The Queen of Alpha's

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“Everything alright? How’s your sister?” I smile. “Annoying as always.” Abby and Evie shake their heads at me. “Blake, listen we both know that I don’t like you and you don’t like me. I’ll be back tomorrow. There’s really no need for you to call me. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

I hang up my phone. “I don’t feel good about this.” Abby says. ” I know and I hate that you’re lying for me. I’m sorry. If you want to tell him the truth you can.” She smiles gratefully at me. “She isn’t telling anybody shit. Abby, grow some damn balls.” Evie says.

“It’s just that I’m the beta-” “Future beta.” Evie corrects her. “Future beta and I feel really bad about lying to my alpha.” I debated on telling them. I think I trust them. We have been friends for a total of 6 days and they already seem like my best friends.

Basically I told Blake that Evie,Abby, and I wanted to go see my family instead of shopping so we left for the weekend. It’s not a total lie. We came to see Rafael first then we are going to go stay with my family.

We just left that out when we told Blake. “I have a huge secret that I’m about to tell you guys and you have to pinky swear that you won’t tell anyone.” This definitely got their attention. “Of course.”

“We’ll keep your secret.”

“I’m really trusting you guys on this. Blake’s my mate.” Evie’s mouth drops. “No!” I nod my head yes. “That’s crazy.” I laugh. “Abby you’re not lying to the alpha, you’re just keeping the alpha’s mate’s activity a secret. Does that make you feel better?”

“Not really. Cause if you get hurt we’ll be the ones in trouble.” Evie rolls her eyes while I sigh. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of came along.” I shake my head. “No, this is my fault. I shouldn’t ask you to lie to your alpha for me.”

“For god’s sake it isn’t even a lie. You just not telling him that we stopped somewhere on the way through. We’re literally thirty minutes from her pack.” Abby sighs. “You’re right. I’m okay.”

I nod my head. “Okay then. I’m sure how long I will be in here, if you guys want there’s a starbucks down the street and when I’m done I’ll call you guys to pick me up.”

“Please be careful.” Evie says. I’m 100% sure that Rafeal won’t do anything to me but if he did I can hold my own. “I will and can you get me a coffee?” I please. “Sure whatcha want?”

Coffee is in fact my best friend. “I think I will have an iced cold brew coffee light cream.” She scrunches up her face in disgust. “That’s disgusting.” I shrug my shoulders. “Don’t knock till you try it.”

I don’t wait for her response as I get out of the car and start walking. I’m a street over from his pack territory. When I got to the gate I wasn’t surprised to find guards.

“WHO ARE YOU?” One of them shouted. “I’m here to see Alpha Rafael.” They looked at each other like it was the oddest of things. “What business do you have with him?”

“That’s between me and him.” I say crossing my arms. One of them makes an ‘o’ shape with his mouth. “Come on in ma’am. Sorry about this.” I was completely confused but walked through the gate anyways.

“Would you like me to escort you to his house?” I shake my head. “If you could point me in the direction.” He points to the third and biggest house on the street.

It took me less than a minute to get there. Standing here at Rafael’s front door my heart started beating an anticipation. I didn’t know whether I should knock or not.

I even debated turning around and leaving. But I know I have to do this. For Lia’s sake. I turned the doorknob, with my luck it was unlocked. I slowly stepped into his house.

It was everything I imagined. There was not a trace of color. Everything was either black,grey,or white. It was cleaned, spotless even. There was no sign of life.

Everything looked perfect. “Hello” I called out. I don’t even know if he’s home. “Rafael?” My voice echoes through the house. “Rafael, are you home?” I keep browsing through the house.

It really was nice. Very elegant and gorgeous. “Alpha Gray?” I spin around to face the devil himself. “Rafael.” I greet him. “What are you doing in my home? How did you get through the gate?”

“You should probably get some new guards cause the only thing I had to say was I had business with you.” He smirked. “What?” I asks, slightly confused. “Alpha Gray.” He pauses, running his fingers through his raven black hair he gives me a deviant smile.

“They thought you were here to sleep with me.” My eyes widen. “Excuse me?” I squeak. He laughs and walks closer to me. My sister was right about one thing. No matter how sexist this man is, he is very sexy.

He licks his lips. “You’re kinda adorable.” His eyes were on me. Waiting for my next move. Instead I take a step closer. I squinted my eyes. “Your eyes, they’re tinted in red.”

I’ve never noticed it before. He takes a step back. “I am part demon.” I shake my head. “My friend Evie is part demon and her eyes are an emerald green. Is it because you’re an alpha.”

