The Queen of Alpha's

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The king wants the best

Pure blooded werewolves. Only two exists that we know of. The moon goddess and her brother, the king of werewolves. Story is the moon goddess and the king are Hades and Persephone’s children.

Now the moon goddess created every supernatural being.

She then created Alpha’s for that species. The alphas of vampires, is the only pure blooded vampire to exist. The alphas of witches, is the only pure blooded witch to exist and so on.

Even though she created every being her full interest was the wolves. So she let every alpha to decide everything for their own species. One day as she was ruling the werewolves her true love betrayed her. What we call now a days cheating.

It made her into something she’s not. A killer. She almost wiped out the entire witch line. That’s when she realized that she wasn’t fit to be queen and passed the crown to her brother.

He is a ruthless killer. He’ll snap your neck within a second and not even blink an eye. He’s the monster you tell your children about. He was meant to be king. You can tell that he took after his father while his sister took after their mother.

When the moon goddesses lover cheated on her she decided to create a mate for each of the wolves. Your mate can’t have children with anybody but you. If your mate finds you and rejects you it will devastate you. It could even kill you.

Rejection is practically against the law. Now here’s the messed up part if you find your mate and he/she decided to have another partner you will feel like you are being stabbed in the gut a hundred times. Bruises show up. And over time if it continues you could get very sick.

Once you meet your mate they must mark you in order to feel what they’re feeling and hear their thoughts. Once you are marked you’ll know everything about your mate. You’ll know when they are in danger, or mad, you’ll know everything anytime you want.

If your mate don’t mark you before the first full moon after finding them the female wolf will go into heat. Heat is very painful for the wolf and dangerous. Every single male wolf will see her as desirable and will want her.

Once the sun comes up the desire will go away but with every full moon that will pass, the pain will become worse and her smell that makes her desirable will strengthen.

Now this day and age there is no pure species. Everyone is crossed breed with another. The full blooded species were very dangerous and hard to control so when the moon goddess wiped out the entire line of full blooded species no one complained.

There are consequences to being a mixed breed. If you’re half vampire half werewolf the sun weakens you and the lust for blood isn’t bad. Most of these breeds can turn into wolves anytime they want. As a vampire/wolf hybrid everything is heightened, your smell, your hearing, you can see things better than others. Your biggest weakness though is the sun. The werewolf in you makes it to where you can actually be in the sun but when you are, you’re practically human. None of those heightened senses work.

If you are a wolf/witch hybrid you have the same powers as every other wolf. Your senses are heightened and you can turn anytime you want. Now most of these hybrids can’t practice magic, the most they can do is baby spells. They’re rare ones that can though. My mother for example can do almost any magic she likes. They’re some spells that she can’t do.

Most wolves that can practice magic doesn’t let anyone know. They will get caught in the crossfire of their own species. That’s why we keep it a secret.

When a wolf turns 13 they will shift for the first time. That’s when most start to train. You don’t get to meet your mate until you’re 17. The weird thing is, is that your mate could be way older than you and he or she will know it but you won’t.

Enough of the back story let’s get to the part where I’m going to be alpha of my pack. I have a twin brother Carter who would be alpha but his mate is taking over her pack when she turns 18 so my dad our current alpha is giving me the title.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than qualified. I’m the packs best warrior. Except I’m not a warrior. I don’t like to kill, I don’t kill. In my mind there is another way to everything.

That’s why so many other alphas are iffy about me being next alpha of the silvermoon pack. One even went as far as calling an alpha meeting this week.

An alpha meeting is when all the alpha’s in the state gathers around to make an important decision. It usually ends with the king alpha, yes the moon goddesses brother (in case you were wondering, they’re immortal) making the final vote.

One of our biggest pack enemies Rafael called the meeting. I believe he’s going to challenge me right then and there with everyone even the king watching.

Rafael, he’s an amazing alpha. He’s strong and very intelligent. Personally I think it’s the demon blood in him. He a demon/wolf hybrid making him that much cooler.

I’ll never admit that to anyone because he’s very sexist. He believes women should be in the kitchen taking care of kids while males should be working. His mate doesn’t know what’s coming to her when they meet.

So I’m stuck in a car with my dad,mom, and my very annoying 16 year old sister Amelia. “Stop mom tell her I’m watching the movie.” She wines making me give her a dirty look. “Oh I forgot that little Lia is still wearing diapers so she gets her way.”

“Shut up I’m sixteen.”

