The Queen of Alpha's

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Teen drama

“This is your room.” Blake says opening the bedroom door. I walk in. The room is smaller than mine back home but it’s okay with me. “The bathroom is that door while your closet is that one.” He points to two different doors.

I just nod my head. “I showed you the kitchen, living room, game room, library and the field so you should find your way around. I did some digging and found out that you graduated early so you don’t have to go to school and training starts at nine in the morning.”

I once again nod my head. “I had some guys bring your stuff up while I was giving you a tour.” I nod my head. “I have some work to do. If you need me just come find me.” I nod my head. He shuts my door clearly frustrated.

I can’t believe this is happening to me.

I start to unpack all of my things considering it’s not even one yet. I got half way through everything when I decided to change and take a nap. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m exhausted. It took me only seconds to fall asleep once I layed down.

I wake up completely naked next to Jack. I’m 17. Today my wolf tells me that he’s my mate! I look over to see if she speaks to me but nothing. Maybe he has to be awake?

I tap him until he wakes up. “Carson? What do you want?” He groans. “It’s my birthday.” He sits straight up. I bite my lip, my wolf still not talking to me. “I know. Happy Birthday!” He kisses my lips.

No spark, nothing. “Are you ready for your present?” He pulls the sheets down and puts his hand on my thigh. I feel numb. I push his hand away, getting out of bed.

I quickly throw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. “Baby come back to bed. You can see your family later.”

“You’re not my mate.” I whisper. “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO SPEAK UP DAMMNIT!” I flinch. “STOP FLINCHING! I don’t hit you that often, only when you misbehave.”

“You’re right. I just hate arguing with you.” I get back in bed. “Look I promise you can give me my present when I get back. I have to tell Carter happy birthday.”

He groans. “Do it later. I want you now.” I smirk. I move my hands under the blanket. “What if I promise to give you a present too?” His eyes widened. “No. I want it now. Give me my present now and I’ll give you yours when you get back.”

My heart races. “Please Jack I’ll be less than ten minutes. Once I start I don’t want to take a break.” He groans again but kisses me on the lips. “Hurry back.” I give him a smile and walk out of the room.

Once I leave his house tears stream down my face. I take off running to my house thankfully only three houses down. I burst through the door so hard it comes off the hinges.

My mom and dad were in the kitchen drinking coffee but they both jumped up ready to attack. “He’s not my mate.” I cry out.

Tears poured down my face. I wipe them away. I remember that day vividly. Two years of my life. I let him abuse and manipulate me for two years. The only reason I let him do it was the hope of him being my mate.

I get out of bed looking at the clock. I only slept two hours. Go figure. I changed back into the clothes I was wearing earlier and stepped out of the room.

I decided to go to the game room. It was actually just at the end of the hall so it wasn’t a far walk. When I entered every person around my age stopped and stared.

Except for one girl. She bounced her way over to me. “Hi! I’m Abigail but please call me Abby. I’m the pack’s Beta.” I shake her hand. “I’m Carson.” I say.

She pulls me over to a bunch of people our age. “So tell us the scoop.” One girl says. “I heard your parents died and alpha Blake rescued you.” One of the guys said. “Well I heard your parents sold you to him.”

“Shut up all of you. She doesn’t even know your name and you’re already terrorizing her.” I smile at Abby. “I’m taking over my pack as alpha and alpha Blake is just helping me train.”

“So how good are you.“Abby asks. “Strong wise? Well I’m going to be an alpha so that should tell you.” Truth is, I could kill all of them without breaking a sweat. It would be too easy.

“I don’t know I think I could take you.” Abby says, smiling. “I wouldn’t doubt it.” She laughs. “Oh Abby, did you hear? Margie is pregnant!” A girl with bright red hair says to her. Abby opens her mouth. “When did she find her mate?”

“That’s the thing. She didn’t” I raise my eyebrows at this completely interested. “That’s impossible.” Another girl with blonde hair says. I shrug my shoulder’s. “Unless her mate is a girl.” They all looked at me like I was crazy.

“She is not gay.” The blonde hair one says. “Why not?” I ask. “Because that’s like nasty.” She scrunches up her face in disgust. “Oh shut up Kate, you only think that because you’re parents do. Get a mind of your own.” The red hair girl snaps.

“Whatever it’s not like she’s actually gay. She’s been with a bunch of guys.” She has the I told you face on and I just wanted it to slap it right off. So I said the one thing I knew she wouldn’t like. “My mates a man but I still find woman sexually attractive. It’s called being bisexual. Maybe if you weren’t a stuck up, judgmental bitch you would understand that you can’t help who you fall in love with, or in Margie’s case, who your mate is.”

Her mouth drops open. “I’m telling my daddy.” She literally stands up and runs out. “Her dad is the gamma of our pack.” Abby says. “And he and Blake are close.” I raise an eyebrow. “Okay what does that mean?”