“No it’s not.” He looks at me trying to decide if he could trust me. “I’m not a tattle tale Rafael. I can keep a secret.” He smiles a little. “It’s not my secret Alpha Gray.”

I sigh slightly frustrated. “Then who is it?” He looks back at me. “You know I never thought that you were incapable of your title.”He says taking me by surprise. “What?”

“I’m only two years older than you Alpha Gray. I wasn’t raised to be sexist. I didn’t learn it. Actually I took a course in women’s rights in college. Many of my warriors are women.”

I’m very confused. “Let’s go sit down. There’s a lot I have to tell you.” I followed him through his house until we got to the living room. I took a seat across from him. “You’re mother is a very powerful witch.” I nod my head. It was a fact that almost every alpha in this state. “But you’re deadly.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“That I know you’re a witch. A very deadly one.” I blink in surprise. No one besides Lia knows how powerful I really am. No one really knows that I practice. “Carson.” He says my name for the first time.

“Your power radiates all around you. You want to know why my eyes are red? It’s because of you.” I stare at him. “It’s a long story but when we were younger there was a rogue attack and I was hurt, badly. You healed me but you’re magic left it’s mark. My red eyes? Only a full blooded witch can see the color. To everybody else they’re just brown. When you healed me it didn’t just leave me with red eyes. It darkened my soul.Not much but it left it’s mark.”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about. The first time I ever met you was when I was 15.” He shakes his head. “We’ve known each other since we were babies. Your mother took your memories away after you healed me.”

I lick my chapped lips. “I don’t understand. Why did you try to take alpha of my pack? Why would my mom take my memories away? Also I’m not a full blooded witch.”

“But you are Carson. You’re a full blooded witch and a full blooded wolf.” My mouth hangs open. “I never knew why before but when I found out your mate was Blake I understood. He’s immortal and you’re not so the moon goddess knew that you needed the strength to be with him. Not only did she make you a full blooded werewolf. She also made you a full blooded witch.”

“I can understand that but my memories?”

“I like I said you are deadly. We were best friends but around the time of your tenth birthday there was an attack. I was on the bringth of death. You killed 15 rogue werewolves and healed me with just your powers.”

I started breathing heavily. “You’re mom, she didn’t want you to be a killer. So she wiped your memory clean. Including memories that involved me. When your brother found his mate and she was Luna of a different pack your dad came to me. We decided that we would prove to alpha Blake that you weren’t capable of taking over your pack.”

“But you were surprised by the fact that Blake was my mate. You guys had no choice when he said that I would come live with him. I’ve seen his wolf take over before. His eyes turned completely black. That’s never happened to me. Why?”

“For one, you would have to be very very angry. A lot of people can control their wolf even when it takes over but for you well not only will your wolf take over, you’re witch will to.”

“My witch?” I asked. “Yes, you see since you are full blooded you are two separate creatures. A full blooded creature was so dangerous that the moon goddess had to wipe them out. How dangerous do you think you are? Two full blooded creatures in one person.”

“But can’t I control it? I can learn control.”

“Can you? When your witch and wolf take over it’s like a drunk person blacking out and not remembering a thing.” I lean back on the couch. “You’re telling me that I’m one of the most dangerous things to live.”


Tears prick in my eyes. “No one knows about me but you and my parents?” He nods his head. “And no one can ever know. Not even Blake.” If Blake knew he would probably kill me.

“I want my memories back. The one’s my mom erased.”

“You’re going to have to ask her about that.”

“Why did she erase my memories with you? She had to erase Carter’s and Lia’s?” Lia, the main reason I’m here. “She did. My mom asked her to erase your memories with me. She didn’t want me to be caught up with you.”

“I’m going to learn to control it.”

“You don’t even know what it is to control. You have no idea how much power you hold. You could literally break my neck with a snap of your fingers. I think-” He pauses. “I think the moon goddess gave you this much power so you could find a way to kill Blake.”


“It makes sense. He’s ruthless Carr, I’ve heard stories of him torturing children. He needs to be stopped.”

“Then what? We need someone to control the alpha’s, if not there would be chaos.” He smiles lightly. “Maybe it could be you.” My eyes widened in surprise. “Me as queen?”

“The queen of alpha’s.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that.” I say laughing. “Can you imagine?” I shake my head. “No, I can’t. It means in eternity alone.” He scrunches his eyebrows in confusion.

“Blake told me that when he marks me I will become immortal like him, until I have his children.”

“Do you even want kids?” I sigh. “Not with Blake. If mates weren’t a thing and I found somebody I really loved then yeah I would want a kid. Maybe even two so he or she won’t grow up alone.