“Mom she told me to shut up.” I said mockingly, rolling my eyes. “We have literally ten minutes left, I’m listening to music. Deal with it.” I grab the aux cord plugging my phone in.

“Carson just listen to your music in your headphones.” My mom sighs. “I left them at home.” My mom sighs even louder. “Oh I forgot little Carson is still wearing diapers so she has to have her mommy pack all of her stuff for her.” Lia says to me. “Oh shut up.”

“Oh look girls we’re here.” Our dad says making us both look out the window. “Damn this is nice.” Lia says. “Well the king wants the best so he gets it.” My mom says. “Make sure you keep your powers in check Marion.” My dad whispers but I catch it.

“Uh girls.” My dad clears his throat as we make our way inside. “Please be on your best behavior. You are both here to learn, Lia you’ll stay with your mom and the other Luna’s and Carson will be at the alpha table.” I stick my tongue out at Lia.

“That’s not fair I could be a much better alpha.” I raise my eyebrows challenging her. “Bitch you can’t even beat me in arm wrestling.” She narrows her eyes at me.

“Carson language.”

“Do you smell that?” I ask Lia nudging her shoulder. “No I don’t smell anything. What are you talking about.” She says annoyed. “It smells like vanilla and strawberries.”

“Maybe it’s your mate.” My mom suggested.

“Ha what if it’s Rafael.” Lia says laughing. “Ha ha just for that, I hope he’s your mate.”

“Make sure you call a meeting in a year, alpha Carson, just so you can see the look on my face when I find out.” She playfully fans herself. “He wouldn’t get enough of me.”

“Ew you disgust me.”

“Hey I’ll stand in the kitchen all day for him if that means I get that sexy beast as a mate.” I burst out laughing. “You know, I feel that.”

My dad shakes his head at us while my mom gives us both a dirty look. “Is Carter going to be here dad?” I give Lia an are you stupid look. “I’m sorry, did I miss that whole hour long ceremony of Carter being announced alpha. Of course he’s going to be here, idiot.”

“You know if you were a little nicer you might’ve found your mate a long time ago.”

“It doesn’t work like that asshole.” 40 pairs of eyes are on me. “Carson, language.” My mom hisses. I give an apologetic smile to every alpha and Luna in the room.

I didn’t even realized my dad opened the door. “I’m just gonna sit.” I say walking over to sit next to Carter. Brooke his mate sits in his lap playing with his hair.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I say. “You amaze me.” Brooke says making me laugh. “You guys really need to get off that damn app.” Carter says making us roll our eyes.

“If you tried it you would understand why we’re addicted.“Brooke says. “Yeah that’s what my 10th grade couch said about meth. But did I try it, no.” My mouth drops open.

“Mr. Smith does Meth?”

“Sorry to burst your bubble Carson but everyone in that school knew that he did a lot more than meth.”

“Maybe he got better.” I shrug my shoulders hopeful. “We’ll never find out since mom and dad pulled us out to home school us after that year.”

“Well that’s because of the rogue attacks. Plus we graduated early.”

The smell of strawberries and vanilla fills the room again. “Seriously you guys don’t smell that.” I ask Brooke. “What, paint? Cause that’s all I can smell.”

" No not paint. Stra-” I get interrupted by the door slamming shut. Brooke quickly jumps out of my brothers arms and runs over to the other Luna’s. My eyes connect with the new blue ones that just entered the room.


“That was a dramatic entrance.” I whisper to Carter making him snicker. Meanwhile my heart is beating like crazy. “Why is your pulse ecstatic?” Carter whispers in my ear.

“Who is that?” I ask nodding towards my mate. “Seriously, you don’t know who that is?”

“Just tell me.”

“That’s Blake sawyer, the king of alphas.” Fuck. “Uh Carter, did I fail to mention that that’s also my mate.” His eyes go wide. As do mine. “Good morning Alpha’s Luna’s. First I would like to say congratulations to Alpha Carter Gray. His ceremony was last week for the ones who didn’t know.”

“Thank you Alpha.” Carter stands up and shakes his hand. “I can’t wait to see what you make your pack out to be.”

“I promise you won’t be disappointed.” They both sit back down. “You sure he ain’t your mate.” I mind link him. “What you already jealous. I would be to. I’m pretty hot.”

I try not to roll my eyes as I focus back to what Blake was saying. “Before we start this meeting let me go ahead and say that I want the monthly reports turned in by Wednesday at the latest. I would like to enjoy my weekend. Now Rafael the floor is yours.”