“When Kate doesn’t like someone they usually end up a rogue.” I blink in surprise. “That’s fucked up but I really don’t give a fuck if I hurt her feelings. And trust me Blake is not going to kick me out of this pack until I am ready.”

“We were just warning you.” I shake my head. “I know, I didn’t mean it in any way. I was just saying that I’m not scared of anyone.” They chuckle. “Oh I didn’t catch your name.” I say to red hair girl. “That’s totally my fault. I’m Genevieve but call my eve or evie.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” I smile. “Same with you.” She says smiling back. “How old are you? Do you have to go back to school.” Abby asks me. “18 and no, I graduated early.” She groans while Evie cheers.

“Abby here unfortunately has school at seven in the morning but me I graduated last year thank god. I absolutely hated high school” I laugh with her. “I completely disagree. I loved school.” Actually I loved the fact that it got me away from Jack. “Lucky for you, I despise it.”

“You only have a few months until you graduate. Just hang in there.” Evie bumps Abby with her shoulder. “It’s just hard with Liam in every single class.” I raise my eyebrows. “Liam is her mate who refuses to be with her.” Evie says.

“Oh Abby you don’t need him. Fuck what he thinks. You’re smart, kind, beautiful and an absolute queen who also is beta of this fricking pack!”

They both smile at me. “Who is this guy anyways? I’ll beat his ass.” Evie scuffs. “He’s Kate’s brother.” My eyes widen. “Honey, you’re really letting this guy that’s below your rank, make you feel like shit. Girl come on, I know he’s your mate and all but don’t put up with that shit.”

“I just feel guilty.” Tears cloud her eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of said anything. You just seem like such a good person and I know what it’s like to put up with someone’s shit.” She shakes her head.

“It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I got Liams brother killed.” Evie about snaps her neck to stare down at Abby. “You did not get him killed. He got himself killed. It’s been a year Abby you have to stop blaming yourself.”

“I’m sorry but I need you to fill some holes in, if you want.” I say interrupting. ” Well Liam had a twin brother Luke. We all grew up together. When we were about 15 Luke and I fell in love. Everybody warned us saying we’re not mates and they were right. Cause on their 17th birthday Luke said he didn’t feel the pull. He didn’t experience what everyone said he would but he was still in love with me and I was in love with him. So we waited to break up until my birthday which was a month later.

So we waited the month and nothing,we weren’t mates but Liam and I were. The day after my birthday the pack was attacked. Liam begged me to stay inside but I didn’t listen. I wanted to help. I left secret room and started fighting my way through the field. One of the rogues overpowered me. He tried to rape me and when Luke saved my life. He fought the guy and told me to run.

Liam came to me 2 hours later and said that Luke died. That the guy killed him and it was all my fault. He said that he doesn’t want us to be mates. He wasn’t going to reject me for his sake. It hurts. I lost my mate, and the guy I was in love with all in one day.”

“You’re not the reason he died. Get your guilty havin ass up and go live your life. Yes Luke died, and you loved him and I know it hurts. He doesn’t get to graduate high school or go shopping, or turn 21 but you do so live your life for him. Live it by honoring his memory and doing everything you wish he could.”

“Carson is ri-” Evie starts to say but get’s cut off by Kate. “There she is daddy.” I turn around to find Kate with her dad and another boy around her age. Possibly Liam. Her dad walks up to my. “Are you the one who insulted my daughter.”

I give him a dirty look. “Yeah I am. What are you going to do about it?” He flares his nostrils in anger. He grabs my arm and pulls me up from my spot. “As soon as Alpha Blake get’s here, I’m going to get his permission to kill you.”

I burst out laughing. His hand swings across my face, slapping me on my cheek. I hear Abby and Evie gasp. I look at this man in disbelief. “Do you also hit your wife like that?” I ask making him even more mad.

“I will kill you girl.” He says through clenched teeth. I push him making him stumble back. “I am Carson Gray, alpha of the silvermoon pack. I will have you and your children turned into rogues within ten seconds of seeing your alpha.”

“You’re lying. I’ve never known any women to be alpha of a pack.”

“Well she is.” We both turned our heads to the entrance. There stood Blake in all his glory. He walks over to us. “What happened?” He asks Kate’s dad. “Blake, Kate came to me crying, saying this new girl in the pack is bullying her. Calling her stupid, ugly, and a slut. So I came up here.”

I interrupt him. “He came up here, threatened to kill me and than slapped me.” Blake nods his head. “Terry you know that hitting a woman could put you in jail, or in your case the cells.” Blake says to Kate’s dad.

“But Baby, you can’t do that to my dad.” Kate says running over to Blake and looping her arm with his.” My mouth drops open and my eyes get big, completely not expecting this. I scuff. “I’m not here to deal with this teen drama. I’m here to learn how to not let my emotions get in the way of killing someone. So do what you want with this man but if he or his daughter comes near me again, I will take action that nobody here will like.” I storm out of the room leaving them shocked.

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