Becoming the General's Wife

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10. Dearest?

“My lady, you have a way with my lord” Stuart said as they sat in the meeting room. After the ‘slap’ the General just walked away. He had a smile on his face but he just turned and walked. Every witness pretended they hadn’t just been a part of the second miracle of the century. Meanwhile, Denise was ready to puke. She wondered if her head would fit between the boar and the lion heads in his war room or he could keep it in a vault. She did have a nice face now.

The door opened and a man walked in. A very handsome man walked in. He also had a very interesting mark on his face. The mark of Tuwan. Only select individuals could climb the great mountain that was the Peak of Tuwan, the god of beauty. This man, with his glowing blonde hair, piercing beauty, and overwhelming aura was one such person that had climbed the mountain of Tuwan and returned with his rewards in place, hence the mark of Tuwan. The poisonous birds of Tuwan, they were called.

How did the general own one? For they were owned. The birds required masters, that was the downside of their beauty. A contract to allow them to leave the mountain. To allow them, to set foot on the unpleasant plane of life.

“My lady, does my appearance appeal to you?” the bird asked and for one split second she wanted to run into his arms.

But then,she felt his presence behind her before she could answer. Fear crippled into her, restoring her sanity with absolute resolution.

“I’m sorry for staring, it’s not everyday that you meet a bird of Tuwan.”

The general’s hand came on her shoulder with a gentleness that petrified her.


“My lord” she looked up and smiled at him. He brought his face close enough again. She was not going to slap him this time or kiss him either. He really was handsome.

“Which one do you prefer?” a cheeky smile.


“Do you prefer Rowan’s face or my own?” a stupid question.

“Are you mad?” the question slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it. The room went silent. The question was as ambivalent as her answer.

“Of course only your face, my lord, is my ideal preference” she barely managed to spit out.

Fear of death is such a profound motivating factor, she thought.The general smiled and pulled her up from her seat. He led her to the forefront of the table, he sat down and sat her down on his lap. She went beet red.

“My lord” she wanted to get off.

“Wife, am I not to your liking?” he was being annoying and murderous at the same time.

“My lord, I am afraid that we may be making our guests uncomfortable.”

“Guests?” he laughed “These are my employees and oath sworn. They are ordered not to care about our affairs.”


The door opened and a woman clad in armor walked in. It was the first time she had seen a warrior type woman. It was astounding. But she had heard of them, rumors of the capital by obsessive noble men. The woman gave her a sharp look and Denise felt very small in that moment.

“My lord, it would be appropriate if you released your wife and offered her a chair.”

“Welcome Commander Zilla.” Rowan, the poisonous bird said standing up and pulling a chair out for her.

Incredible, Denise thought.

“My lady, kindly take a seat” Zilla said offering Denise the chair that Rowan pulled out . Denise tried to stand but the general had a firm grasp around her waist.

“My wife, Zilla” he growled.


That was the resounding feeling of everyone in the room. It was terrifying, the general’s new found attention to her, or was it affection? What had she done apart from sleep with him and slap him?

“I’m sure my lady is much more comfortable in a chair other than your lap” the commander was so brave. Denise had immense respect for the woman, she didn’t care if the general would snap her neck like a twig. But the Commander’s neck didn’t seem like a twig. Denise’s was, alright.

“Have you asked her what she wants? ”

A bold question.


Tension filled the room and the feeling of having specified priorities filled her mind.

“Could I have the chair... closer to my lord?”

Safe. That had to be safe. The General smiled. The crisis was averted, the room quelled and she was dully introduced even though that was unnecessary considering the circumstances of her arrival.

The chair was moved very close.

Stuart cleared his throat and turned their attention to the matter at hand.

“I’d like to thank all of you for gracing us with your presence, most especially, Lord and Lady Viler...”

“It’s our business so get to it.” the general wasn’t one for formalities.

“Yes, of course my lord. First, in order to beginning the exodus of the business, we have drafted a variety of products that are in line with the current trend of the nobles, as stated in the proposal in front of you.”

Denise opened the proposal, it was well written out and the numbers seemed too good to be true.

“The products include make up adored by noble wives, my lady may attest to that, and accessories for the noble men. I have a prototype with me.”

A servant walked forward with a box and opened it to reveal, gold accessories and bejeweled items. Stuart always had a way with packaging. It was his forte. A piece landed in Denise’s hand, the Viler House crest.

It was beautiful.

“I like it” Rowan said fixing a brooch to Commander Zilla’s cloak. Odd but interesting.


The whole room turned to her.


“Did she just gasp?” Rowan said out loud.

“Pardon me, these are very interesting items.” she twiddled a brooch through her fingers. “Is there anything else?”


“We are in the Mines of Northern Gates, it can’t be that the only thing here is gold. You can find that anywhere, its not... Lord Stuart...unique.”

The eyes turned to Lord Stuart.

“However, the packaging in itself is unique.” she added to save his life.

“There have been some unique stones mined...”

“I want to see that.”

“My lady, there is no possible way to utilize these stones.I have had engineers look at these stones...”

“I would like my servant to be the judge of that.”

“Servant?” Commander Zilla asked.

“Harry Wellington. Where might he be?”

Right on cue, Hank walked in with a very disheveled Harry.

“Are you alright Harry?”

She was truly concerned for him and also he was the only person that could get them out of their current situation with successful results.

“My lady...”

“Water, serve him water please!”

Harry was served and seated.

“It was an unpleasant ride my lady, I apologize.”

“No need Harry, take your time.” she paused “In the meantime, Lord Stuart, bring the stones, you speak of, I’d like to take a look.”

“Of course”

The servant left the room and returned with a box of black stones.

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