The Queen of Alpha's

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I can get more girls than you

I lay out a bracelet, necklace, and ring. It took me weeks to finish the spell. After a while I finally got it perfect. Ameila come to my room right now, alone. I link to Lia.

She bursts through my room out of breath. “Are you okay?” I smile. “Lock my door.” She does as I say and then looks around my room. “You haven’t even started packing. Blake will be here in the morning. Do you need help?”

“No it’s fine. Which one do you like best.” I point to the jewelry. “The ring. Why?” I pick the ring up and walk over to her. “Let me see your hand.” She holds out her right hand and I place the ring on her ring finger.

“No one not even you can take this off. The only person who can is me. I cast a protection spell. You can’t get hurt with this on. Like at all. And it can’t be broken. It can sense when you’re in danger.”

She jumps into my arms. “I promise to protect you and this is how I’m going to do it while I’m with Blake’s pack.” Her hold tightened. “Will it protect you?”

“No the spellcaster can’t cast a spell to protect herself with this spell. But it’s fine I can protect myself. But Lia please continue to practice magic. It could save your life.”

She pulls away. “I’m actually getting really good.” I let out a small laugh. “I know and I’m proud. Just don’t tell anybody about it.” She rolls her eyes. “I know.”

“Okay well get outta here. I have to pack.” She gives me one last hug and walks out. Tears fall from my eyes. Carter I need you. I stuff the necklace and bracelet away in a draw and pull out a silver chain.

Carter doesn’t bother knocking. “Is everything okay?” I shake my head, trying to keep from crying. He licks his lips. “Is there anything I can do?” I shake my head again.

I clear my throat. “I just wanted to give you this.” I let the chain dangle in my hand. “I know that you know that I can do some magic.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know how good you are. Like better than mom?“He asks.

“Not even close.” I lie. “But I tried doing a protection spell on the chain. I mean let’s be real it probably won’t even work. But I would like you to have it.”

He smiles at me. “I love it.” He goes to grab it but I pull my arm back. “In order for it to work once you put it on you cannot take it off for anything. Not even to shower.”

“What if it turns my neck green?”

“It won’t” He sighs and holds out his hand. I hand the chain to him and watch as he puts it around his neck. “I have one for Brooke too. Same rules apply to her.”

I grabbed the bracelet and gave it to him. “Can I ask something?” My eyes meet his. “Yeah” I say. “Why now? I mean why try to make protection spells now?”

“Oh well you know I’m leaving. I’m going to be three hours away which doesn’t seem like a lot but when I’m not next to you to help fight those hours will help. I don’t know Carter. I guess it just makes me feel better.”

“Don’t worry about us. We will survive. Besides you will still have the packlink. We can literally talk any second of the day.” I smile at him. “I guess you’re right.”

“I am now you better start packing. Your mate will be here by 8 in the morning.” I roll my eyes. “Come say bye to me before I’ll leave. Who knows how long I will be gone.”

“Don’t be so dramatic.”

“Just being realistic.” He gives me a sad smile. “We’ll be fine” I nod. “I know.” I sigh. “Go, I’m sure Brooke already misses you.” He smirks. “I’m proposing to her.”

I gasp. “Tonight?” He nods his head. “Yeah I mean we’ve been together for a year, we took over the pack last week so why wait? She’s my mate and I love her so much. I’m ready. I’m ready for marriage,kids, all of it.”

“I’m happy for you and tell Brooke if she doesn’t make me a bridesmaid I’m gonna kick her ass.” I joke making him laugh. “Nah you ain’t gonna be a bridesmaid. Lia is but you aren’t”

I raise my eyebrows, completely hurt.. “I mean you’re gonna be too busy being my best man.” My mouth opens for a split second. “I’m going to look hot in a tux.”

He bursts out laughing. “Carson you’re worse than some guys.” I shrug my shoulders. “You’re just jealous I can get more girls than you.” He scuffs. “As if.”

“Oh are you forgetting the summer we turned 17. When we went to grandma’s friend’s wedding. Refresh my memory, how many numbers did I get?”


“And how many did you get?”

“17.” I smirk in victory. “It doesn’t matter cause I got the best one. The only one I want and need.” I roll my eyes. “Okay okay you win. Now go. You have a wedding to plan.”