“May I ask if your mate has come to age yet, alpha.” Rafael asks politely. “What’s he talking about.” I whisper to Carter but Rafael hears. “Alpha Sawyer found his mate three years ago but she was too young to know who her mate is so he didn’t approach her. Figured you wouldn’t know” He sneers.

“Rafael.” Blake clears his throat. “She has come of age but I haven’t approached her yet. You will all find out soon who she is but I hope you didn’t make me drive a day out so you could find something out that you could’ve just called about.”

“Of course not alpha. I called this meeting because I have concerns about the silvermoon pack.” Blake raises his eyebrows.

What am I going to do? He’s the king of werewolves. He’s the alpha of all alphas. He’s dangerous. A murderer. I heard he kills kids just for the hell of it.

He can’t be my mate. How could he know I was his for three years? Maybe he doesn’t want me. You found out your mate at 17. I’m 18. Maybe he simply doesn’t want me.

That would be a blessing in disguise. Right? As long as he doesn’t reject me everything will be alright. I’ll become alpha and we will only have to see each other during these meetings.

I don’t need a mate.

“Carson Annabell Gray!” I don’t need to have kids. I could adopt. I will be okay. Because I can’t have a killer as a mate. “See this is what I’m talking about.”

“Alpha Carson Gray.”

Maybe I’ll have one of Lia’s kids take over. I can do this. Why in the hell would the moon goddess do this to me. I’m the complete opposite of him. That’s okay because we aren’t going to be together. I will be fine. I can do this.

I can’t do this.

“Is she having a panic attack?”

“This is why she shouldn’t be alpha.”

“I’m sorry.” I blink out of my daze. “I-” I swallow hard looking around. My eyes land on Blake’s. “What was the question?” “What was that?” Carter mind links me.

“Alpha Rafael thinks you’re not capable of being an alpha.” Blake says harshly. My eyes drift till they meet Rafael’s brown ones. “I’m more than capable. If he doesn’t think so then he can challenge me once I take over.”

“Excuse me alpha but when was the last time there was a woman as an alpha.” Rafael asks. “Not in a long time. Most of the time the males take over.”

“That’s bullshit.” I slam my hands on the table. “Brooke is taking over her pack.”

“That’s because she found her mate before any of her brothers turned 18.” Rafael tries to reason. “Well I think she would’ve taken over even if she didn’t find her mate because she’s smart and talented. She probably could whip your ass any day of the week.”

“Keeping telling yourself that sweetheart.” He winks at me making my blood boil. “Settle down you two.” Blake looks at me. His eyes flicking between blue and black. His wolf is trying to take over.

“Before I make you.” He adds making me shiver. “I apologize alpha.” Rafael bows his head in submission. “Well I’m not. Keep your alphas in line and there shouldn’t be anything to apologize for.”

Everybody was looking at me with their mouth gaped open. Blake stands taking a step towards me. “How dare you disrespect me?!” He shouts making me almost flinch.

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” Before I could blink I was up against the closet wall with his hand wrapped around my throat. Looking straight into his eyes I smile. “Do it, snap my neck. Kill me!”

“Is she crazy.” I hear one of the many alphas at the table say. “More like is she suicidal.” Couple of them snicker. “STOP!” A shoe bounces off Blake’s head and hits mine . “Leave my sister alone you crazy son of a bitch.” Lia screams.

Blake growls and turns around coming face to face with Rafael? “She’s 16 Blake. I can’t let you hurt her for defending her sister.” Wow where is this coming from? Lia runs and engulfs me in a hug.

“I don’t care who she is. I-”

“You won’t do nothing. She’s still in braces. You seriously want to kill the kid in front of her family, three of which are alphas. The other, a witch hybrid. Let this go Blake.”

Blake sighs deeply. As he runs is hand through his dark hair he looks at me. Lia is still wrapped around me tightly and I can feel her body shaking. “I’ll train her. She will come live with me in my pack until I feel she’s ready to become alpha. Any problems with that alpha James.” Blake looks at my dad.

“No sir.”

“Good. I’ll be at your pack first thing in the morning. Everyone is dismissed. Don’t forget about the reports.” While everyone leaves Lia let’s out a sob.

I place my hand on both sides of her face forcing her to look at me. Her hazel blue eyes stare back at me. The same hazel blue I have. “He won’t touch you. No one ever will. Do you understand me. I’ll protect you with my very last breath. I mean it Amelia no one not even the moon goddess herself will hurt you.”

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