“Don’t let him mark you then.” I look at him in surprise. “One way to beat an immortal is to become one. There’s no use in trying to fight him if I can just snap my neck before I got the chance to do anything.”

“I’m surprised that you’re agreeing to kill him. I thought the whole reason you got sent off with him was to train to kill besides you know the whole mate thing.”

“I don’t have to kill him to dethrone him, or maybe even find a way to make him become mortal.” He shakes his head at me. “I don’t know how your parents think you’ll lose control.”

I shrug my shoulders. I stare at him taking his appearance in. He has black curly hair, his eyes were a dark brown but for me if I look closely there’s a deep red around them. “What are you looking at?”

“We were really best friends?” I ask, aware of how ridiculous that sounds. “We did everything together.” I laugh lightly. “I can’t believe you’re my sister’s mate.”

“What are you talking about.” I tilt my head slightly. “Oh I figured that my sister was your mate from the way that you protected her from Blake at the meeting last week.”

“Your sister is not my mate. I only protected her because once upon a time she was like a sister to me. Even if it was 8 years ago.” My mouth drops open a little.

“That makes a lot more sense.” He chuckles. “I bet you’re relieved.” He says smirking. “That you’re not her mate?” He nods his head. “If you would of asked me an hour ago I might’ve said yes but now as long as you would treat her right I wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m talking about the fact that it would be incredibly awkward to tell your sister how you find me so irresistible.” My mouth hangs open. “I do not!” He laughs at me. “Rafael Allesie! I do not find you irresistible.”

He leans forward, getting closer to me. “I bet you wish you could kiss me right now.” His eyes twinkle with humor. “You’re delusional.” I can’t help the smile that creeps on my face.

“Am I? Cause even my guards could see it.” I let out a laugh. “You need new guards.” He bites his lip. “I’ll get right on that…. After you admit that I am right.”

“Fine, you’re right. You’re absolutely irresistible to me. All I want you to do is take me upstairs and throw me on your bed. Actually I have a bed idea. Let’s recreate the boat scene.” I say sarcastically.

He gets even closer to me, making me gulp loudly. “You couldn’t handle me on your best day.” I clear my throat. “I could handle you just fine.” He lets out another deep laugh.

“I bet that you have never been kissed.” My throat suddenly closes up. “I have, unfortunately.” He stands up. “I’m sorry, I forgot about Jack.” My eyes snap to his.

“How do you know about him?”

“I almost killed him, when your dad told me about what he did to you.” I stand up too. “My dad made him into a rogue, you don’t have to worry. He will continue to live miserably. But why didn’t you?”

“What? Kill him?” I nod my head. “He told me something. Something that caught me off guard. He said that he would help destroy your mate’s life. I was stunned, confused and he took off. I didn’t bother looking for him after your dad kicked him out of the pack.”

“He would help destroy my mate? What does that even mean?” He shrugs his shoulders. “I have no idea.” I cross my arms. “So best friends?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows. “I think I have to get to know you first before we can establish where we are at.”

He rolls his eyes. Once you get your memories back, you’ll come rushing to me telling me that you’re in love with me.” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “I don’t know eight years is a long time. Everything I knew about you then probably has changed.”

“Okay than we’re going to tell each other 5 things about ourselves and then you will leave.”


“Because once you get your memories back you’ll also have 5 new things you know about me. That will leave us at least being friends. Okay?” I sigh heavily. “Okay if you say so.”

“You go first.”

“I’m addicted to coffee. Ever seen Gilmore Girls? Cause I would fit right in.” He smiles. “I absolutely hate a dirty house, with a passion. Uhhh I don’t like romance movies or books for that matter. The originals is my favorite show in the whole entire world. And I’m addicted to tik-tok.”

He laughs. “My turn. I hate coffee.” My mouth drops open. “It’s disgusting and bitter, it’s the worst drink I can ever think about.” I shake my head at him. “This friendship isn’t going to work out.”

“Let me finish.” I hold my hands up. “I also hate a dirt house, obviously. I love snow. I want kids, four of them. 2 boys and 2 girls.” I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “And my favorite flower is roses.”

“Really?” I ask. “Really to what? Four kids or roses?” He asks. “Both. Not many guys I met ever mentioned either of those things.” I admit honestly. “It’s not a bad thing, I’m just surprised.”

“I’m not other guys. My masculinity isn’t going to be hurt because I like flowers and I want a family.” He says softly. “Good, I’ll make sure to bring you roses next time I see you.”

“And I’ll make sure to have a coffee waiting for you.”

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