. "STOP! Okay? I-I won't hurt him. Here." He hands me the little boy covered in blood. My eyes meet his. The decision was already made. There was no going back now. "I, Carson Gray, reject you, Blake Sawyer as my mate." Carson Gray is a sassy, sarcastic 18 year old girl. She is also in line for alpha of her pack. Two things are stopping her from reaching her true potential. Her mate, and the fact that she can't kill. Blake Sawyer is the king of werewolves. He's thousands of years old. He is a cold blooded monster who also happens to be Carson's mate.

Fantasy / Drama
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My high heel boot presses down on his chest. “Please it won’t happen again, I won’t hurt her ever. Just let me be” The bloodied man cries out. “Y’know that don’t sound like an apology.” I tilt my head smiling at him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.” He begs to his mate. “Do you think he actually means it?” I ask Carter, briefly looking at his sad eyes. “I do, I mean. I swear. Please.” He sobs. I sigh taking my foot off of him. “If you say so.” He doesn’t hesitate to run to his scared mate.

He goes to hug her but she flinches. “On second thought.” I pause. “You don’t deserve to live.” He don’t waste a moment to run. I sigh again crossing my arms.

“I always liked a good chase.” I mutter. I roll me eyes as he tries to open the door. I mutter a word in Latin to keep it shut. “What?” He whispers to himself. “Can you do magic” he asks shocked.

I shrug my shoulders. “That trick never fails to surprise anyone.” My heels click against the ground. He looks around panicked. He even goes as far as extending his fangs. “Oh please those don’t scare me.” I laugh it off. “I’ll kill you lady, stay back.”

“Lady? You don’t know who I am?” I asks getting closer to him. “I am the queen of alpha’s.” I stop in front of him waiting for him to digest the words. “You can’t be.”

“Oh I am.” And with that I rip his heart from his chest.

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