He kisses my cheek and walks out leaving me to pack my whole room.


“Carson, why are you crying?You wanted this. You said that you wanted this.” Jack screams at me. “I didn’t! I just felt pressured. You said I was going to lose you if I didn’t have sex with you.”

“This isn’t my fault you stupid bitch.” He slaps me across my face. “You liked it. You wanted it. You’ll want it again tonight right?” I hold my cheek, breathing heavily.


“I liked it. I wanted it and I want it no, I will beg for it tonight.” He smiles and grabs my hips pulling me to him. “No baby you got it all wrong.” He pulls my shirt over my head.

I gulp. “You won’t beg for it tonight.” He unbuckles my jeans and bends down as hes pulls them off of me. “You’ll beg for it now.”

Tears fall down my cheeks.He’s my mate. I have to do it. I don’t want him to leave me.

“Wake up Carson.”

“Wait Jack, you’re taking it too far again.” I say “I don’t want to have sex.” He growls. “Too late little slut. It’s already happened.

“Carson wake up!”

“NO! Just stop okay we can wait one more week.“He pushes me onto the bed. “NO it’s happening right now or I will reject you.” He huffs. “Okay but let’s get it over with.”

“Wake up!”

I sit up gasping for air. Lia sighs with tear filled eyes. “Thank god.” My mom stands behind her gripping her robe. Carter is behind her clenching his fists. “I’m okay. Where’s dad?” I ask.

“Someone knocked. Probably Blake.”

“Shit I have to get ready.” I rush past everybody grabbing my clothes and going to the bathroom.

I quickly brushed my teeth and threw my hair into a messy bun. I changed into a pair of leggings and a white cropped tank top. I didn’t go to sleep until six.

It took me forever to pack. I walk to my room to find only Carter there looking completely pissed. “You lied to me.” I ignore him and grabbed a pair of sandals.


“It doesn’t matter Carter.” I walked passed him and down the stairs. “You’re having nightmares again!” He shouts but I continue to walk to the kitchen. “CARSON GREY!” He shouts using his alpha command.

Even though it doesn’t work on me I still stop furious. “They never stopped Carter! GODDAMNIT! THEY NEVER STOPPED. I’m lucky if I can get three hours of sleep.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I shrug my shoulders. “You have more important things to worry about.” We get interrupted with my mom,dad,Lia, and Blake walking in.

“What’s going on in here?” My dad asks. I look straight into Carter’s eyes. Don’t say a word. I link him. “Carter asks Brooke to marry him. “My mom squeals. “She said yes?” She asks him.

“Of course.” He smiles at her. We’re not done talking. He tells me while talking to our family. It doesn’t matter. I’m leaving. “I hate to break this up but I have an important meeting at lunch and it takes about three hours without traffic so I’m already going to be late. Carson I’ll go get your stuff. Say your goodbyes.”

“Let’s not get all sappy. I’ll be seeing you guys in a few weeks for the wedding.” I say. “Remember the faster you learn how to kill the faster you can come home.” I smile at my sister.

“I’ll miss you.” I tell her. “Hopefully you remembered to pack your headphones.” I smack her shoulder laughing. “Don’t fall in love with some boy.”

“Trust me I’m waiting for my mate.” I bite my lip to keep from talking. My eyes meet my dad’s as we both think the same thing. We both know who her mate is.

I finish saying goodbye to everyone at the same time Blake comes down with my last container of things. I get into his car while he puts my stuff in and gets into the driver seat.

I stare out the window as I watch tree’s pass me by. “No one is to know about you being my mate.” I focused on him, completely shocked. “What?” I ask.

“When we get to my pack you don’t tell anyone that we are mates. You are strictly there for me to train you to be an alpha. That’s what we tell everyone. Make sure you call me Blake. Oh and you will be staying in the pack house. Where most of our teenage warriors stay?”

“Do me a favor and turn this car back around. I want to go home.” He clenches his jaw. “No.” I take a deep breath. “You know what, fine. I’ll stay with your pack. I’ll lie to them.”

“Thank you.”

“But fuck you!” He whips his head towards me. “I don’t want you as my mate. I’ll follow your rules but this is our last conversation I’ll have with you.” I turn my head back to the window.

He doesn’t say anything else to me.

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